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May 14, 2008 / kingthunder

Prophecy that Will AWAKEN YOUR BONES!!!

“I then began to hear, Earthquakes! Earthquakes! Earthquakes! The ground is shaking. Unusual earthquakes! Asia! Asia, you will now shake! You will see shifting winds that are shaking the nations of Asia. You will see nations shaking this week! Pray for Asia! Since then, they have experienced both cyclones and earthquakes!”

We have entered the month of Iyar which is linked to the Issachar Anointing. This is a month to better understand the secrets of the Lord and get in His perfect timing. This is your connecting month that connects redemptions with giving. This is called the VAV month of the Year of NEW BEGINNINGS! If you move right in this month, the rest of the year connects properly.

This is the month of radiance, when light increases; watch Glory increasing around you. This is the month of Natural Healing and a time to find new ways for new strength to manifest. It is also when “I AM God Your Healer” (Exodus 15:26) begins to manifest. This is a month to deal with the soul, so your personality will really reflect the identity the Lord has destined for you during this season. Let your conscience come alive in a new way to discern right and wrong.

Encouragement: Overcome Low Self Esteem

I have been very concerned that many in these days of new beginnings are having a difficult time in embracing the identity that the Lord is developing in them. I have asked the Lord the question, “Why can’t Your people see what You see in them?” He emphatically has said to me, “They have developed low esteem and therefore view themselves from the world’s blueprint.”

I said, “Lord, but these are good people who love You that are troubling me.” He then promptly answered, “But so many have developed such high aspirations for themselves, are so determined to perfect every goal they have in their flesh, and have come to so rely upon themselves, that they have lost the developing, transforming work and ability of My Spirit. For the most part, they consider themselves failures and fill their atmospheres with negative working forces. If only they would focus on allowing My Spirit to help them develop an improved lifestyle, they would find themselves maturing in Me and enjoying the identity that I have developed for them.”

I said, “Lord, what is the remedy?” He said, “Make yourself a list of what you would look like if you were filled with joy. Then ask Me to help you become or be that which I know you are! You will find you are seeing yourself as new as opposed to the same creature that you continually have measured yourself against in the past. Get to know Me! Align your vision with My vision, and My esteem of you will become your strength.”

Prophesy to the Dry Bones!

Recently in Middleton, Ohio (April 24-27, 2008), our worship team wrote a new song about the sound of the Dry Bones coming together! When they were singing this song on Sunday, the Lord began to speak through Keith Pierce, Rebekah Faubion, Janice Swinney, Barbara Wentroble and myself–several of the prophets in the House. All through this prophecy, the singers were prophesying in song.

“I AM knocking upon your door. Get up! Get up! Get up! And even though you have gone to bed, stir yourself to awaken and arise. Cross the floor! Cross the floor! Cross the floor! The day of plenty is upon you. Reach out and meet Me, your Bridegroom, in this day of holy power. I AM calling you to a deeper understanding of what I have created. I have created and placed something deep within the earth–miracles and secrets.

“This is a day when I am calling the groaning of the earth. My earth is groaning and groaning again, and crying out for you to connect. Connect! Connect! The Heavens are open, but I need you to connect the Heavens to the earth. Listen to the earth cry for My glory. Listen to the earth cry glory, glory, glory! See the ancient treasures. See them unlocked. See the hills give up and release the treasures of the land. Cry glory, glory, glory, glory on this earth!

“When the great deep was broken up, the windows of Heaven opened up. I would have you decree the earth is shaking and the Heavens are opening! I AM the Ancient of Days and I AM causing this shaking in the earth to uncover the ancient paths that were laid which My people need to travel this hour. If they will travel the ancient paths, they will uncover the ancient treasures that have been buried. Today, the Ancient of Days will shake the earth and cause the wind to blow to uncover those ancient paths and the ancient treasures of this earth.

“All the places where you go–where it has been like dry bones, where it has been like death to My Spirit in nations, cities, and family units–I AM going to cause life to come back into these places. Where churches have been nothing more than museums, nothing more than dead works, I say this is a time when MY Spirit is coming to loose light. There will be such a release of the miraculous. Watch and see the miracles that I begin to loose that will cause a people to return to Me. I will break many out of dead religion and into the Life of the Spirit.

“I AM loosing a fresh new revival anointing on you in this hour. I have opened the gate to the cage. Step out and soar. There is freedom in the air. Step out and soar and catch the freedom.

“Hear the sound. This is the sound of an army aligning and getting ready to move. This is the sound of the army of Heaven connecting with the army of earth. Hear the sound of visitation. I WILL begin to visit you NOW with healing power and prophetic revelation. I AM creating a sound of boldness in you. My people have been too silent and too slack.

“NOW I AM rising within My people. You will find yourself carrying a new mantle and moving in a new dimension. I WILL open up ways for you. You will witness in new ways. There is a boldness for witnessing right now coming upon you, for the earth and its peoples must hear the witness of the Heavens and YOU will be this witness.

“Some of you have resisted revival because you feel like you are not equipped or are in too small a place, or disconnected and not positioned correctly. I must remind you that I sent a couple to Bethlehem with no room, no place and no connections, and brought forth the redemption of the people of the earth. I had many find what I was doing. Let Me work in you, and others will find you.

“I send lightning and I send thunder. I send My new move when I want. The Word will perform what it has been created to perform. I AM speaking into the spirit of those that are MY Bethlehems today. I WILL come in and do a strange work in this day and release all that I have that this generation will receive.

I then exhorted us to speak to our land, our homes, our businesses and spheres of authority. Cry glory to the street you live on or to your residence. Shout that the ground is beginning to rise up. Say that the land is shifting!

I then began to hear, “Earthquakes! Earthquakes! Earthquakes! The ground is shaking. Unusual earthquakes! Asia! Asia, you will now shake! You will see shifting winds that are shaking the nations of Asia. You will see nations shaking this week! Pray for Asia!” Since then, they have experienced both cyclones and earthquakes.

Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion Ministries



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  1. Jack Soe / Jun 30 2008 7:45 pm

    Hi Chuck,

    I am also a follower of Christ. I take anointed prophecy very seriously. But your message is blurred and unclear. Please be crystal clear.

    I have received prophecy on Indonesia on Dec. 23rd 2004, about a coming destruction at Aceh in the upcoming three days at that time…and it happened.

    Three days later, I went back to intensive prayer and received further message on the further major destruction in Indonesia in a later time, before this nation will received revival.

    So …. I don’t not know what your statement meant…?

    Please explain.

    Sincerely yours,

    Jack Soe

  2. Jack Soe / Jun 30 2008 8:18 pm

    Does your statement applyed for the entire Asia pacific region? What about the Middle East and the Western nations?
    The reason I asked that is because I myself have receive prophecy message that the United Stated of America as a nation will go through a major Caos in a near future by the hands of God Himself. The punishement upon that nation is due to the the arrogant attitude of the nation that had caused the Lord to withdraw His favor on the nation. The US nation today had acted like the Pharoah as described in the bible. Tense to believe that the nation is possess with ultimate power to grant well being to the world…when in fact the nation had caused major turmoil in many countries around the earth… and acted very irresponsible as if there is no God watching over her actions.

    Be aware, the prophecy I received passed out the Lord message on that the entire nation of US will go through a major crisis to a point until the entire nation collapse if she does not repent from her misdeed.

    Ezekiel 29 of the bible….Eypgt is the US and Her allies.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Jack Soe

  3. kingthunder / Jul 2 2008 1:50 am

    Hi Jack,

    Thank you for your comment and also your prophecy. I am not Chuck Pierce – I just put his prophecy on my personal blog – actually my name is rio. And about the prophecy from Chuck – it’s deliver before great earth quake shake China and we can see many people lost life in China. So i hope you can understand the warning that God said through this prophecy.

    And about US – I still believe America is a nation that God use to perform His great love to the world. No nations like America so great in the hand of God.

    rio – (Indonesia-NYA)

  4. Sallie Carmical Nix / Nov 22 2009 12:15 am

    Hi, I am trying to locate Janice Swinney who used to live in Dallas, TX. If this is the same Janice Swinney, please let me know a contact number for her. Janice was my sister’s best friend and my sister died last night. Thank you.

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