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October 4, 2016 / kingthunder

Abraham Model of Wealth Creation

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Stan Bullis, CEO of Unbridled Solutions.  As I’ve been exploring the theme of “getting back to the garden” I noticed something interesting in the details Stan shared with me about how he built his company.

Stan has seen his company expand again and again into six or seven new profit centers. About 90% of these sectors were birthed out of his own employees exploring their gifts and their dreams and waiting for the right time to walk in those dreams.  Think about that!  Stan Bullis is modeling Abraham’s method of supernatural wealth creation. With a small group of 300 “household” servants Abraham expanded into seven or more areas of supernatural prosperity. If you looked at him in the natural you would not see it, but there were angels engaged in the prosperity of this patriarch’s life. They were all working in Abraham’s garden, his territory, his assignment.

Why am I bringing this up? Because there are some frequently missed keys in the Bible that help us understand God’s plan for supernatural wealth creation.

It begins in Genesis. 

  1. It started in the garden. The first model of increase shows us that the original building block was a couple.  The first business enterprise didn’t require 300 household servants—it was Adam and Eve in the garden. In time, like Abraham, this enterprise was designed to grow. Eden was meant to be a family enterprise! Here is a prophetic word for many of you – “God has already given you and your family a sphere—or an Eden—that you are to cultivate. There is new territory in ministry and prosperity for you if you will slow down and listen to what each other is saying. Your children are ready to step into new responsibilities. Explore each other’s dreams and look for the overlap. Be open to family callings and assignments.” 
  2. Your Eden or garden is the space God has given you to occupy and cultivate.  Every garden is designed to expand!  Each garden starts in your apartment or home. It will expand to your work. This garden will touch your business or may be an expansion into a new area of ministry. Explore this space. I almost missed a MAJOR area of ministry by overlooking the next generation. My WIFE had the burden and a staff member suddenly came alive with the vision. We discovered there is a calling on us to impart to the sons and daughters of those who listen to my teaching.  We call it the “7m Gen.” God had this expansion project inside of us for years but it came alive when I stepped out of the way and honored the burden my wife had and the gifts others were given to make this a reality.
  3. The key to discovering new areas of divine expansion lies in cultivating relationships with those God has planted in your garden. Abraham’s model of wealth creation (like that of my friend Stan Bullis) involved exploring the gifts and dreams that are in the people with whom God has blessed you. It starts with husbands and wives exploring what each other is called to do.  The next step is to explore what each child is dreaming right now.

Question: What is your family’s assignment within the garden of your home? Comment below to share the kingdom ideas the Lord is stirring in your spirit. Seek Him for your unique vision for wealth creation.

As One! Lance Wallnau


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