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July 23, 2016 / kingthunder

Crash by name

Lance fantasy Ted Cruz football

Ted Cruz got a prime speaking slot at Donald Trump’s Republican National Convention on Wednesday, but he came and went without the much needed endorsement to solidify his delegates behind Trump, the party’s nominee.

The Texas senator not only failed to endorse Trump at any point during his 23-minute remarks, he also opened the door to whatever vote they felt best reflected “their conscience.”

When it became clear that Cruz was not offering a direct endorsement the crowd, starting with the New York delegation, broke out in boos that continued for the balance of Cruz’s remarks, shouting “We want Trump” as Cruz wrapped his speech.

I liked Cruz because he was a believer with clear conservative values and ideas and a praying preacher Father who talked about the 7 mountains of culture. By all rights I should have been on his train but the Lord already showed me Cyrus Trump was going to be the nominee.

Now Cruz has done something that I think is important for his followers to understand. He revealed his motives and thoughts about last night during a breakfast meeting today.

He said the primary battle went past politics and became a “personal” offense when Trump’s surrogates went after his wife and Trump made a comment about Ted’s father and the assassination of JFK. As for the “personal” ugliness that transpired between the candidates it should be noted that both sides dropped to a new low in politics. Ted’s Pac was hitting at Mrs. Trump for a week with exposes of her younger photo shoots and Trump’s team hit back with a nasty shot at Heidi Cruz.

As for Trump’s comments about his Senior Cruz being involved with the JFK shooting, this was Ted’s BIGGEST opportunity to use comedy to question Trump’s sanity and mental judgment. He could have replied by saying Trump only knows about his father’s Cuban Mafia connections ’cause his dad met the mob in Atlantic City at a birthday party thrown by Fred Trump for his best friend “Don” Vito Genovese. But Ted takes things too personally.

Here is “Lance’s fantasy Cruz football” take …Imagine if the following happened.


1. As a Christian, Ted should have initiated contact with Trump and his wife in private and told them his offence, how it affected him and his wife and family and that in spite of this he was going to forgive Donald. He might even ask forgiveness from Mrs. Trump for injury done to her in the campaign.

Now it’s possible that Donald might have gotten defensive or denied he did anything wrong personally – but the likelihood is that with his wife sitting there he would be sensitive to the moment.

As the nominee Donald would have been eager to put the bruising behind the both of them. Then Ted should have shared how Christ changed his life and assured Donald and Melania that the past is done and he would be happy to endorse the nominee. For the first time perhaps the Trumps would have met a real Christian and experienced a real Christian moment.

2. How about this for a real act of spiritual vengeance against the devil…if Heidi came with Ted! What if she made it her mission to get Melania alone and let her know she will need a spiritual support group if she ends up in DC. She could tell her that political wives (both Dem and Rep) in Washington hang out together to stay sane. (It is true. I’ve ministered there.) She might even pray with her to experience salvation!

At a minimum she would be on the short list of First Lady friends in the category of spiritual confidants if Trump actually gets elected. Would that not be hot coals on the devil’s political head?

3. By NOT doing this and by not honoring his pledge and in placing his personal ambition to be the Republican nominee in 2020 above the success of his party in 2016, Mr. Cruz hurt his future and Trump’s. To those who complained that Ted is unlikable in DC, he furnished a proof as to why.

4. To the rest of us who liked him, this selfish act combined with his spiritual inability to get over offenses helps us understand why he may not be the right man for the crucible coming to America.

And oh how I wish he could have had someone pushing him to try my fantasy football game plan.

s One – Lance Wallnau


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