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July 16, 2016 / kingthunder

International Call !!!

We are all deeply touched by the latest terrorist attack in France.  Prior to our Starting the Year Off Right Conference, my daughter, Rebekah Faubion, had a vivid dream set in Paris.  I asked her to share this dream publicly on January 2, 2016 since I knew it applied to the warfare season we have entered.   

She shared:

In my dream, my husband, Nathan, and I were on House Hunters International (a television show) looking for an apartment in Paris. I knew it was Paris because I recognized the woman showing us properties from the TV show, and she took me by the Eiffel Tower.  I woke up from that dream then fell back to sleep and began to dream again. I was still in Paris — only this time I was baking a dish to take to my son’s international school since I was going to meet all the teachers at the school. I left my apartment and was walking through the streets of Paris to get to the school when Amber Pierce called me. She and Daniel were staying at our apartment. She said, “There has been an intifada decreed and we are heading to the school because it’s safe.” I thought, “intifada” is a very specific word, but all I was really worried about was that my dogs were in the apartment. When I went to the school, it was an enclosed courtyard and Samuel, my son, was playing soccer. I was talking to one of the teachers and he looked at me and said, “Parlez-vous francais?” I said, “No”, and he said, “Oh, you’ve had two months to learn French.  You should have learned it; you should have been prepared.” I thought, well that’s rude. Then I woke up, fell back to sleep and started dreaming again.

I was still in Paris but this time I was in the apartment we had rented. It was a beautiful Parisian apartment, just like you would imagine an apartment should look like in Paris, except in the center of the room there was an old fireplace. All of the sudden, the mantle opened up and Samuel came out of it. It was a safe room that had been used for the Jews during the war. I knew that’s what it had been used for. I looked out over my balcony into the night sky and I saw outlined – as if someone had drawn it – a constellation. I looked at Nathan and said, “Look, I can see the outline of the constellation Sagittarius” (which appears in the sky in September).

I knew the word was not only for France, but for the world.  Additionally, it was a call for the next generation of prophets to rise up and speak.  After Rebekah shared this dream, 

I prophesied: “These are days of great change …  so prepare yourself! I will give you ample time of preparation. By Feast of Tabernacles of this year, there will be intifadas that rise throughout the earth.” (Intifada is a very specific word. It is the uprising of military expression from the Arab world.) “Intifadas will start arising. I say to France, I am giving you ample warning; and to the Jews in France, you must know to hide yourselves in days ahead. There will be great movement that comes through France by November. This is a time of great change, so I am calling the watchmen on the wall to watch. 

I say to Israel, prepare yourself, for you will start increasing by the end of this year in ways you’ve never increased before. Get ready, for you will not only know the nations that are coming in, you begin to be a part of bringing the nations in. I say to America, prepare yourself, for what occurs in France will then double in this nation in the year ahead. So know I am warning you now. I will keep the next generation safe. I will cause mothers to rise now and begin to hear. I will cause those that will prepare a way for My people in the movement of the earth to already come into place. Know now, 2016, I am vav-ing the earth, creating highways, and will be determined to move My people into place for their future. Know this: nations will now come to the valley of decision and make choices this year!”

Rebekah then prophesied,This is an international call. This is not just to France or Israel or the Arab nations, but this is to every nation on this earth. This is international — you cannot get away from it, and you cannot hide from it. You can only be prepared to be and hear and do as I have called you to do.”

In addition to praying for the nation of France and the families of those who were so ruthlessly attacked, pray for a new level of preparation to arise in the Body of Christ.  Also declare that a new generation of prophets will arise to boldly release the counsel of Heaven into the earth realm.  This is not a season to fear, but to watch on the wall. 


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