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July 15, 2016 / kingthunder

Open Wide and Drink in New Strength!

by Apostle Chuck D. Pierce on Thursday, July 14, 2016

Without joy, you have no strength. The war has seemed to weary you, because you keep pulling back from your victory. You might as well get happy. Let joy rise in the midst of your conflict.  The war will not look the same, through joy!  Joy will meet you at your river, crossing into the new! You need to be willing to go to the river and step in again. 

There are many giants ahead!  Although the giants look ominous, know that they are meant for your supply (food) ahead! Do not fear facing them, for without facing your enemy, your supply windless. There is new strength coming! Open wide your mouth and drink in the release of energy that will cause you to resist your next confrontation. There’s a new leadership emerging. There’s a new sanctification coming. There’s a new power rising up. There’s new wealth in your new land ahead. Do not be afraid of taking a step.


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