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July 8, 2011 / kingthunder

1* pit stop : unlock what has not been unlocked

This month is a good time to:

• Let your eyes be bright so you see your path ahead!
• Establish the brilliance of your righteousness and be brilliant through worship.
• Look at your life and project progress, and make adjustments.
• Shed your old shell and remove insecurities.
• Guard your heart and your eyes.
• Worship and stay devoted. Wait on the Lord or you will be in danger of developing a golden calf!

Key Prophecy from Chuck Pierce and Karen Vaughn: Your Thoughts Will Contend with My Sound!

“Many of your thoughts have been contending with Me. I am going to spill an understanding of Me into your thoughts. As I spill this understanding into your thoughts that are conformed to this world, worldly patterns will begin to be removed from your thinking processes. I will spill in My glory over your thinking processes!

“You are not seeing your circumstances the way I see your circumstances. You are not learning and not leaning deep into that which I have assigned you to do at this time. Allow Me to spill My glory into your thoughts.

“This is going to be a week that I am going to be extending and establishing your boundaries for the future. Do not look at where your feet are planted now, but begin to walk and begin to turn with Me. Begin to agree with Me for these boundaries. Have I not told you they will fall in pleasant places?

“These boundaries will encompass what is now darkness. As My boundary extends, so the light from you will extend. So rejoice and don’t look at this as a hard time, for I am establishing your boundaries for the future.

“There’s a sound that is producing an identity in God’s people for today. There is a sound today producing and forming an identity for God’s people today that will cause the enemy’s ears to tingle. Harden not your heart! The Word of the Lord is sharp and quick and pierces even into the dividing asunder of soul and spirit.

“Your identity that has been locked up, I will unlock. There is a sound going before you to unlock what has not been unlocked. There are cells in your structure that have never been activated that will produce a full identity of why I made you.

“The sound of Heaven will create the sound of a people who represent Me in the earth. There is a sound that is becoming one with My breath. This is the sound that will create a glory realm that has not been seen and draw many into that glory realm.”

Chuck Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries


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