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December 28, 2010 / kingthunder

2011 – tick, tick, tick

“I am ticking in your midst.  Many are confused as to whether they are at a beginning or entering the ending of a thing.  You are in the MOMENT, and in ‘the moment’ you can end and begin! I will connect the ending of one season and circumstance to the beginning of your next phase of triumph!   Be ‘in the moment!’

“This is a time that if you will listen to My ticking, the ticking that is linked with your heart’s desire, you will know how to end and you will know how to begin.  12 hours, 12 days, 12 months! I AM beginning a new administration in your life (12 means new administration). I AM beginning a new administration in your life.  From this new administration you must know how to quickly come to an end and define the moment where I say, “Begin.”

“If you will allow your heart to tick with My time, I will set your feet in a new order.  Some of you are out of time and some of you are determining your own time.  Get in My moment and My time and I will add to you, take from you what is not necessary, and create how you will walk in the future. Don’t control My process of change in your life!

“Let Me minister to you NOW, so you can be “added to” in the days ahead!  The enemy shortens and decreases in changing your times, I lengthen and increase.

“I am bringing you face to face in this hour, and YOU WILL BECOME TIME for Me in the earth.  You will be as the clock that times My breakthrough and transformation in the Earth.  Come face to face and you will become time in the earth and determine My breakthroughs.

“I have a Kingdom clock, and My people will reflect My Kingdom time.  You will align to reflect My time, and in the midst of this new administration of time the world will begin to change. Did I not say, ‘I Am El Olam, the God of time and space?’  I call from My Kingdom place, Kingdom time.  I can make it go back; I can make I go forward.  But you are My clock, set in the earth today for El Olam to be exposed, for the earth to see who I AM.  So as you come face to face with Me today, know that I Am El Olam who is setting you as a clock to notify the earth of My coming visitations, My restorative plans, and my times of shakings and siftings.”

Apostle Chuck Pierce


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  1. nelotte / Jun 3 2011 4:12 pm

    Aloha bro,

    Ada temen gue nih, dia publisher, and dia mo kasih one free Christian book for people to write the reviews on their blog/forums. Would u be interested to write the review in your blog? Buku English di translate ke Indo gitu. Mao ga? Gue udah dapet satu, masih baca hehe…

    Contact me ya di if u r interested. Refer ke temen2 blogger loe juga boleh. Thanks bro 🙂

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