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December 17, 2010 / kingthunder

The Spirit of Reformation

God always announces what He is about to do before it happens.  Those who heed His voice are blessed as He reveals His promises.  Those who don’t are often frightened and run away from Him.  Many are shocked at what is already happening in this decade.  However, this is just the beginning.  These last days are going to be very exciting. No other generation has enjoyed the privilege of ending an age.  Only the early church generation, those who helped birth it, lived in such exciting times.  And, just as in those days, the end will be dramatic − and we are a part of it.

In Roman 1:11, Paul says, “For I long to see you, that I may impart unto you some spiritual gift, to the end you may be established.” The church today does not need mental impartation.  It needs a spiritual vesting that will cause us to accomplish God’s purpose in the earth.

The move of God today is not casual.  For a while many called this move a revival, but this word is too shallow to accurately describe it.  The Lord is not just reviving something that has cooled down or become dormant, He is sending His reforming power − a spirit of reformation.  His move is much stronger than a revivalistic anointing.

Our theological schools spend entire semesters discussing the aspects of reformation.  However, they never come to the true reformation by the Holy Spirit; a reformation that alters lifestyles and changes the course of world history.  We need the revelation of a vision broader than revival − something more that a “goose bump.”  We need a reforming authority that will change the course of nations.

A wise, old minister once said, “What you preach is what you will get.”  Let me preach a world-wide reformation.  I am not just preaching about a wind that blows through the room and makes a few come alive again.  I am not just believing for revival, I am believing for nations of the world to have an alteration in the way they function.

We are headed for a change in the way we live and think.  God is establishing in us higher standards that will demand change in our lives.  We are no longer living by the standards of the past decades.  Those standards were not wrong.  However, we have a new command from heaven to change our world for the better.  We must take what we have learned and reach for a higher call.

As a spirit-filled person, the most important thing you should know is that the Holy Spirit inside of you loves change.  Your flesh hates it.  Religious devils hate gospel change.  They make you feel like you are deep when you are shallow.  They are deceiving spirits.  They comfort you and tell you that staying the same is a sign of progression and stability, when in reality you are doing nothing and going nowhere for God.  Religious devils hate the message of reformation because when we grasp it, it will alter the course of nations.

Nice little sermons that make you feel good emotionally are outdated.  The sermons that come will bring a dramatic change; they will alter the course of your life.

Society cannot dictate the way we live.  We must determine through the Holy Ghost what is normal in our lives according to God’s standards.  We must measure our lifestyles by the destiny marked in front of us.  In this hour, you must know God in order to hear His Plan for your life.

To be performers of God’s plan in the world, we must first have reformation in the way we live.  It is time for men and women to rise up and establish a godly point of reference for their nations.  It is time for us to come back to our roots in Jesus Christ and to give back to God our will so that we can live according to the high call before us.

When we allow the Holy Spirit to challenge and reform our lives, sometimes there is difficulty relating to the changes that come.  This is because many do not know the Holy Spirit in the strength and magnitude He is revealing Himself.  Most people know the Holy Spirit from Matthew 3:16, when John the Baptist saw Him descending like a dove upon Jesus.  Therefore, they conclude their attitude towards Him as a gentle dove.  But you will find more references of Him as a mighty spirit.

In Acts 2, when the Holy Spirit made His entrance into the earth, He came as a mighty, rushing, forceful wind that changed and altered the course of history forever.  He came as the reforming spirit, the Lion of Judah, who changed lives.  This is the revelation we must walk in again.

The Old Testament has many examples of how the Holy Spirit brought change in the earth through certain people.  Judges 6 relates this experience in Gideon’s life.  The enemy had come to steal from God’s people.  Gideon was anointed with might to carry out God’s plan.  He tore down the altars of the enemy − he changed the atmosphere.  When it came to call the rest of the people into battle, the Spirit of God came mightily on him, and he blew his trumpet.  What does that mean to us?  He announced that a change was about to take place.

The old timers as Martin Luther, John Knox, John Wesley and Charles Finney carried a godly fervency.  I wish they would come back and preach a sermon for us.  There was something on the inside these men that has come again, looking for a place to sit in our hearts.

Religious devils lived at their highest in those days.  Religion controlled the government determining who lived, who died, what was right and what was wrong.  These men purposely rose up and changed their society.

Mary, Queen of Scotts, was more afraid of the prayers of Knox than the armies of England and France.  Knox said, “Give me Scotland, ‘lest I die!’ “  In other words, “even unto my death, I will fight for what belongs to God.”  There must be a beat beyond revival in our hearts.  Our hearts must beat for God’s will to be done.

What kind of fight are you carrying out?  Is it a temporary one, or does every breath you breathe declare your resistance to the devil and your position for God?  Reformers are not concerned with their reputation.  Their only concern is to fulfill their destiny in God.

A few years back I returned from Scotland where I visited the statue of Knox.  Etched on that weathered tribute beside his grave was this inscription; “THE REFORMATION BEGAN A REVOLUTION IN THE HEART OF MAN.”

We are not after a little revival.  God wants you to change your world.  He wants preachers to preach sermons that bring change to entire communities.  This cannot be accomplished through logic, intellect or the knowledge of prominent people.  You can only accomplish this by knowing the Holy Spirit and conforming to God’s image with all your heart.  Let go of what is holding you back!

What shakes our security?  Not knowing God.  We must know the Father from our hearts in order to be able to move with Him.  Many only know Him by the acts He performed when they first came into the Kingdom.

Years ago, the prophetic voice alerted the church about the new wave that was coming, a new sound, a new operation and administration into the earth.  Christians were excited.  However, now that the prophecy is coming to pass, we do not know if we like it.  It has not come to pat our ways or to exalt us.  It has come with a voice of change, a voice of confrontation and a voice of might.  The Holy Spirit is not whispering.  He is roaring into the earth.

The spirit of reformation has come to change and bring back into our culture a standard of right and wrong.  It is the might of the Almighty that has come to help us alter the world before the coming of His Son.  Therefore, let’s take a stand to accept the mighty move with open hearts, to grow with it and to change the nations of the earth for God!

By Roberts Liardon


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