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October 11, 2010 / kingthunder


God says, “In November there shall be a surprise and many of you shall say, at last, the Lord has broken the power.” God says, “I am rising up for you.”

And God says, “I will use the earth and the sea to demonstrate My power,” and God says, “there shall be a tidal wave and the enemy shall not get to the shores. They shall say, we are baffled, why does nature stand against us? And America’s great men shall stand and say, it was not nature that stood against you, it was the Lord God Most High!

“I am here to say that you have offered Me great presidents in the past. They laugh now, but soon they will say, give us back a Bush. We want a burning Bush.” God says, “I will draw from the State of Texas another candidate.” God said, “A young man he shall be, like your present President.” And God said, “He will slay the monster of the east with the words that he speaks that I placed within him before he was even born.”

America, listen to this prophet, your greatest day, your greatest revival is upon you. For I breathe My breath into your children and children’s children, and so it shall be as it was in the days of David, as in the days of Jehoshaphat, as in the days of Paul, it shall be,” says the Lord. “They shall jump and there shall be sounds of victory in every house in the United States of America,” says the Lord!

Prophet Kim Clement


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