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February 17, 2010 / kingthunder

kingdom intersection

During the first service on Sunday morning, the Spirit of Prophecy began to stir. Anne Tate shared the following: “I am seeing that the River (of revelation) of Kingdom is passing through us. The River from the Throne is more solid and more real than we are, and is coming down on us and through us.”

The Lord began to say, “For this will be a week of divine intersection. In your decisions, let My Kingdom way choose for you. I AM now confronting you with Kingdom ideas, Kingdom plans and Kingdom developments. This will be a week of Kingdom Intersection. Therefore, in your life at your divine intersections, let My kingdom be sought first.

“In the last war you were wounded, but in your wounding you have kept moving. Because you are here and pressing in to find Me, I will now lead you into the next war with a strength from the wounding of the last war. Don’t continue to look at or lick your wounds. From your wounds your next victory has already been found. From My wounds I secured your victory. So with no fear, now go forth, into and through every assignment I give you. From My wounds you will walk in victory!

“I have a treasury of weapons to release! Lift your hands and let your praise become creative. In your creative praise I will fill your hands with the weapons that will bring your victory this season. I train your fingers for war! You are going to have to shift some things in your life. You’re going to have to surprise the enemy with a way of expression that he didn’t know you could express. That sound and movement will confuse him.

“The last drill bit you used has now broken. I have come and placed a new drill bit in your hand. Look and see the diamond tip, because in the tipping I will break through the hard place and bring forth new oil. Get ready to DRILL again!

by Chuck Pierce


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