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January 14, 2010 / kingthunder


A New Generation of Blessings, Entrepreneurs, and Creative Expression will Emerge

We are standing as it were at the banks of the Jordan, and generational shift is occurring as it did with Moses and Joshua and as it did with Elijah and Elisha. The crossing of the Jordan is about a shift in the economy of God and the administration of the move of God. A generation that was rooted in warring for survival is passing off the scene and a generation more open and more capable of facing the unfolding of the future and warring for possession of their inheritance—not merely as individuals, rather more importantly as tribes—is going to emerge. Whether we use the metaphor of the Ark of the Covenant going ahead of us being carried on the soft shoulders of the priests or we use the metaphor of the mantle of the prophet being used to part the waters—a threshold is going to be crossed in the coming days as we’ve entered this new decade.

The SPEED OF CHANGE (Daniel 12:4) will increase at a rapid level in the coming era and we will experience radical acceleration into the new and unexplored dimensions of the Word and the Spirit as we are strategically prepared, strategically postured, and strategically positioned for what wants to emerge out of the invisible into the visible relative to Kingdom expansion and enlargement.

Daniel 12:4 But you, Daniel, close up and seal the words of the scroll until the time of the end. Many will go here and there to increase knowledge.

Blessings for a New Generation

With strategic preparation (as in the lives of the children born in the wilderness who enter the land and now are told to prepare provision for a crossing over in three days, and the dealings of God with Elisha in Abel-meholah where the mantle will fall upon him while he is plowing, which is the first step in harvesting), and strategic posturing (which for the generation under Joshua required a fresh circumcision and cutting of the flesh, and for Elisha a sacrifice of everything he had ever worked for in order to pursue the calling inherent in the mantle which had already fallen upon him; both metaphors describing the fresh and radical embrace of the crucified life and the cauterizing power of the Cross which releases the power and glory of the throne), and strategic positioning (following the first two stages, the tribes will find themselves in the right place at the right time)—there will be the opening of strategic portals, gateways and places of access and transition and change (both of which will be constant in the coming days) that will, for those ready to adapt with precision and skill, open up avenues of rich and fertile resources and blessings held in trust for this new generation.

For those who long for the nostalgia of past days of glory, there will be a brief period of what looks like a return to a former day in the move of God, as it were when the sons of the prophets begged Elisha that they seek out the whereabouts of the departed Elijah (which also was a short three-day journey, the invitation being to die to a former move, bury it as part of something complete, and rise to the new era that is dawning).

A new thing will begin to unfold for those who, according to Isaiah, are “aware of it.” While the new move of God will not move the “ancient landmarks” that have been established by the fathers, it will find fresh applications and fresh processes for the fleshing out of the Word (when Jesus came to earth, when the Word became flesh, see John 1:14) as the Body embodies the testimony of Jesus, which is what ultimately the spirit of prophecy is all about.

New Generation of Entrepreneurs

In the process of this unfolding, both in the meeting place and in the marketplace, there will be a recovery of a godly work ethic as well as the recovery of a “can-do” spirit. This will spark innovation, ingenuity and creativity, and a renewed spirit of servanthood, which will be attested to and endorsed by God with signs, wonders and the miraculous.

Enterprise will get bigger by getting smaller. The rise of a new generation of entrepreneurs in the Kingdom, who have goods and services to offer the marketplace for the well-being of all, will find many open doors for their trade and craft. God will shake many more major monopolies, and make room for values-based and morally and ethically sound entrepreneurs to rebuild the economy of the nation and the nations.

A Generation of New Expression and Creative Evangelism

In addition, as the level of gifting and creativity increases in the arts, there will be more outlets for the expression of creativity and culture. As it was in the Renaissance, where culture was elevated because of the influence of the Reformation, so there will be a move of a generation who will bring a fresh expression of purity to the arts and media. Production companies and studios built specifically for Kingdom purposes will rise in many locations and even unexpected locations, and will produce first-class quality products that will rival what is done in the entertainment industry.

The Internet will become a vast place of opportunity for the arts, drama, commerce, and even news from a Biblical perspective and worldview. The world as our parents, grandparents, and great grandparents have known it will no longer be the world we live in. Alvin Toffler called the Information Age the third wave (the first being the Agricultural Wave which lasted for thousands of years, the 2nd being the Industrial Age which lasted for about a century and a half). The Information Age is fast morphing into an age unnamed as yet, and for the Believer we will enter into a time of seeing the “plowman overtake the reaper.”

Unprecedented opportunity for the harvest of souls will be present because of the major global shifts and the continued shaking of the nations by the Voice of the Lord. There will be multitudes in the valley of decision and there will be great campaigns on many continents and in many creative ways for the evangelization of the people groups of the earth.

by Dr. Mark J. Chironna

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