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November 26, 2009 / kingthunder

the ARROW of victory !

This is the best month of the year to gain strategy and victory over your enemy. We will soon enter the beginning of Chanukah. Chanukah is an eight day celebration that commemorates the rededication of the Temple. During the Feast we celebrate that the oil and light never go out.

Kislev is the month of Benjamin – the most gifted with the art of the bow! He was the only one of Jacob’s children born in the land of promise. Watch Israel carefully during this month. Think of the bow and the arrow. This is a month to develop your warfare strategies and receive prophetic revelation for war. Shoot straight this month and move quickly. As we presented the ARROW for our First Fruits gathering, remember not only to strike your enemy and take victory but extend that victory into the years ahead and to the generations to come.

In this time to fight we must enter into a new level of trust and rest. Let your trust, confidence, and support go to a new level. Be sure you have snipped off all tendrils from the past season, come full circle, and are moving with clarity in this next season. Watch for rainbows this month. They indicate that peace is coming into your warfare. Record all of your dreams this month. This is a month of night vision or the “month of dreams” where your future is being revealed or aligned. In a year of digging new wells, this is the time for the belly/womb/abdomen/river of God to break into a new level of fullness. We are asking the Lord to develop new relationships so we each have the ability to understand our next measure.

The Lord is saying, “Come up here and I will show you things you have never seen before. Do not come up in the old way. In this last season you strove in what you did so do not try to follow your old way of sacrificing. Let Me put a new, fresh sacrifice in your heart and hand. Do not observe the heavenly realm around you in the old way. I will press out a new portion in you; there is a new measure of faith and vision that I will open to you. You will hear one word from My mouth and faith will explode. The enemy has tried to attach to your failures and mistakes from the last season, but I will remove them from you. I will clothe you with a new mantle and you will wear the shine of Heaven.

“Some of you are lagging behind in the old because of your emotional need. You are refusing to come to the table and sup with Me. I have positioned you one way, but you are still longing to be established in another way. Come up! Get in position and don’t look back. Come up! Get positioned and don’t turn back. You have been seated with Me in heavenly places. Come UP, receive this new mantle and go back. Shut every door and keep out the devil. Block his forward movement. Do not let certain things come with you into your land of promise. Express thanksgiving with your will! I will fill you with new strength if you will just shut the door and say, ‘That will not cross over this season!’ I will end this season for you in surprising ways and you will move with new confidence into the place I have positioned for you.

“I am shutting the door on vain imaginations. Get control of them by the Spirit and move into what I have for you. This is a time for your eyes to be opened to My plan. I am going to show you how the devil has been working to subtly distract and keep you out of victory. More importantly, I will show you his plan to keep you from entering into a mindset for victory. When you recognize his strategy to block you, say, ‘I have shut the door on you. I am choosing to move forward in a new way!’ Do not belabor the last season or what the enemy did to you. Do not belabor how you’ve been ensnared. Shut the door and say, ‘Now I see.’

“Move on! I have been taking you through emotional stresses and strains. I am straining out that which has been vain, causing you to have sure vision. I can cause you to see and be prepared to advance quickly with Me. I am readying you to move forward into new opportunities. Ready and train yourself with Me. I am ready for you to shut the door of LOST HOPE and open and enter into another door of HOPE REALIZED.

“Release your reins from the past! Release your reins from the past! Some of you have moved on but are still holding a rein from the past for security. This rein is affecting your kidneys. The power of its directing force is causing spirits of fear to attach to your inward parts and stop the river of confidence that I have for your future. You think that you are tidying up past mistakes and trying to work our missteps, but that rein from the past is actually pulling you in a wrong direction. LET GO of the reins from your past and I will ease your way and accelerate you into a new path. I will bring things into your path so you can clearly see what is still trying to pull on you. There are still pulls, there are still tendrils, there are still tentacles, and there are still reins that are keeping you from hearing Me say, ‘GET UP AND GO’. Like a horse, I am slapping you on the behind and saying, ‘Get up! We must advance more quickly. We have much ground to cover in this earth and many atmospheres to change. We have transformational assignments waiting.’ Therefore, let go, be transformed and renewed, and move with Me.”


Chuck D. Pierce


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