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October 25, 2009 / kingthunder

a new river flowing from you

Here is today’s devotion:

Sometimes the hardness in our heart that formed through faith robbers from the last season is stopping us from seeing the blessings the Lord has for our future. When we were praying this week, we heard the Lord say: “Within the hardness that has formed in you from the last season, there is a river within your hardness that I am going to open up and flow forth. Don’t allow hard places to fool you! Hardness cannot resist power. I will break open the river in the rock hardness of people’s hearts. The sound that was captured in the hardness will be heard and begin to cry out this season. There are new sounds that will come forth from the hardness of your heart. These will be sounds of freedom and redemption. Listen! There is a sound rising up from the hard places of the heart of man. This sound will break open those that are captured by hardness and they will say, ‘I hear freedom! I must seek that sound.’ When that which has grown hard cries out, I will release a new river flowing from you. Many will seek the sound of this freedom that you have found. Your cry out of your hardness will soften many. The river from the hardness will become a new fiery passion that you’ve not known.”

“There is a subtle move of the enemy that is beginning. The enemy is very quietly and methodically beginning to water seeds of lawlessness that have been sown deep within the structures of My people. I must send a flood of My Spirit to wash out the seeds of rebellion. This flood will be a cleansing flood! I must remove those subtle seeds of rebellion or they will cause you to break out of your protective covering and move from under My Hand of grace. They will cause you to miss what I am giving you in this season ahead. Those subtle seeds of rebellion are now attempting to spring forth. Encourage those around you that seem to be drifting into rebellion. Watch carefully! When you see these things springing forth, tell them they must wither! Speak and declare the favor and grace of the Son. You are entering into a season of speaking forth and decreeing! Declare that ‘Now is the time for this rebellion to be washed way!’ Declare the flesh rule of individuals, that you know are important to My plan, to turn from the subtle ways of the enemy before they are sifted and seduced from their path of success. For I say, ‘You are entering into a season where you must maintain favor and you must see My glory in your midst. Therefore, command the subtle ways of rebellion to dry up. Declare the hardness of the hearts to give off the sound of freedom!'”

Read Galatians 3 & 4 | Isaiah 51 | Memorize Isaiah 51:6 & 16

Prophet Chuck Pierce


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