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October 3, 2009 / kingthunder

.. extend your eyes across ..

The Lord says: “The sound you are hearing is that of horses’ hooves. Heaven is mounting up. Rise up and look beyond. See into a place, a realm, that you have not fully seen. Like John, whom I brought up to reveal the future from the present, I am bringing you up to reveal things to come. Do not be surprised by the unexpected. Do not be caught unaware, for many surprises are now in your path. As the horses are mounting up, there is a sound in Heaven that is stirring in a way that will cause you to move forward as an accelerated troop in the earth this day. An angel named Remembrance is being dispatched. I have remembered all that you have spoken and I have recorded the faith decrees you have spoken. I am causing a promise that has been within you to come alive. I am pre-eminent in your promise. How I manifest is not just dependent on you. You have been depending upon yourself to bring forth what I have said, but I am pre-eminent in the manifestation of this next phase of what I am calling you to experience. Cry out, and I will remember what I have spoken and acknowledge the cry within you. Extend your eyes across and into a heavenly realm.

“Look at Me and SEE beyond the natural realm that surrounds you. There is a supernatural realm I am calling you into. There is a place where you will know darkness and you will know the movements of the enemy. You will know the enemy’s shadows. I will show you where the enemy has produced a shadow and created something around you that is not reality. You will not fear the enemy for you will know and see how the enemy would trap you. You will know the ways the enemy is moving to stop you from seeing, as well as what I am ready to manifest and surprise you with. Extend your eyes. See in the distance a new place to cross over into a land of blessing that you have only seen from a distance. I am going to take your hand and help you climb to the top of that mountain. I am going to give you a supernatural ability to see and peer across into a place that you know that I have prepared and have been waiting for you to enter.”

Apostle Chuck Pierce


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