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September 27, 2009 / kingthunder


Dear Friends:

I have just completed my ministry in Wichita, Kansas for Glory Advance! This is the beginning of rallying the Triumphant Reserve through this entire nation. We must have a new generationally-aligned troop that is filled with fire and willing to align His Glory in the land.


I want to thank each of you for taking ownership of this land. The Lord met us powerfully during Corporate Worship and Intercession on Wednesday. During that time, we were able to hold up the final land payment for the 31 acres along Interstate 35! We now must gain momentum into phase 2 called Occupation. Watch for details to be released in days ahead.

The Spirit of the Lord began to stir: “I’m creating a peculiar place so that it will give hope for houses to open up worldwide. For I will need houses, the tents of the people, to display My glory. I will have the tent of meeting and the place that you will gather and come, but I need the houses of My people to be filled with My glory. I will be filling your houses!”

THE DOOR OF SECRETS! Bob Speights shared the following: “I saw a door and it said ‘SECRETS’ on the door. As the door opened there were all these inventions and creations and formulas that have been held for this time. I believe the Lord was saying, ‘For all those that believe Me, I’m going to open the DOOR of SECRETS. Where they have said, ‘We don’t have enough oil and there’s not enough energy,’ I have more energy than you can even imagine. I have ways of producing energy that have never even been conceived of before, and I am going to bring them forth through the hands of My people. No longer will they say there is a lack of energy in our land. I’m going to give you secrets into the legal code. You are going to see things with supernatural wisdom that the enemy cannot use to change times against My people. I’m changing the code structures of many systems that are controlling nations. I will give you the code.'”


“I’m changing your prayer life now. You’ve been praying for political leaders and leaders of businesses and banks and structures in one way. Now I’m changing how you pray. In this year of lifting your hand and extending it to Me, you will pray by lifting the hand of the one that I show you that is in a place of civil rule. You will raise that hand up to Me. If that one will allow Me to grab their hand, I will bring them through into a new land in their heart. If they refuse My hand when I extend help to them, they will be one that withers in their ability to operate and work. I will start changing the arm of the flesh today. I will start changing the arm of the flesh and the ability to rule in one way today, and you will begin to see a new type of rule occur in the lands of the earth. It won’t be up to them to extend their hand, for you will lift their hand up to Me and say, ‘I have brought this one’s hand to You.’ I will know when your intercession has lifted the hand of one. Your President and your Secretary and others, your mayors, your governors — I say offer Me their hand and get them up into My heavenly realm. Then when I offer My hand to them and if they refuse the hand of the Lord to rule in days ahead, then their hand will wither before you.

“I will put new judges in place. I will surprise you how I can judge on your behalf locally; know that I can judge upon your behalf. This is a time for righteous intervention, but it is you who must bring the hands of those before Me in a new way. Your prayers of judgment and disgust will not lift the hands of those that are ruling. If you will lift the hands of those that are now ruling, I will then determine whether they resist and reject My hand or grab hold of that which I have to offer them in the future.

“The door that I would leave with you today is the door ‘as in the days of Noah.’ Many will come in – just as ‘unclean’ came into the ark in double form, and ‘righteous’ came into the ark in seven-fold. I will surprise you with the type of doors that I am opening and who I will let through in this next season. But if you will allow My righteous rule to rise within you, you will be seven times stronger than any unclean structure in the earth.”

Apostle Chuck D. Pierce


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