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September 2, 2009 / kingthunder


The Lord is saying: “The religious force that has attempted to grasp and hold you captive to the last move of glory will now let go.  The new move of glory is invading your atmosphere and will take you to a new place.  There is impending danger on the path ahead, so find your place of refuge and run into it.  Find that place of refuge, run into My strong tower, rest and sup with Me. Even though the enemy is on your path, I will secure you as you advance. Your supply, your little ones, and your vision will be protected if you will run into Me.

“You must express My heart along with My truth.  You must know the sound of heaven’s movement so that you express the way My Spirit is longing to move at this time in the earth.  You are in a great transition, but fear not! You will move into a new expression.  From the sound of melodies to the sound of running to secure your gate of contention, you will move with Me in new ways.  Your heart will move with Me. Your heart will beat in a new way! I will fix the broken piece in your heart. This wounded portion from the past season will be revived.  Your heart must beat with the heartbeat of Heaven. This sound is creating a sound in the land in this season.  Heaven, your heart, and the land will become ONE. I have timed the restoration of My areas of the earth. Waste places and broken cities will be revamped and redone. Some cities will give up their history of iniquity and be remade into transformed places. Walk in the same timing of this restoration of the land and you will see massive repairs occur.  I will repair breaches.  I will repair tears.  I will repair what has been broken. I can fix you–fix you and ready you for the season ahead.”

by Prophet Chuck Pierce


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