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August 22, 2009 / kingthunder

Watchman, What Do You See in the Realm of Economy?

I am a watchman and try to watch carefully for patterns and trends that affect  each of us. The enemy loves to change times and laws. Therefore, he will use  worldly structures and controls to hinder Kingdom advancement.

The Word from Florida..I want to encourage you to re-read what the Lord spoke to me while we were at the Let the Eagles Gather conference in Florida. I want to be sure we are processing the word correctly. Therefore, what God said was: “Watch for an economic shift by the end of this  month. Between August 24 and October 17, there will be great changes  in the financial system.  Be aware that the banking system has not finished making its changes.  We will start into an accelerated shift in structure.   The government is in an open rearrangement.”

I do not believe that the Lord is talking about a big Stock Market Crash or a Bank Run. This could happen, but that is not the overall issue to understand.   There is a full rearrangement of the economic system going on worldwide. If  you have not read The Future War of the Church and God’s  Unfolding Battle Plan, there are chapters in each book on wealth that  could help you.  Here is one perspective that is important for you to understand.   Even though the dollar is changing and fluctuating, this is a time your  dollar could really work for you to acquire resources. Many  banks have resources they have acquired from loss. These resources could be  redeemed by those who have extra dollar buying power. You could seek to acquire  resources. Some banks must move now to alleviate themselves from the over abundance of failed loans and corresponding properties. This could be a catalyst  for Kingdom advancement.  However, no one seems to have extra dollars  to “take the land”.  If we look at the “giant” that is controlling economic  structures and choose to shrink back, then we could lose ground and miss an  opportunity to advance now.  Also, this could leave an open door for  a thrust from a dark side to control the land and keep the land from being occupied with those who hold God’s plan.

So here is what I have done personally: I cashed in my retirement and paid off debts; I gave to the future of the land; I helped some others advance;  I made sure the Eagles of God accounts were up to date; I helped two children  advance; we analyzed foreign currency, such as the Australian Dollar, Euro,  Turkish Lira, etc., to see how currencies are moving world-wide.

I do not think that this is a reactive type of prophetic word – just a  word to be prepared by October 17.  The economic structure as we have known  it will not be same, so if you are buying stocks on the same basis and understanding  of a system of yesteryear, you will probably not see the return you are looking  for.

I always like to get perspectives from others. Yesterday, I visited with  a successful business friend of mine, Blake Morris, who gave the following wisdom:

“There is a way out of this famine supernaturally and what  the Lord has begun He will finish.  He did tell me to prepare myself  to negotiate very shrewdly and consider all options!  I know that I must  let go of some assets and if this requires drastic cuts that is ok.   Bankruptcy may be an option to be evaluated and considered. I feel we must  understand and know all options in order to see our way into the future and  receive strategy to take a key turn.

I believe it is a time to expect the supernatural and place  a high demand on the Spirit of God to move.  I hear the Lord reminding me of a word you gave last year around September that said we must move and  do something even if we make a mistake. This is a mentality of ‘I refuse to  stand still and perish in the famine.’  The example you gave was climbing  up on the high board and jumping when you did not know how to swim.

I hear the Lord saying, ‘Out of desperation  comes creativity, and for a season I will be like an artist that paints  a new picture with many colors.’ My normal personality  is to focus in on 1 or 2 things to maximize profits, and now I am painting  all over the canvas to find the new.  I am not sure what I will create.  Hope that makes some sense! I feel we should move in the entrepreneurial anointing  and pioneer…..there is not a path to follow that has been cut out for the  season ahead. Therefore, we must open the way.

We have to cut the path and be the forerunners in this season  so others may follow.  Businesses must be birthed and others are being linked into their destiny and choices will be presented.  If we will dig the well, God will fill it with water for us to drink from in the future.

I also hear that many ‘churchy people’ or ‘religious people’  will not be able to see the new thing God is doing to impact the world. The  wealth is there to be transferred. But we must see and move in His timing.  Businesses are coming forth that ‘church people’ will say, ‘You should not  have linked up there and you can’t take money out of that arena.’   However, the Lord is saying, ‘Align and watch Me give you entry  way to fields you have never entered before!'”

Here Are Some Points to Watch NOW!
The way the Church gathers and strategizes is very key for days ahead! Here are some points for us to embrace at this time in history:

Shifting, Changing Laws! The enemy loves to change times and laws. Therefore, he will use worldly structures and controls to hinder Kingdom advancement.  We must stay active in Civil Government. How we vote is how we are visited  in the future. Politically motivated shifts in laws and governmentally influenced  ventures and investments will produce blame and create power wars that divide   and control certain institutes of societies.

Changing Supply Lines!  Go back and review the Gold Market in every decade so you can find your pattern for the shift that will take place in currency in each season!  Money, economic regulations, and changing financial structures do not affect the Kingdom, but do affect how we build  the Church in days ahead. Unregulated derivatives will continue for  a while longer. This will cause the Banking System to change drastically and  expand the supply of money and credit. This creates another bubble waiting  to burst. For instance, in the United States, individual States are losing  revenue and beginning to cut services. Some effects from this are: the poor  will get poorer; a decline in state workers; a cut in medical services; a  lack of Medicaid funding for the elderly; a decline in education decline;  a potential for violence; and the exhaustion of unemployment benefits.

Slavery structures must be reviewed. Watch your debt structure! Develop  a plan for debt management and alleviation. Ask for favor with institutes.  Watch governmental manipulation beginning from July 2009. Many institutions  will attempt to manipulate debt to make money.  Debt produces poverty. We  must watch debt patterns in our lives, counties, cities, and nations.

Changing Economic Structures Worldwide!  Inflation could happen at  any time, so always have a plan for inflation. Consider your ways! Have plans  to diversify your investments and resources. Do not put all of your eggs in  one basket.  Do not have a basket so “tight” that you cannot remove or add  or redirect resources into Kingdom purposes and plans; your funds must not  be so restricted that you cannot move in God’s timing of shifts.  For  instance, keep watching and moving your natural resources, gas and oil  to gold and silver stocks at the appropriate timing. Watch the emerging markets  of China and India. (I am sold on watching this!) Watch products that enhance  the land such as fertilizer and other agricultural-related ventures. Biotech  developmental groups are always key for us to watch. His Kingdom is a sure  thing in times of shifting economic trials!

Restoring Waste Places! Carefully watch the cities where  bulldozers begin to demolish old structures. Watch as the Repairer of  the Breach calls us into a rebuilding season. Certain cities must be transformed.

Realignment of Nations!  There will be “chess move” made  by Russia and China to counteract the dollar base of world currency over the  next 18 months. This will affect many systems, but will fall short in complete governmental dominance and control. Israel will become more and more the center  of discussion and division in nations in days ahead. China is attempting to  create a new reserve currency.  China is gathering and securing gold resource  throughout the world. The effect will be that a new world currency  base is developing.

A Major Shift in Training in God’s Kingdom Plan. We must develop creative skills! We must become sensitive to the problems of people.  We must address every obstacle as a challenge with a solution that is available.  We must not fear causes because we know the Spirit can produce results through  us.  We must be motivated by a covenant expression of God’s plan in the earth  through His vision rather than through money.  We must be adaptable and observant  to the changes around us.  We must see the world around us differently, ask  a lot of questions, and synthesize things from an intuitive perspective. We  must become a fluent, flexible and imaginative people who are not  afraid  to be original and divergent in our thinking processes.

We Must Align and Be Trained for the Future!  God has a  battle array and an order that will reflect His holiness in days ahead.  We will have a new vocabulary, a new presentation of identity, and a new dimension  of authority as we enter the next season. New training structures are being  developed to help God’s people understand their covenant blessing and spiritual  inheritance.

Once again, here is the full prophetic word from “Let the Eagles Gather: The International Gathering of Prophets, Apostles and Intercessors” held in Orlando, Florida last week:

We must have a new identity as we go into this new season.  I see  shafts of light coming from a heavenly realm. It is almost like the Lord has paths of light for you to step into. Powerful revelation is being held and  stirring above you.  Step by faith and watch as your path comes alive  and you walk differently.  Some of you do not know your next step, and  I am here to say that you can walk in your new path and walk in  a way that you will be seen differently.

This is a strange time when the enemy is attempting to conform you to the world’s blueprint.  The trials and reports of the world will cause you to be captured by unbelief.  But you can step into a favor that will cause the world to seek your help.

Watch for an economic shift by the end of this month.  Between August  24 and October 17, there will be great changes in the financial system.   Be aware that the banking system has not finished making its changes.   We will start into an accelerated shift in structure.  The government  is in an open rearrangement.

The Lord says, “You have brought the enemy into this land and allowed  the enemy to amass his troops.  You have allowed the enemy to come in  and develop a philosophy, a mindset and an army.  Now you must move and  gather in new ways.

The Protectorate of My covenant in this land is no longer in place. You have got to start gathering in new ways because the Protectorate of My  covenant is no longer in place.  (I think this is no longer  speaking to this country but a Kingdom people.)

I, the Lord, AM going to start amassing and gathering  you in a new way, and you must move forward with Me. Do not resist this rearrangement. Now  I must draw you up higher, for you are looking with the world’s eye.  I  have needed to gather you as eagles so you go forth with new strength and  vision.

I must draw you high above the rivers because the rivers are now beginning to fill in such a way that unless you draw up higher and move into  a new view of the earth, you will find yourself in a boundary you are not  to be in.

There is going to be a rain coming in where you are which will lift you up in the present so you can see the changing boundaries for your future.   I am going to draw you up above the Cascading Fall. The washing of the  water of the WORD is coming from higher than you know.

You must draw near and come higher because I must align you with  My host.  I must align you with the army of heaven.  There are hosts  in heaven that I am waiting for you to align with before I send you into boundaries  for the future.  I have been working and forming you. I have been equipping  you to prepare you for your future. Keep the oil in your lamp  ready.”

God is ready to equip you to be the head and not the tail.  This  will represent God’s Kingdom expression in days ahead.  He is doing things deep within you that He is going to have you express.  He is shifting  His mode of operation and diverse expression of how His manifold wisdom will work in His People.

Do not back up now! Force yourself to advance! Encourage yourself like David  did in a time of seemingly defeat and setback. Inquire of the Lord – He is  there for you!  You can move into a new place of Divine revelation. You can  understand and find the higher purposes in your circumstances and sufferings.  Your captivity can become a place of rest. You can roar louder than the roaring  lion seeking to devour you.  God is breathing praise on His people! Inhale  His presence and then exhale his Spirit. He can redeem your past seasons of  lost praise in your life will suddenly be restored. Your new identity will  manifest and you will wear His boldness and be an answer in the world today.

Prophet Chuck D. Pierce


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