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August 19, 2009 / kingthunder


minggu malam gw lagi di banjarmasin and with friends enjoy liburan hari kemerdekaan Indonesia-Nya .. asyik watching tv di channel news asia ngaak kebetulan coz’ emang I feel something will expose in Singapore .. so suddenly I saw PM Lee Hsien Loong lagi berbicara in his National Day speech .. PM Lee talk  tentang bagaimana perkembangan yang terjadi di Negara Singapore  di masa lalu, masa sekarang dan masa depan. Pidatonya keren banget, hitech abis, gaul punya uda kayak bos apple Steve Jobs presentasi new product.

but something takes place when He warns religious groups against ‘aggressive preaching’ and attempts to convert others threaten the tiny city-state’s stability. And he keep talking about religion and the way of life should be taken in Singapore and blah blah blah .. and I feel so offended in my spirit .. something been expose .. I can sense the high realm of principality that rule over Singapore is manifest .. and after that I feel move to prayer and seek God for insight .. and the word FREEMASON come .. this is that ..

so I stop talking now .. I don’t want share the detail but I believe great things will take place in Singapore .. a holy and a righteous generations will triumphant over the mountains of government ..

This are interesting article about Singapore
Singapore: Masonic Paradise?

This post speculates that the city-state of Singapore may secretly have been planned out by Freemasonry and be under masonic or semi-masonic rule to this day.

Whether this secret rule (if it exists) is “good” or “bad” is, as you will see, a matter of worldview. Both masons and anti-masonic-conspiracy-theorists could easily use this to support their views, depending upon whether one views unrestrained capitalism as “good” or “bad”.

Singapore is arguably the richest, safest, cleanest places on earth. It is also one of the only known “benevolent dictatorship” (only semi-democratic) in the History of mankind. 42% of its population are practicing Buddhists, the rest are mainly Christians, Muslims and Jews.

Singapore M1

A statue of Singapores masonic founder, Sir Stamford Raffles:

Singapore M2

After getting a “hint” from a Veteran-Freemason about the importance of Freemasonry in Singapore, I did a little bit of research. The first oddity I noticed was the high number of lodges:

Singapore M3

Thats 35 lodges in a single city (meeting in one lodge building, there could be more) – which is rather anomalous.

Next I found out that much of the ruling elite of Singapore were Freemasons. The Founder of Singapore, Sir Stamford Raffles, was a Freemason. A few others:

These fellow Singaporean Freemasons or Brothers are:-

Sir Charles Warren – Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis
Thomas Dunman – Deputy Superintendent of Police
Thomas Braddell – First Attorney General of Singapore
James Brooke – Rajah of Sarawak
Sir Henry Keppel – Admiral of the Fleet
William Henry Macleod Read – Chairman of the Singapore Chamber of Commerce

The “Marquis of Dalhousie”, one of the most influential figures of British Colonialism was a Freemason. An Obelisk was erected in his honour – in Singapore:

Singapore M4

The Turbo-Capitalistic mentality of Singapore might be explained by the following inscription on the Obelisk (partially quoted):
“emphatically recognized the wisdom of liberating commerce from all restraints, under which enlightened policy this settlement has rapidly attained its present rank among British possessions and with which its future prosperity must ever be identified”

The designer of the Obelisk and author of the inscription, John Turnbull Thomson, was also a Freemason.

I found a more recent article on Singapore being run by secret societies in the “China Morning Post”. The article is about Singapores semi-masonic “Pyramid Club”

Relevant snippets:
The more important but least-familiar parts of Singapore’s formidably successful establishment. The Pyramid is the after-hours home for more than 300 of the country’s top movers and shakers, and anyone who is anyone is said to be a member.

Although the Pyramid’s membership list might read like a Who’s Who of Singapore, the institution goes out of its way not to attract attention.

One well-placed Singaporean talks of the Pyramid in terms that most people would associate with a cult. He speculates on understandings forged within a cosy fraternity and designed to keep the country on its stable trajectory. The reality is perhaps less sensational but might help in understanding formation and execution of Singapore’s public policy.

George Yeo Yong-Boon, the Minister for Trade and Industry and one of the Government’s most promising front-benchers, is the Pyramid’s president, assisted by vice-president Mah Bow Tan, who is the Minister for National Development. Michael Lim Choo San, the chairman of the National Healthcare Group, which manages half of the island’s hospitals and clinics, is listed as honorary treasurer.

The first club president was Goh Keng Swee – a key ally of then-prime minister Lee – who then held the finance-ministry portfolio. He was supported by Pyramid vice-president, Jek Yeun Thong, then the political secretary in the prime minister’s office.

Beneath the trees at the foot of the driveway, a small sign confirms that you have found No. 2 Goodwood Park. Bolted on top, no bigger than a paperback book, is a stylised pyramid logo. It is as close as you are likely to get to one of Singapore’s best-kept secrets.

Masonic Hall in Singapore:

Singapore M5


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