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August 19, 2009 / kingthunder

Cut Ties, Cut Losses, and Position Yourself for the Wind of the FUTURE!

A Call to Watch and Blow!
This Sunday I heard the Spirit of God say, “Some of you have had the fight knocked out of you. The Spirit of God is bringing a new wind of strength to cause a new fight to rise up in you. The fight has been knocked out of you because you stayed in an atmosphere too long.”Anne Tate began to prophesy: “At this time I am breaking old associations and configurations. My lines are greater than any ley line the enemy could lay.” I then heard the Lord say: “Rise up! Let My atmosphere rise up around you and cut the ties necessary, so that I can cause you to fight again and be set into a changing wind. I am breaking down the old structure you’ve been protecting. It is you that has been protecting an old structure saying, ‘Remake what I’m comfortable in.’ I’m breaking that down.

“Catch the changing wind of My Spirit, for you will land in a new place, in a new dimension of My Spirit. You will say, ‘I see a new land and I’m leaving the winds from the wilderness’. You had expectations in some relationships that you’re still trying to work out. I’ve been contending to cut you loose from those relationships. I am contending over you so that you rise up above the inordinate structure of the enemy that has been placed around you. Get ready to rise up, for I am contending and My sword is the strongest. Raise your sails and catch the wind. You have been in a dry and desolate land. But even though water has not been there for you to move forward, I will send the water if you will raise the sail.

“This is a week to know My presence. This is a time to know My ark and to know what ark you are to enter to journey into your future. I am causing My presence to flood in the land. Raise your sail and watch the glory begin to take you to a new place. Don’t hesitate. Hesitation is set as a snare to My movement for your life. Let your faith push you and catapult you. When you hear the wind of truth being spoken into a situation, move immediately. You don’t want to miss the boat. You don’t want to miss your proper alignment. Don’t hesitate. Delay is set as a trap. The word is critical in this hour. The intensity that is behind the word is pushing you forward at speeds and levels that we know not of, so don’t hesitate and don’t fall for the trap.

“Within the sands of your desert, there is a highway. But in the sands of your desert you have grown accustomed to the atmosphere and the “sherakah” wind that has been around you. In the sands of your desert, create a new atmosphere and I will cause that highway that is down deep to rise up. For there are ways of escape for My people in this next season. There are ways of escape that are forming, but you must create the wind that causes the highway to rise in front of you. I am laying the road. I am laying a road. Watch it form now. Go with Me on this new road, for you are headed into a place that you have not been. You must bring forth the wind and create the road so that you can end up where I have called you to be – new businesses, new alignments, new assignments.

“I’m having you to return to some business associates that you separated from and chose to walk a different direction from in this past season. Even now you will go back and reform a new way to venture forward. New ventures are on the horizon for My people. You must now grab hold and get on a highway that sets you ahead of the curve. You will go back and re-form a plan with them like Paul went back and got John Mark. These relationships will no longer be the same, but will be brought under a new covenant plan. They were once in an old structure, but now will be brought into a new structure. If those relationships are unwilling to come into a new structure, move on down the road for there are new relationships that will create this new venture. I will give some opportunities that did not manifest in the past season and now they will have an opportunity for a manifestation in this season. The ventures of My people now will take a shift in their formation. Realign and then align again so that those ventures might manifest properly!”

Prophet Chuck Pierce


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