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July 4, 2009 / kingthunder

a VERY narrow way ..

We could hear the Lord saying:
“A new corridor is forming and I will narrow your way.  You must narrow your desires.  I am sanctifying desires and narrowing the corridor through which you will walk.  You are entering into new alignments and assignments, and coming into a place that will bring you forth into a realm you have not known. You will come from a dark place into light, but the corridor that you have been in is beginning to narrow to push you through into the new.

“This is the day of ‘My Gideon’s call.’  There is a clarion, Gideon call being released into the earth. It is urgent for My Gideon call to be heard. There is a call coming now into the earth realm to separate the desires of My people.  My people’s desires have been muddled with their own desires.  In the next 3 months, I will begin to separate the desires of My people so that they can follow Me.  You started out with My desire to get to a new place, but your desires from the past season are coming up and you are being muddled in the call I am extending to you.  You must separate your desires, beginning now, so that I draw you out and into that place.

“The teams and troops that I have will be narrowed down, for this will be a narrowing time.  The corridor is narrowing in the midst of this sound. Listen!  Listen carefully, for this clarion call is now being extended and it will look like the days of Gideon.  The anointing I will release will be a Gideon anointing that will overtake the Midianites that have robbed in the past seven years and stolen at the time of harvest.

“Know that there is a great separation that must take place to overthrow the enemy ahead who has been coming in and taking away at an opportune time.  I must rearrange My people’s call so that their opportunity will be seen in a different way.  Hear, today, the clarion call and know that it is a Gideon time upon My people. Heed the call and rise up today and enter in through the corridor that is a narrow way.  Many things will fall to the left and to the right and even your body will change to get you through these next three months so that you break into that place that I have for you.”

Prophet Chuck Pierce


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