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May 30, 2009 / kingthunder

It will be alright!’

Akhirnya gw bisa juga balik Jakarta setelah penantian yang melelahkan .. ya’ walau ini baru hanya permulaan perjalanan dari something bigger yg Tuhan mau berikan .. this Sunday dgn sriwijaya air gw di kasih ijin cuti selama one month *gilehebatkan* kasih karunia Tuhan kalo bos masih kasih waktu untuk gw berkasih-kasihan dengan Tuhan untuk dapat memberikan keputusan apakah akan tetap bekerja di perusahaan atau back to Jakarta .. this article below berbicara tepat pada momennya sebelum gw balik ke Jakarta .. is bring a lot of comfort and happiness to my soul .. to trust HIM  *nomatterwhat*


The Spirit of God is falling on us at Wednesday Noon Prayer. Here is a portion of the word that came forth: “Times might be dark but I say, ‘It will be alright!’ You have eyes to see light so it will be alright! You have been up and down and all around because I am stretching you to use you in a new way. Even though your emotions have been ruling you, hear the sound of heaven. I am stretching out the emotional structure that has been ruling you in the past so I can use you in days ahead. I have a larger bow to string you on, so I have needed to allow stretching times to occur. You will be MY bowstring that shoots forth in days ahead. You will hold the arrow and withstand the stress of the 7 years ahead because you endured the stretching this year. This stretching will come to an end and though you’ve been unstrung, watch Me string you again.

“Come up higher! I have a place of sacrifice that you have not known. Come up to My throne and you will rule the thrones that have been rising around you and contending for the blessings that are yours. There is a rumbling in the earth and there is an eruption on the way. Watch the eruptions that come forth. I have held up much in the past seasons, but there is an eruption that is brewing. Many things in the government will erupt and blow up now. Many structures are vying and contending in the earth, but I tell you I can go to the core of things. I can go deeper than any other structure to shake the depth of an issue. I am going to blow some things fully loose and into a new place. What you have seen in California is going to cause an eruption in this nation. I am allowing My covenant to be tested in this land. In the midst of My covenant tests, watch the lands that realign. Lands and peoples that resist My covenant plan will have an eruption and shake! “

Prophet Chuck Pierce


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