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May 17, 2009 / kingthunder


This past Sunday, I saw sovereign openings and opportunities coming to God’s people.  However, I saw many leaning on their own understanding and mixing in their own desires, which brought leanness in their souls.  I then heard the Lord say: “I am opening up a way for you.  I’m causing that which was closed yesterday to be opened today.  Watch carefully for your opening!  You won’t see all that I have for you in the beginning, but I am calling you to the other side.  You must go through the opening when you see it form before you.  You must make a move to go through!  I have brought you to this hard place to make a move of faith. Today is your day of salvation.  Move by faith and I will change the complexion of the other side where I’m sending you.

“We must work together at this time.  I’ve been working to get the place open for you to go through, so step through and I will come and meet you on the other side.  I sent the disciples forth at the right time and said, ‘You cross over.’  Then I came out on the water and walked to the boat.  Today I say to you, ‘You make the move and I’ll meet you in days ahead, even in the times that seem rugged.’

“Watch for the sovereign opening that I am creating on your behalf.  Be ready.  Don’t make a list of what you are looking for on the other side.  Just step through the opening!  Your present demands are hindering the development of your future. Step through by faith!  You are waiting in your own strength. Step out and mount up when I send the wind. Even adverse winds can cause you to rise through and into new places of victory.  I AM not working to give you strength for where you’ve been.   I AM working to give you strength to step through and into a place that you cannot understand.  Let MY place open up and step through into it. You will be offered an opportunity.

“Some of you are trying to stay in the old war you’ve been in instead of hunting for your next war to get into.  You’re trying to make sure you are healed up from the wounds of the old war instead of taking all that crap you learned in the last one and say, ‘Let it become my weapon in the future!’  Make a shift!  Make a shift!  Make a shift!  For you are becoming My weapon for days ahead.

“Quit looking at the wars behind and start looking at what is ahead of you.  Do not be afraid of the war ahead.  Most of you will not be going back the way you’ve come.  You keep trying to find your way back even when I am saying step through and into.  When the way opens up, step through it.  Don’t worry about going back. Many have even warred on the wrong side of My plan in the past season, but I am going to breathe on you and you will be transformed; go through and into the new.  You will forget the errors of the past and allegiance to the wrong side, and immediately find yourself on the correct side.

“You are anticipating the war ahead and it is creating a fear within you.  What you have been through has already built within you the ability to go in and gain My victory.  You are watching the resources on this side but you have not stepped into that which I have in days ahead.  I will give you eyes to see how to take one and make a hundred, but I’m going to use different skills in you and I’m going to be creative with things that I have stored up.   So step through!   You are calculating with what you know you have, but I will multiply you with what you do not yet know of when you step through.

“The evil eye has been stalking you in the last season. My eye will be guiding you as you go forth into this new season.  Your wounds from the last season are causing you to stop short of the best I have ahead for you.  These wounds are stopping you from warring for your promises in the new season.  I have made your wounds from the last season your battle ax for the next season.  You go and I will subdue!  You go through and I will subdue!  This is a redeeming window.  I am going to buy back all of what you did wrong.  I am going to buy back where you’ve been held captive.  I am going to open up a way, and when you step through you’ll be hidden even from that past mess you were in.  What is ahead might not be pretty or seem glorious in the beginning, but take advantage of this new opportunity and you can create the glory in the realm that I am calling you to experience.

“You’ve been marching in one army but I am transferring you to another.  You’ve been marching to one beat and one drum but I am bringing a different sound and saying, ‘Now MARCH!’  Make your shift, and when you see the opening, go!   You will be marching in a new way and I will set the course for your victory.  I will be with you to open up supply.  Let go of the supply storages from the past season that had to be sacrificed.  Nothing that was sacrificed by a heart set on Me will be lost.   Let go and watch a new plan for your storehouse arise.  March on!  New supply is on your road ahead.”

Prophet Chuck Pierce


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