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April 27, 2009 / kingthunder

I AM ready to contend ..

I heard Him say, “I AM ready to contend.” He has been waiting for something in us to come into a new order and now He says:

“I AM ready to contend. I AM seating the courts on your behalf. I AM readying Myself to contend. Be ready for Me to stand and change your atmosphere for I AM ready to contend on your behalf. My moment to contend for you is here! I have come down in your midst. Work with Me, for I will contend, but you must stand. I will contend for your positioning. I will contend for your supply lines. Work with Me, for you must move when I say ‘Move’. I will contend against your accusers. I will reorder and rearrange those that are ruling. I AM going to contend, but you must contend with Me when I say ‘Speak’. I say to the President of this nation (USA) and the Presidents of the nations of My inheritance, ‘Align with Me or you will work against Me. You stand at crossroads and intersections that need key decisions. I AM waiting for you to work with Me. Beware of divination at your crossroads. Listen and I will give wisdom. Watch Me, align with Me, work with Me, or you will be working against Me. You may have a heart for moral justice, but you must know My righteous rule. “

Pray the Following:
There is something in us that causes us to judge religiously. Ask the Lord to remove religious judgments in us so that we might know His Spirit. Ask the Lord to remove judgments that you have released or that have been released against you based upon wrong knowledge of His timing.
Pray that the curtain of God’s righteous rule would be opened up to President Obama so that he can see clearly and realign his thought processes.
Pray that wrong philosophies would be removed from our minds and those in authority that have influence over us.
Ask the Spirit of God to remove lies from the enemy that have embedded in your thinking process and are warring with your faith.
Exalt the Lord and watch His throne be established in you midst.
Tell darkness that it must realign. God is realigning the burden of the earth and the righteous rule that goes with that burden.

When Linda Heidler saw the Lord come down in our midst, she saw His Throne being established. Meredith Mauldin began to sing prophetically: “Heaven is moving like a shooting star. Heaven is not so far. It is invading the earth – watch and see. It’s coming so close. Can’t you feel Me?” I heard the LORD say:

“I am bringing in revelation that you have not had access to – revelation that has been waiting since the beginning of this cycle of faith that now encompasses you. I am bringing in wisdom for you and one word can fell your enemy. I am bringing in a revelatory realm and a spiritual dimension that you have not known. This realm has come from heaven and entered into time. Now light will increase and revelation will come. The way you have been looking at My word will change and you will look and see new levels and facets. I have been working to get you positioned to see. I have been watching and waiting before I could contend with the enemy within. I have been waiting and now a moment has arrived.

“You have been bouncing to and fro, and your emotions have caused you to want to not let go, but now I AM piercing into your inner soul and there is a divine realignment occurring. Now even naturally where the enemy had created great warfare within you, I am contending and a natural healing and realignment is going on. Where you were striving to see healing and realignment, now a natural type of healing is occurring because My throne has come down in your midst.

“The headship of what you have been ruling against is falling. There is a bubbling that is beginning to arise. I had to wait for My people to have passion to conceive. The passion of conception had not fully entered into the realm of your inner being, but now I AM causing a bubbling and a passion to arise. I have brought heaven into the midst of the earth realm. Now the molecular structure around you will begin to change and things will begin to happen. You will see miracles!

“What has been ruling the ships of the sea and the supply lines of the waters and controlling their treasures, I have now come down to rule. Watch the economic structures take their shift and watch the supply lines change now, for that which has ruled the trade that has been coming from nation to nation, I am now changing headships of that rule. Heaven is moving into our midst. Heaven is entering your atmosphere.

“You have not understood the signs. You have not even understood when I would send a star from heaven into your realm so that you could see it fall. You have not understood the meaning of that sign. Now watch as stars fall in your midst. It means that headships have been rearranged. I am nearer than you know. Your mouth will feel a forming of My Word now.

“You have been at one station too long. Now because I AM in your midst, I will give you a buoyant faith to rise up and energize, for you must shift to another station. You must move in and hear, for at this new station you will pick up the supply for your future. Changing frequencies and changing stations are now in your midst. You will change stations and find Me there waiting on you. I have been waiting for you to change stations and now I AM in your midst. Because you have changed stations, you have found Me is a new way.

“You have not understood the confusion and the dissatisfaction in you. But you have contended, and I watch those who contend. I AM not looking for those who just win, but I watch those who contend. I will come to your aid in the midst of your contending. I have watched your contending and now I have come and My throne is in your midst. Where you have contended, you will now win. Many have needed to change positions and locations and alignments.

“Many have run this way and that way because of the contending within them. They could not be still and watch and wait upon Me. Now I have come in and will realign your stillness. You say, ‘But I have left behind an identity I have known. I have left behind a way that I have grown comfortable to be identified with’. But I have known what you

would be. I could see what you couldn’t see. It is I that has called you. It is I that has caused you to leave behind what would have been a detriment to you in the days I have ordained. I have appointed and preordained days on your behalf. Because of that, you have needed to contend. In your contending you’ve had to leave. In your letting go, your identity will now form. I have needed to clean out what could not be brought forth. I have needed to clean out to remove so I could bring forth. You have not understood the conceiving and the letting go but now what is rooted will bring forth.”

Now spend a time in repenting and remove thoughts where you have judged unrighteously in the midst of your contending. Remove the thoughts where you have judged others in their contending. The LORD said,

“You have not understood their contending. You have not understood what I have been putting them through. Let Me realign your thoughts and the way you are to go. Let Me realign the way you see. Let me realign your thoughts about yourself and others and what is happening. Hear these words: The waves were great. You were tossed to and fro, but listen, for now I AM in your midst and I AM saying ‘Come’ again. The waves were great. You were tossed to and fro. You said, ‘Lord, I’m losing my way.’ But I say, ‘No, for I have come and I will bring you in and across until you are standing in your new place of victory.'”

John Dickson began to sing:

Oh, the storm tossed and the waves came. My soul within was grieved. But You, O Lord, appeared upon the waters. You said, “Rise on the seas and I will bring you into a place of your new beginning. Come! Come! Come! Walk on the water with Me! Come! Fly to your new destiny. Come! Walk on the waters with Me! Come! Fly to your new destiny.

“Leave the waves and the tumult behind. Leave the winds and the fears. Leave confusion. Leave the doubt and come near. Come! Come! Walk on the waters with Me. Come! Fly to your new destiny Come! Walk on the waters with Me. Walk on the waters with Me.”

Prophet Chuck Pierce


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