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April 13, 2009 / kingthunder

Twilight | from Human to Vampire

Twilight is an amazing love story that has suspense going through our mind throughout the experience!

I absolutely HATE IT!

In this romantic suspect, a gorgeous vampire falls in love with an amazing human, who later finds out the truth of Edward and his family.

Fuhhh nasty devil way, again try to trickery the human being to fall.

Twi”light` (?), n. [OE. twilight, AS. twi- (see Twice) + leoht light; hence the sense of doubtful or half light; cf. LG. twelecht, G. zwielicht.


1. time after sunset or before dawn: the time of day just after sunset or before dawn, when the Sun is below the horizon

2. the subdued light just after sunset or, in less common usage, just before sunrise

3. the period from sunset to dark, any growing darkness

4. half-light: the faint diffuse light that occurs at twilight

5. final period: the time when something is declining or approaching its end, especially in a gentle or peaceful way the twilight of her career *soundfamiliar*

A challenge for the SONS OF LIGHT GENERATION to take dominion over the mountain of entertainment.



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