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April 7, 2009 / kingthunder


These Three Holy Days, Passover, Pentecost, & Atonement… (Leviticus 23: 14).

Let the children [of God] also keep the Passover at His appointed season. (Numbers 9:2) Ye shall keep it a feast by an ordinance for ever. (Exodus 12:14)

In the Beginning, God made three important appointments with us, His people. They are so important to Him, that He said to honor them forever. But in 325 A.D., the Emperor Constantine decreed that the church should no longer observe the LORD’s Feast Days. Because of this decree, the message was lost to the church for centuries. It’s only in these latter days that the church has again begun to celebrate the Feast Days-Passover, Pentecost, and Atonement, as commanded by God in Exodus 23:14.

Throughout the Bible, we see accounts of those who recognized that God has circled the season of Passover with red in their appointment books. God instituted Passover when Israel left Egypt to go to the Promised Land. Every family offered a lamb & put the blood on the door post as God had commanded. God told the angel, “When you get to the houses that have the blood upon the door posts, you are to Pass-over!!!

Passover was also the season when Jesus, the Lamb of God, had an appointment with the cross. And just like we can in everyday life, he was tempted to cancel his appointment. In the Garden; the Bible says He prayed, “Let this cup pass from me” (Luke 22:42). Jesus wanted to back out of dying for the world. But when He gave the Passover Offering of Himself, an angel appeared to Him and strengthened Him (Luke 22:43). Jesus would let nothing keep him from his date with destiny, for he saw a world that desperately needed to cross into relationship with God. Jesus recognized His Passover appointment, will you recognize yours? Our Passover appointment with God is NOW! And we have an opportunity to show God that what is important to Him, is important to us, His children. When we honor the special time of Passover, God in return has promised that we will cross into seven specific supernatural blessings.

7 Blessings Of Passover
1. God will be an enemy to your enemies – Exodus 23:22-23
2. An angel of God is assigned to you to keep you and lead your to your miracle.- Exodus 23:20
3. You shall not die before your appointed time – long life span. – Exodus 23:26
4. Everything the enemy has stolen will be taken from him and returned to you! – Exodus 23:29
5. God will take sickness and disease away from you. – Exodus 23:29
6. He will give prosperity to you. – Exodus 23:25
7. An inheritance of increase will be yours. – Exodus 3:30

God has protection for you NOW, He has healing for you NOW, He has prosperity and wholeness ready for you NOW, He has increase and abundance for you NOW, and more….

God said, “Never forget this Holy Day called the Passover.” He continues to say that “No man should appear before the LORD empty-handed.” (Deut16:16) This is why we bring a special offering to God on Easter/Passover weekend. Our sacrificial offering honors God and the sacrifice He made on the cross. It was during Passover when Jesus crossed a dying world into a new covenant, when the Israelites crossed into supernatural deliverance, that Joshua crossed into divine protection, when Gideon crossed into wealth and wholeness, and when Hezekiah crossed into God’s healing, all because they recognized their appointment with God at Passover. Cross into the Passover. Cross into the NOW.

Pastor Steve Munsey


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