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March 21, 2009 / kingthunder

ENTERING into New Vision!

If you will remember, one of the words to start the year with was, “Watch the Border Wars!”

Things are changing around us very rapidly. The enemy could convince you that calamity is on its way, have you retreat instead of advance, and stop you from contending for a greater field. I do not see some overwhelming calamity that changes the course of the way we process life! Therefore, tell dread that could lead you to poverty to leave your sphere. However, I do see a “greater captivity” if we shrink back from contending for the promises for the next season.

Border Wars in our Lives!
These are times that each of us finds ourselves in our own “Border War”. We each have a portion! We each have an inheritance! God’s covenant plan in your life has borders. The enemy seems to have crossed the line and occupied our portion. Many times he seems to be ruling with an upper hand. However, there are great changes that are manifesting in God’s people. There are many adjustments that each of us is going to make. You will defend and secure the borders and boundaries of your portion!

You are Leaving Your Comfortable Captivity and Entering into New Vision!

At the beginning of March, Sheryl Price gave the following word: “There are those of you that feel you are on the verge of being captured, like pirates came in and took over your ship, and you feel as if you are being forced to walk the plank and go into a place that is not of your own choosing! I hear the Lord saying:

‘This is Me! I have caused that place where you have been comfortable in your last season to begin to be disrupted. Even as you walk that walk of faith and go off the last plank (of what you know as secure) and believe you will fall into the sea, I tell you that it is not the sea of destruction, but it is the ‘see of faith’! I will cause you to see what you have not seen in the past because your comfortable place has narrowed your vision. I am getting ready to open your vision in a way that you would not think possible! There is so much for you to see that has been held back by the blinders of the last structure that surrounded you. This is a time of leaving the comfortable structure and falling into the new! I am releasing you from that old structure. Do not seek to return! Seek Me and SEE! I will cause you to see the way I see you! You will be amazed at what you see, and what you are called to be in Me. You will be amazed at what you see that you have not seen!”

Heaven’s Play is Being Sent In!

I want to add by prophesying what I heard stirring in my inward parts very early this morning:

“This is the time that from the depths of your being you are going to release a new sound. For some of you, the sound will be a shout. For some of you, the sound will be a laugh. For some, the sound will be the groan of travail! For all, the sound that is beginning to rumble in the bellies of My people will stir the old atmosphere that has been filled with stale unbelief. This sound must come forth! This sound must come forth now!

This will be a day that the enemy will keep pulling toward the left. The sound that comes forth will cause you to break to the right. This sound will look unruly, but the power of the sound will break fear and remove the old structure around you. Like Gideon threshing in the winepress, you will come out of the structures that have wrongly defined My Kingdom identity because of the fear that has developed in your life in the last season.

Your confining enemy will think you are going up the middle in attempt to score but instead My Spirit is shifting your stance and you will be running an end-around. I tell you today, the sound in your deep inward parts that has been captured will surprise the enemy. You will get past his defensive wall and into the end zone. This is a time that I will surprise the enemy with My people’s move. The sound in them will create the movement. As you make your end-around, the sound that is in you will stop the enemy’s blockade. This sound will send the demonic team that has been sent against you into confusion.

Get ready, I am making heaven’s play and sending the play in by My messengers! This play will cause the journey from your ‘here’ to your ‘there’ that has been stalled to begin to move. The move ‘to go ahead’ has begun! This is a time of acceleration! You have energies in you that I can unlock and use to burst you past the enemy’s line.

Do not fear the thief that has captured many of the spoils from the past season. I am healing the breach of entry where he entered and established a squatter’s residence in your portion. You will burst past his captive strategy. You will leave and then you will return. You will understand the power that he has used to hold you in captivity and then you will return and demand your sevenfold increase. I will light your path of freedom. Rejection can’t hold you. Past failures won’t stop you. The unknown will not make you hesitate. Soul ties from relationships that have been built through emotional dependence rather than covenant alignment will now dissolve. Take one step at a time and keep going. Step! Speed up! Get on your new path and move forward! Do not keep starting over at ground zero. You are moving forward. Pick up where you left off and advance. I will fill in the blanks you need for the victory ahead. If you will keep going then I will make you stronger and more efficient. You will have a grace infusion of what you need to know. Pieces will fall in place that you were striving to get positioned. Keep moving on. I have new territory for you to occupy.”

Prophet Chuck Pierce


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