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February 28, 2009 / kingthunder

embrace the creative sound

this week when we were teaching on “Discerning Your Time and Space”, heaven came into our atmosphere and I began to prophesy. The Lord said, “I have a radiating source that is overcoming the sound of the enemy that is taunting you in your atmosphere. You have become hardened and lost the passion of MY love working in the middle of your warfare. This radiating source will penetrate through the frigid ice that has built up and caused your passion to grow cold. Listen carefully and you will hear MY heartbeat of creative power that is in your time and space. You will feel the movement of MY creative power that is warming the atmosphere around you, causing that which has been held dormant to be nurtured. You will see a breaking through, a breaking through, a breaking through of the crust that has held back the viewing of light that I long to be viewed in this season.

if you will embrace the creative sound that I am bringing into your midst then you will cause others that are cold to be warmed, for you will walk in a sound of passion. You will radiate a glory that will cause a melting force to surround the places I send you. I’m rotating crops this season. I am finding many new spaces and many new assignments are going to be given to those who have been faithful in the last season to rule the sphere where they were positioned. I am going to say, ‘Carry MY radiating glory into that space.’ Radiate and cause MY glory to be seen on others. You will fill one space and then I will take you to another space, for this is a time that I am changing boundaries and re-establishing boundaries and borders. I will begin to remove those who did not steward their portion last season, and redistribute wealth.

there is violence on every border at this time! Through the radiating power of MY strength that I am bringing from heaven, you can uncover the violence that would stand against the covenant plan that I have for you in the earth. MY radiating grace is filled with covenant grace. Through covenant, I determine boundaries. I am pushing covenant breakers from the boundaries. I am now going to cause fields to prosper in new ways. You will find that you need new skills in certain boundaries. Past skill sets have grown cold but now I will cause you to melt away old thought processes that have kept you from learning the new. I have new, creative thoughts that I am releasing to reform structures in the earth.

divining powers are swirling. Only MY radiating heat can cause certain demonic powers that have entered into MY peoples’ thoughts, afflicted their bodies, and caused their strength to be burned away. I am sending heat now to drive out the vipers that have divined and caused you to believe and hold onto a lie over your creative future. You’ve been afraid for certain gifts to come alive within you. I am melting from you the fear of rejection at this time. Your gift will manifest in a new way and the fear of man will begin to fall away from you. You’ve been kicking against the pricks of the boundaries that I have formed and am forming, but within those boundaries you will develop the heat of expression that will cause the conception that is there to come to full maturity. So embrace the sound that I have now put within you and the words that are forming around you. If you do that you will find your way of thinking changing in the next seven weeks. You will find yourself having ideas of multiplication. You will bud forth in a way that you have never budded forth before.”

by Prophet Chuck Pierce



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  1. Fida Abbott / Mar 2 2009 10:30 am

    Selamat pagi,…

    Apa kabar Bapak….???

    Salam dari PA

  2. kingthunder / Mar 2 2009 9:35 pm

    wah Mbak Frida bener2 seperti malaikat nih, yg khusus di kirim Tuhan .. hehehe kabare lagi freak out, in the middle of transition *keepitoroffering* .. lagi bargain ama Tuhan ni even do uda tau ngaak bakal bisa hehehe

    doin ya mbak tengkiu ..

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