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February 12, 2009 / kingthunder

PROTECT Your Vineyard!

I have just completed the book, Redeeming the Time: Get Your Life Back on Track with the God of Second Opportunities. In this book, I explain what the Lord called, “The Triumphant Reserve”. I am now working on two chapters for Pam’s new book, Practical Simplicity! The Lord has given me a window to write this month. Your prayers are so valuable to keep the heavens open so I hear what the Spirit is speaking to the Church! Also, I am writing a small booklet on the Triumphant Reserve to help us understand how we each fit within God’s plan for this season.

The Triumphant Reserve! This is a phrase that I want you to get used to. When the Lord caught me up into a realm of vision on May 31, 2008, at Liberty Park, New Jersey, the Spirit of the Lord showed me the time frame in which He would work with this nation and other nations to produce fruit for the future. When I was looking down into the land, there were layers of darkness. I could see many areas, the glory realms of the earth, that were captured by darkness. I saw how God would have to change entire structures before He could bring forth the harvest for the future. I could see evil root systems planted in the land. I could see evil root systems in my own bloodline based upon land structures that had never been dealt with.

The Lord said, “My people are trying to manage their households and now I am going to have to cause the roots of the land to be pulled up and jarred. Therefore, you will again manage what I assign you, but this will be My time of uprooting. Allow Me to pull up evil structures. Manage what I am assigning you to manage while I am pulling up. Do not let your pride try to stop Me from pulling things up and out that need to be pulled up.”

I saw a Triumphant Reserve that was being held for a “time such as this”. Many had been on shelves, waiting, but now they were being called forth. Others were realigning in new ways so they could war with their destined tribe. The Spirit of God was calling forth His troops for this hour. The Spirit of God showed me this Reserve, their strength and position in each state in America. He then took me higher and showed me the Reserve and their war for the future in the nations of the earth, God’s inheritance. He honored me by giving me a glimpse of the 153 sheep nations in the earth that the angels were contending over.

Relieve the Weary! God has a reserve! At Starting the Year Off Right, I noticed something on the worship team. LeAnn Squier, who was sick during the conference, came as usual to the front line, but was limited in the strength she had to bring forth. John Dickson’s voice began to struggle. I heard the Lord say, “Relieve the front line”. I called forth others from the back to come to the front and sing forth prophetically, even though this was not their normal role, and they responded. One person on the worship team began to pick up where another one was too tired to continue on.  This became like tag team.  Weary ones stepped back for a while and others took their places.  The power of revelation never ebbed again. Heaven remained connected in the earth realm and “on earth as it is in heaven” kept occurring so we could walk victoriously throughout the year.

On the battlefield, many casualties can occur when troops get gets weary. Weariness can create mental passivity, breakdowns, people going AWOL (Absent Without Leave), and even suicide and death.  I believe the Lord is telling us to watch out for those who are exhausted and help them step back and get rejuvenated.  He will call you to help someone so they can refocus for their victory ahead and not be taken out by the enemy. He will show you who you are to relieve in service, helps, and ministry.

The Enemy Will Wear Down Your Mind!
In these days, we must remember Daniel 7. Daniel says, “As I looked, this horn made war with the saints and prevailed over them. And he shall speak words against the Most High [God] and shall wear out the saints of the Most High and think to change the time [of sacred feasts and holy days] and the law; and the saints shall be given into his hand for a time, two times, and half a time [three and one-half years]. (Rev 13:1-9)

The mind, heart, emotions, and well-being of the soul are intricately connected. Usually, the enemy’s goal in persecution is not to “burn us at the stake”. To persecute, actually means to wear down your mind and remove your strength to disable you from having the right connected thought process for success and prosperity in days of turmoil. The heart thinks! Therefore, if the enemy can bombard you with thoughts that produce fear and anxiety, he can then remove your ability to manifest the will of God in your life. The pure in heart see God. If our mind is weary and our heart aches, then we lose the vision for our present and our future is captured. Do not allow the enemy to make you lose focus of your inheritance. Your inheritance is your portion. This is your vineyard! The enemy is in war over the “the earth being the Lord’s and His fullness thereof”! Watch for the upcoming 28-Day “Change Your Brain” Prayer Focus (in seven day increments)!

A Renewed Vineyard! The Lord showed me this principle again as we began to study the vineyard.  Every seven years, the vineyard was to lay fallow.  According to the rabbis, the land, the workers, and the animals were to rest.  The people were to study the Word (Issachar-Torah) during that seventh year.  This is a picture of dominion in the Messianic kingdom! The seventh day Sabbath rest, the seventh year, the “seven times seven”, ?? or Jubilee, were all time sequences required for the new to manifest.  This is also a “new wine skin” principle. A wineskin could become new by being soaked in water and then oiled for seven years. Declare that you are becoming new – in quality, strength, and vision.

There were “Rules of the Vine” formed in the Desert of Wilderness (Deut. 6:11, Lev. 25:5-11). In the desert, the Lord gave Moses strategies and direction on how to prosper the vineyard. The fruit could not be eaten the first three years. The fourth year it had to be offered to the Lord (Judah principle to Praise the Lord). The fifth year the owner could PROSPER (Mark 12:2).

Judah’s life adapted to the vine (Gen. 49:11). As we move forward to see the Tabernacle of David restored, we must understand the vine is being pruned. We must not be like the leaders who went into the Promised Land. These leaders, known as the spies, saw the bountiful grapes, cut them down, handled them, and tasted them but would not go to war to possess the promise! Understanding “the cluster of the grapes” is key to understanding the anointing.

We are being prepared! The preparation phase of the vineyard is the most costly. The vineyard must be enclosed in a permanent fence or hedge. The large stones in the field must be removed. Once removed, these stones were placed in rows. The rows of stones were used to train the vines how to trail. This protected the fruit from dampness. This pictures the stones that we remove from our lives. If we will use those besetting sins and wrong structures properly, they can be what cause the fruit in our lives to multiply. A winepress had to be hewn out on location. This was to prevent bruising of the fruit when being transferred. The taste and fullness of the grape was linked with the ground of origination. The place that you have been called this hour is important! Two troughs were hewn parallel to each other, one higher than the other. The first trough was for TRODDING, the second was for RECEIVING the juice. A WATCHTOWER was erected to watch and guard the vintage from thieves and jackals (Is. 5:1-7). The winepress was a place of triumph and overcoming. The vintage began in September with Shouts of JOY! (Jn. 15:5-6). People passing through had access to the grapes of the vineyard, but were forbidden to carry any away. God is preparing us for the same type of overcoming experiential joy.

Protect your vineyard! There is a new call to watch the vineyard you have been given. Protect your vineyard from the many enemies that would rob you from seeing His blessing occur during this hour in your life! These enemies include: Dampness, Robbers, Intruders, Little Foxes, Moochers, Different Kinds of Seed being Sown, Decay, Waste and finally, Jezebel and Ahab! Political structures could rob you of your inheritance this hour.

Before I was to lead prayer a couple of weeks ago, the Spirit spoke to me and said: “Protect your vineyard! Get it clear, plowed up and ready to plant. I am removing one hedge to build another. Ask Me to remove the seeds that will produce wild grapes, rebellious structures, and iniquitous thrones in your portion that you have been allotted. Be a watchman over your portion. I am watching over the earth and reviewing My plan of fullness. I am changing the horizon line of My People! Their vision must shift to see what I am seeing. There are enemies in the land that I must now address or the land will be overtaken and its productivity for the next three generations lost. I AM going deep to pull up roots that will produce rebellion in days ahead. My People will be revolutionary in a time of lawless rebellion! Declare that the uprooting has begun in your house, your land and the industry you are part of. Thank Me for the uprooting of seeded, twisted, unfruitful systems and structures that could prevent My Kingdom People from becoming radiant in the future.

“I am passing out new assignments! I am causing you to hear what I am assigning you to. Some will be assigned to nations. Others will be assigned to kingdoms, others to companies, others to churches and others to cities. I will assign some to one person. He or she will open up your future as you pray for them. New assignments are coming this hour.” Ask God to get you ready and positioned for new assignments. “See the fields I am calling you to. Many will be called, placed and planted in new fields. From these new fields you will see the boundaries I have for your future. Many of these fields are undefined. I will show you where to build a hedge.

“I have begun to tear down hedges! I am reestablishing the fields of harvest for days ahead. While tearing down the hedges, I am uprooting the plants that will not produce the fruit for the future. This is a time to pluck up and pull out. I am setting you in these opened up fields to be My farmer for this season. Learn the laws of harvest. Some of you will be plowers and some will be reapers. Many walls were built high in the last season around fields that I had planted, but wild grapes came up. Now I must tear down old fortresses and cause old structures to fall. I will begin to go in now and redo fields. You have been trying to secure the fields from the past season! But now, hedges are falling and the fields that you have been working hard to secure will be re-plowed and planted with new grain. They will have a new form of harvest. They will be plowed in new ways.

“Get ready, because in your confusion, the tearing down is part of the process. When I asked you to go forth into the fields the last time, I found you under a shade tree saying, ‘Why, Lord, are you doing things this way?’ I am moving you out from under the shade! Shake off your self-pity and allow My light of revelation to fall on you. Some of you are feeling exposed. You are not sure where your boundaries are because I AM changing them. New fruit is being developed. I can regraft, prune and graft again to produce new fruit from old vineyards.

“Do not kick against the pricks! The new boundaries and assignments that I am forming around you are key for you to submit to. You had no idea what it would look like when I began to remove and reseed the earth for the harvest ahead. I am beginning to do that. I am giving out new assignments for prayer. You must get your assignment and pray for new industries to form. You must pray during this reorganization of industry. Do not just hang onto your job but come to Me in these days of changing structures. I must transplant and redo the many industries for many iniquities have been held in the industries that produced the movement of the last season. Now I must redo. Some of you are going through a great emotional crisis in your process of being transplanted. Wait! Do not wither in this season. Your roots will go downward and produce fruit upward.

“There is deeper oil that I am searching to bring forth. It has been held for the season ahead. I must go at a different angle to penetrate into and catch that oil and bring it forth. Don’t be afraid to invest in the deeper drilling. It will produce a flow that will sustain you in the next season. Like Jonah who went and sat under the shade tree, some of you have not liked what I am doing. I have used you to prophesy to set an order and to create a tearing down and uprooting. You have gotten upset in the changes around you. I will dry up what you are hiding under. Rejoice in the changes I am bringing that will produce great fruit in days ahead.

“I am calling forth Rivers of Healing! Many of you have not been able to see the river. Rivers that have nourished crops and brought healing have dried up. My people must find My Healing River! I will shake up the fields! I am shaking up your field! The river is hidden. It is very deep. Deep must call to deep. The river must rise again! There must be a river of healing in certain fields before I can move forward. You have turned toward healing. Your healing process is creating a great shaking. This shaking is tearing the walls of the vineyard. Now new vineyards must be established. The river of My power was captured in the last season. A war formed over the movement of the River, and the River became a dry bed. I must watch for the times to break the captivity of the Healing River. My Healing River must flow into new areas to heal the people and the earth. “

“New instruments are forming! You did not understand the type of instruments I would need in this season. In My reforming, you have not understood what you are going through. I am making new instruments to plow new ground. You must change your vision at this time for your field and assignments are changing. Also, My instruments are changing. I must plow up ground that had wrong seeds, wild roots, and bad fruit. The land is crying out to produce its harvest but you must allow Me to purify the land. ‘If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways and seek My face, then I will hear from heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land.’ You have entered an uprooting season and roots that have been hidden must be found. Your days of communion are changing. Your prayer life will take a shift. Let Me show you how to pray in different ways, new ways. Your English roots are on the verge of changing. The root structure will affect you. Ask Me to cause a wall to be torn down and removed. You are dealing with little foxes and I want to change the whole field. The little foxes will crush the grapes and I have got to plow the whole field again. There will be a healing move in those of Scottish descent.

“Do not despise small beginnings! There are new seeds I will sow in those fields. They will come up and look small but will become very fruitful in days ahead. Some of you are not seeing the smallness of the seed that I will plant to cause things to happen. A different vine must be released to produce the fruit for this season. This is a season of pruning and grafting and re-grafting. Do not focus on the plant. If you are looking at the plant, you could align with Saul, who had ‘the look’. The top of a plant is not the key since the vegetable that nourishes it is down under the dirt. You must learn to see and eat the root that has gone deep. If you are not careful, you will focus on the Saul system and look from appearance as opposed to the stream and the root of Judah that must spring forth this hour. I must shift you for you are operating out of eyesight as opposed to seeing My root blessing. I AM moving from one layer and I AM going deeper.

“You have been speaking from the surface of your emotions, but I am going deep into the very depths of your heart so you speak forth. Even the songs and the prophecies and that which I have given you have been at one level, but now I am going down into a place that you have never had unlocked. It will nurture what I want to produce this hour. I AM unlocking the next song for you to sing. I AM going deeper to unlock a valve and connect with a river that will produce a different type of song.

“The furnace of My fire is much greater than hell’s lickings. I am causing you to go into the kiln of My process at this time to fire you and make you glazed and radiant so that I can use you as a vessel in days ahead. I will fire nations this year. I will cause things to happen that will create a furnace in nations. In the midst of that happening, I will bring forth those that are tested and tried. Do not balk when I assign you to be at the ticket counter at a toll booth. Yes, you have great abilities but there is a reason I have placed you there. Quit despising your position so that I can rebuild the hedge of the place where I will plant you in days ahead.

“Bless Me at every small beginning. You will see that there was a river producing nutrients at one level but there is a fire that is down deep that will cause germination to occur. Where hell has licked your feet and your process from the last season, you will see the fire of hell and will know how to distinguish it in the flow of the fruit that I will bring forth in the next season. I will bring forth songs that will quench hell’s fires in the next season. My people are not aware of the changing structures, and are grieving and in denial because the structures are changing. I am going to go deeper to produce the songs to show them the depth that I can bring forth on their behalf.”

(The Lord began to show me that He is taking us back to the blessing of the root. That is why some of you are not seeing the blessing you need to see. You need to go back to the blessing of the root! We will not just look at the top or appearance of a thing, but will look at the root. The love of money is the root of all evil. Ask the Lord to deliver you from the root of the love of money. )

“The fruit of the blessing is in the root. This is why I prune the fruit and branches. What needs to be lopped off in appearance will be lopped off. You have looked at the appearance but I am going deeper so that the blessing is connected rightly and will come forth in a new way. The blessing is the fruit that grows from the root. When your root goes deep and draws from the river of My anointing and presence, My blessing cannot help but come.

“I will pluck up certain things this year and leave other things in the ground. I am digging and redoing the field. I am resetting the hedge. Do not move quickly in the plucking up. Many of the root systems that I have are entwined with evil systems that must gently be removed. Turn your face to the fire. You have tried to run and leave the fire. Turn your face to the fire and watch the burning and clearing for the wind of My Spirit is in the fire this hour. I must send forth the burning so there will not be an evil root left. For those who fear My name, I will rise over you as the Sun of Righteousness. That is where your shade will come forth. I will rise again, so turn your face to the fire. Face the wind of the fire and in the midst of the cleansing, I will rise again.

“Turn your face to the fire and receive your health. Turn your face to the fire and receive your cure. Turn your face to the fire and deliverance will come. My refreshing is in this fire. The Sun of Righteousness will rise over you and you will stand in the land with a new stand. The healing in My wings will restore your fields. Turn your face to the fire in your field and watch Me burn away that which would keep you from moving under My wing of healing. Don’t resist the burning of the field. Turn your face to the fire for that is where you will be healed. Many snakes have been in your field and by the cleansing of the field the snakes will be seen and will leave your field. Turn your face to the fire and My peace will rise up in you. I am in a repair mode and I must burn away and remove so I can repair. Turn you face to the fire and I will repair your broken wing. “

Keep turning until you have turned into the new path ahead. Do not let the enemy wear you down. Daniel 7 continues to say, “Until the Ancient of Days came, and judgment was given to the saints of the Most High [God], and the time came when the saints possessed the kingdom.But the judgment shall be set [by the court of the Most High], and they shall take away his dominion to consume it [gradually] and to destroy it [suddenly] in the end. And the kingdom and the dominion and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heavens shall be given to the people of the saints of the Most High; His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all the dominions shall serve and obey Him.”

Do not grow weary! You will triumph in the midst of your changes!

Chuck D. Pierce


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