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February 7, 2009 / kingthunder


Vision will change, the mission remains and values are absolutes.

The Church is built on the foundation of values from the apostles, prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being the cornerstone.  Luke along with Paul wrote the history of at least 60 years of the church partial activities.  These  truths or values we are to never depart from.  However the vision always changes.  Each one of us must learn to cope with life.  I have seen so many times many people do not care or put the effort necessary into knowing and harmonizing with truth, His values and God’s purpose.  I have noticed concepts are limited and their views of His wonderful plan of redemption are narrow and unworkable due to a lack of vision.  A degree of frustration and insecurity results.   We must take time to expand our vision, continue to search the Word and desiring spiritual things through a love for Jesus Christ the living truth.  We must put forth effort and seek Him with vision.

Our vision is determined by our level of maturity!  Maturity takes time.  It is a process of incorporating new information from the Word of God, inspiration of the Spirit and the reference of established truth already revealed.  This process can make one feel frightened and overwhelmed.  When we measure against our personal past experiences along with the truth we have just now discovered it means we must change our vision and mission.   We must have a vision of the future of what God wants for our lives.  We are called out of one level so that we may progress to the next.  We must not observe only what God is doing immediately, because if we do, this brings restricted vision and frustration.  Many people never rise above self-preservation mentality.  They want salvation but the have no understanding of God’s vision or what God wishes to mature them to.  Even if they do think they understand the concept or God can bring about the vision, they may not yet make no effort to walk in the vision or the mission God wants.  Often people don’t have the patience for the process.  We cannot get totally engrossed in past concepts where we are unable to make a change.  The people of God once leaving Egypt wasted years trying to get the promise land, however geographical transition was not the problem, but rather the transition of mental and spiritual aptitude.  We must add to the truth of what we already know.  Truth added to truth promotes revealing vision.

Basic resistance to change destroys vision!  God is moving, flowing, so we must move forward spiritually.  Selfishness destroys vision!  Selfishness, although we don’t always recognize when we are guilty of it will also cause us to lose vision.  Selfishness involves self-preservation, compelling one to focus on immediate present or past.  True spiritual vision is simply seeing from God’s perspective.  The mission remains, God is always calling us to reach others.  The mission takes work but must not replace the relationship we must have to obtain the vision.

As we mature and advance in truth and Spirit our initial response to new circumstances change.  The reality of change, spiritual decisions usually call for abrupt changes.  It is spoken so clearly how the Word brings about change in view of dying and being resurrected into a new kind of life.  Jesus likened it to a birth as if one had never lived before.  We must die, get a new vision of where God wants us to be, accept change as an advancement into deeper maturity.

The psychosis of change brings first a tremendous deep seeded impulse in all of us to defend the validity of what we have learned.  Second, we insist on observing a certain order to life.  In our daily lives we become accustomed to consistent patterns of meaning.  When God demands us to change, our faith and obedience to the Word of God is vital.  This is where freedom plays a huge part because  you are not restricted to man’s values or blinded by man’s visions.  God enlightens your personal vision beyond today’s living to see the future of more holiness and intimacy with Him.

We should all have the need to remain unchanged in foundational truth in values of the Living Word however our method should be flexible.  Since God is diverse in method and progressive in revelation, people who wish to always be in step with Him, never straying from the foundational truth should also flow in Spirit.

The two pitfalls of “religious” people:  Spiritual error and false doctrine.  Spiritual stagnation results when there is some truth brought forth, taught and learned but then stops.  There is always more truth revealed in His Word if we search and seek for it. Truth never stops flowing.  Religious people are those who stop learning or reading His Word.  Religious people are those who rely on others to spoon feed them into another man’s vision along with wanting someone else to carry them into the vision.  One of the greatest hindrances to the progress of God’s Kingdom is to set past set forms and methods instead of looking towards a living, ever-maturing relationship with a very personal God.

The church was born into the world by the coming of the Spirit.  Like a wind in which you cannot see or put your finger on, it is a continuous flow of revelation.  God intends that there be no difference between truth and one who proclaims truth.  The person who speaks truth is to be the example in life of all the word he proclaims with conviction and experience.  A living truth.  Truth is far more than assimilated fact.  The spirit of truth seeks to guide us into this level of living reality.  This is part of the oneness that the Holy Ghost tries to cultivate in the life of each believer.  Jesus tells us a house divided cannot stand.

The oneness with Word, Spirit and Truth.  It is a living revelation which brings freedom.  Apart from religious stagnation, look for your vision, see your mission and live out your values by being an example!  Amen!

By Pastor Melissa Phillips


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