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February 1, 2009 / kingthunder

New WAY has begun!

January 23, 2009
This morning when I awakened, I heard the Lord say, “The new has begun!” I said, “Yes, Lord, I am so excited.” He then said, “Are you ready for this new war ahead?” I said, “Lord, I am not sure.” As I prepared to leave, I was glancing at the news. What caught my eye was not “on” the news, but “in” the news. I saw our new President walking up stairs and being interviewed about his staff’s first press conference. Behind him, standing taller than he, was a spirit. This spirit smiled and said, “I now have unprecedented access!”

I have prayed diligently for the last three Presidents we have had in the USA and many others in the world. They all have powers and principalities assigned to them. However, I feel the structure I saw today had more of a determined zeal to transform a society away from God than any I have seen previously. We must stay aware and let our prayer life make a shift so we are not duped by the awesome days of change that we are living in. We are excited about the incredible changes in the life of America, but we must know the war is definitely different and that certain ruling spirits have confederated to stop the next move of God. We war not with flesh and blood, but with principalities and powers. Our prayer life and the way we mobilize must take a shift now. I thank God that you are aligned here so we can stand together.

That brings me to my next point. I am reading and writing the foreword for a new book by Larry Kreider, House to House. Larry has been a proponent for the less conventional House Movement of the Church for the future. Because of my work in Russia and China, this has been planted deep in my heart for the future. The way we are developing and meeting will be key to our future and how we triumph against the enemy.

The communication and organization that we take into the future will set the course for our victory. I will be sending all of those connected with me this book by Larry Kreider as soon as it is released. I will also start communication with you in new levels.

January 29, 2009
The Lord is continuing to speak to us about His character as Jehovah Rapha, our Healer, and to not fear the change that our nation and the world is facing. On Sunday morning I heard the Lord say, “Do not miss the opportunity of change that I have brought into your path this hour. The enemy is trying to keep you sealed off from a past wounding. But this is a time to lift your eyes, for if you miss this window of favor, then you will strive through the season ahead. It is My desire to favor you. Lift up your eyes. Confront your enemy. I will go before you with My Finger. The Finger of God has power to overcome the enemy and cause demons to flee. Receive My favor and ‘point your finger as My Finger and tell the enemy to flee!’ Use what you’ve got and move forward with Me. Many of you say, ‘I am fearful that I will miss what You have for me, Lord.’ But I say to fear Me. Fear Me. Fear Me this hour, for from the anxiety that is stirring within you, praise can arise. Worship can explode in you and the spirit of fear will be removed and will not be able to control you. Fear Me and worship Me in a new way this week! Come up. Come up. Let Me bring you out. Let Me bring you out. Let Me set your feet on a high place.”

I kept seeing a word curse that had entered deep into the inward parts of individuals. I began to decree, “There is a curse we’re dealing with. It is holding something tightly in place that has never let go of you before. There’s a curse that needs to come loose. Do not allow this thing to produce any more fruit in your life. Remove the root. Uproot this NOW! Be free in a new way – personally, corporately, territorially, and nationally.”

Prophet Chuck Pierce

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