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January 9, 2009 / kingthunder

A Great Future Requires A Detailed Plan

“For Which Of You, Intending To Build A Tower, Does Not Sit Down First And Count The Cost, Whether He Has Enough To Finish It – Lest, After He Has Laid The Foundation, And Is Not Able To Finish, All Who See It Begin To Mock Him, Saying, ‘This Man Began To Build And Was Not Able To Finish.’ Or What King, Going To Make War Against Another King, Does Not Sit Down First And Consider Whether He Is Able With Ten Thousand To Meet Him Who Comes Against Him With Twenty Thousand?”
Luke 14:28-31 (NKJV)

Our Heavenly Father Created A Meticulous Plan For Salvation: The Miraculous Birth, An Outstanding Life, An Excruciating Death, And The Glorious Resurrection Of His Son, Jesus Christ.  God Does Do Anything Without First Laying Out A Detailed Plan.

Solomon Tells Us, “A Man’s Heart Plans His Way, But The Lord Directs His Steps.” God Is Into Details. When We Are Committed To Our Dream, And Express It With A Detailed Plan Of Carrying It Out, We Provide Ourselves With A Visual Reminder Of Where We Are Going And How Believe We Will Arrive There.

The Journey Of Life Always Starts With A Vision, But Too Many Individuals Stop Right There, Parking As If Permanently Stationed In The Lot Of A Supermarket. They Go No Farther Than Having The Vision. We Must Understand That Every Journey Has Great Costs Associated With It.

These Costs May Be In Terms Of:
1. Time
2. Energy
3. Finances
4. Choices
5. Sacrifices
6. A Number Of Other Factors

Therefore, We Must Know What It Will Take For Us To Fulfill The Divine Destiny God Has Upon Our Lives. We Must Begin To Take The Vision We Have For Our Lives And Carefully Write It Out, Making It Plain Before Our Eyes. As We Do, God Will Begin To Birth Within Us A Roadmap That Will Give Us The Necessary Directions To Fulfill What He Assigned Us To Do.  Without A Detailed Plan Of Action, Our Destinies Will Never Be Reached; But With It, Our Lives Will Become A Dream Come True.

Daily Confession:
I Have A Vision For My Life.  I Consider The Cost And Carefully Write Out A Detailed Plan Of Action To Bring It To Fulfillment.  Although I May Plan My Way, It Is God Who Brings The Plan To Pass As He Directs My Steps.

By DR. Robb Thompson


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