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January 5, 2009 / kingthunder

The SUPERNATURAL should be NATURAL in the market place

I stood in the frozen winter’s night of Valley Forge outside of a Military Academy barracks and breathed a half-audible prayer with one of two young Campus Crusade evangelists who boldly shared their faith. I was aware that my cadet classmates were watching and might criticize me, but I also knew there was an audience from another dimension that was watching as well. Snowballs started to fly and pummel the other young witness. I self-consciously prayed the last words, “Make me into the man you want me to be,” and something unexpected happened.

A wave of warmth and light hit me in my mid section and radiated upward through my chest as something entered me. I was not expecting anything like this. The young evangelist, who to this day is unknown by me, knowingly said, “Jesus just came into your heart.” I’ve been changed ever since!

It was also a revolutionary experience when I received the Holy Spirit. I did not know what to expect as I sat in the middle of the living room in Manheim Pennsylvania with ten enthusiastic believers surrounding me with hands upon my shoulders, chest and head. I came to that living room to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and this was my moment. A voice in my head kept saying, “You’re not going to get anything.” Then as my tongue got thick, I heard unusual words rolling around in my mind. The leader of the group was praying for me as a surge of life started rolling up out of my belly. The thought came to me, “You are not receiving anything” as my tongue spoke out a surge of clearly articulated words in another tongue! I continued on in a flood of utterance, which struck me as amazing since I had flunked Spanish in summer school. Life was exploding through me as I stopped and opened my eyes. At that time a voice spoke again, “You have not received anything,” but it was too late. My spiritual perception was entirely shifted. Color seemed clearer, sound crisper and I began to realize that my spiritual perception had just received a turbo boost. In fact, as I returned to my college dorm, I met Satan. While I was getting prayed for my roommate decorated the wall over my bed with a poster from rock artist Carlos Santana. It was a poster of a lion with a voodoo witch formed out of its open jaws. Positioned at eye level as I opened the door, I stared into the eyes of the poster and it glared back at me. I had not believed in a personal devil up until that moment, but now knew that evil has a personality. Good for me I discovered the Holy Spirit has a personality, also!

I later went to a FGBMFI meeting in Hershey, Pennsylvania. A prophet walked up to me from Israel and said, “God is going to use you to reach your people!,” assuming that I knew I had a Jewish background. At which point, I did not know of my Jewish background. I had grown up in the Episcopal Church, so I thought I was going to be reaching Episcopalians. He said, “No, Jewish people. Go home and ask your father.” It was a word of knowledge he received. I stepped out into the lobby and I called my father, who is an attorney in Philadelphia. I said, “So, Dad, I just got a word from a missionary from Israel who says that I should talk to you about my Jewish background.” There was an awkward silence on the other end of the phone. He said to me, “Why don’t you come home and we’ll talk about that.” I went home. He shut the door, so right away, I knew it was a serious meeting. “Yes, it’s true.” He pulls out an old “family tree”. He shows me the columns, how the family emigrated from Germany to Philadelphia. It was his grandparents that produced his Jewish lineage. He decided to break away from the Jewish persecution.

Being raised in the South, he saw the business disadvantages with Jews, so he changed his name. On the one hand, he was surprised that there are people who are actually enthusiastic about Jewish believers in Jesus, however, he cautioned me to temper my enthusiasm because prejudice can be found anywhere, including the Christian community. He ended with these words, “Never forget this. For the rest of your life, you will have an instinctive rapport with Jewish people. It’s in your DNA. It’s in your bones. It is in your identity. You’ll know it because you will feel it.” Sixteen years ago, I visited Israel and while I was at the swimming pool with the kids I suddenly felt the Lords presence. I said to the Lord, “Lord, what about the Israel harvest? Are You going to move in Israel?” I turned my head and saw a child, 3-6 years old, playing, and the Lord spoke to me very clearly, “When that generation becomes the generation that is adult in Israel, I am going to move in a great move of my Spirit.” I believe He was saying the greatest move of the Spirit was going to happen with that generation in Israel. So I sat back and just looked at that and thought, “Wow.”

My wife was pregnant on that trip with a son who was born right after that event. He is now 17 and I can literally watch the era of that generation growing and growing and growing, to the point where they are becoming teenagers getting drivers’ licenses right now. The age is now! The greatest move of God that is going to happen in history is going to happen in Israel.

On September 10, the day before 9-11, I was in an international management seminar in Hawaii. I went to lay out by the pool of the Hilton Hotel. A violent ominous wind suddenly swept past the island. It seemed like a demonic hoard passed over my head toward the United States. As I laid out on a lounge, the Spirit of the Lord, intuitively, just prompted me, to sit up. Suddenly, a 50-pound branch fell right behind my head and smashed. People thought I was killed, but I had sat up just instantly before the branch came down. And a wind blew past me that was ominous in its presence. I sensed, “What is this? Is this a warning? Should I not be in Hawaii?” Right away however, the Lord spoke to me. I went from panic to elation when I realized that this was his deliverance and not a warning of displeasure. In a moment, instead of being anxious and fearful about what almost happened, I went into joy, instantly. Ironically, The subject of the management seminar that day was- “Emotional Mastery.” I listened to the world’s authorities talk about how to deal with crises, as 9-11 news came in that their office at the World Trade Center was just obliterated. We had people listen to the cell phone messages that were live from that morning. That was when the Lord spoke to me and said, “This is an hour when the spirit of terror and fear is loosed on the earth. Choose your focus wisely. Taking what you hear and how you hear, and you will move at an extraordinary level of accuracy in Spirit, if you choose what gets your attention.”

I believe the supernatural should be the natural in the marketplace; in every arena of life. God is releasing the power to do business supernaturally. The way you define the situation is the way the situation will end up defining you! If you don’t choose what gets your attention, the culture will choose it for you. Jesus words in the last days were, “Possess ye your souls.” You prosper as your soul prospers and you will never make money and hold it with happiness beyond the degree of Emotional Intelligence that you possess. There is a transfer of wealth and a transfer of resource. At this very moment in history, the greatest financial transition any generation has ever seen is about to take place to the tune of trillions of dollars. God plans on releasing phenomenal breakthroughs to His people, just as He did with the children of Israel. This breakthrough will cause us to do what we have been called to do in these last days.

The Bible says to go into all the world, teaching the nations. Why? Because we have something relevant to family, education, arts, media, business, government, law, and finance. This works in every area of life! Jesus said that his teaching will cause nations to become disciples. While the United States may not be popular in Europe and the Middle East right now, the teachings of Jesus are taking ground daily. Every world religion, including Islam, honors Jesus. There is an anointing for great commission business coming upon a new generation of followers of Jesus who are willing to prosper by doing business in other nations. Recently, a leading Latin American nation in private meetings with myself, and a core team of businessmen and were invited to train the entire military- 300,000 strong- in our leadership principles. We took these principles from the Bible and call them “success principles.” Don’t let anyone fool you- the word of God works in every nation. You just have to know how to go through the door. God wants to release massive influence into people’s lives, because He wants you to be people that can touch, shift, and shake nations in your lifetime. There is coming together a release of resources right now.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit, I found great favor with God. Favor is the attraction of God to you, that releases an influence through you, so that other people are inclined to like you, trust you, or cooperate with you in the assignment God gave you. Favor is not on people only. Its highest form is on assignments. When you get the assignment, it is because you were faithful in the warfare of the previous level. Favor is about to increase because you have been faithful. Favor is a magnet to the blessing and promotion of God. God is seeking to set apart a people into whom He can birth, by the Spirit, the initiatives and the desires of the counsel of heaven. At this same time, fallen and foul principalities seek to birth their foul desires in the womb of the disobedient. Jesus taught that the tares would increase and grow at the same time as the wheat (Matthew 13:26). The tares are the children of the devil and the wheat are the children of God. Both harvests multiply at the same time. If you will open your womb (heart) to the seed of the word of God you will see the manifestation of the works of God! To have an open womb toward God requires that you keep your spiritual womb closed off to every other spirit. Resist the defilement of compromise and watch God fill you with heaven’s desires, dreams and blueprints. It’s the most exciting life imaginable!

By Dr. Lance Wallnau


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