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December 11, 2008 / kingthunder

GO and BURN ..

I see myself on a journey to the Sun. The Sun is a long way off, but still blindingly intense. Darkness fills my vision if I turn away from it. As I get closer to the Sun I start to feel the warmth of it on my body. I not only see the light but I also start to experience its effect on my body. The heat increases the closer I get, until the intensity begins to make me feel uncomfortable, but I’m drawn ever closer.

The heat gets so intense that my skin and flesh start to burn, but instead of seeing and feeling decay, there is transformation or transition. The feelings are very intense, my brain tells me it’s pain, but it’s really like nothing I have felt before. As the “pain” leaves I see what I can only describe as “Sun matter” taking the place of my flesh. I am literally changing into the material I am being drawn towards as my flesh gets consumed; It’s best described as having the appearance of gold and white molten metal.

I realize that the new material needs to be kept white hot or it starts to solidify, go grey and become heavy if it is allowed to cool. Finally I am close enough to the Sun that my whole body is like molten metal. I shine as the Sun shines and radiate heat and light with the same intensity but on a smaller scale. I see gigantic flames that leap off the Sun’s surface and those same flames now leap off me. Suddenly there is a thunderous voice commands “Go”. From all over the Sun’s surface I see thousands of ‘bodies’ of flame leaping from the Sun and descending to Earth; As they descend there are cords of flame connecting the ‘bodies’ to the Sun. My spirit tells me I must join them; I want to join them. I jump off towards the Earth with my flame cord connected to the Sun.

As I stand on the Earth I feel a big difference; when I was on the Sun the heat intensity was both inside me, and all around me. Whereas now I feel the cool of my surroundings and only burn from the inside out. I see the flaming cord as my lifeline, as a deep sea diver sees his ‘air line’.

I notice that my feet start to cool on the cold earth and in response I draw energy down my cord and then direct the flames to the parts of my body that need it. As I do this, my feet burn again and I affect my surroundings rather than my surroundings affecting me.

I ask myself what I must do, and the same thunderous voice commands “burn”. As I am already burning I ask for direction but Heaven is silent. Then I see people start to come over to me, drawn by the light and then the heat; some observe from afar and some come close. I offer out my hand, some take it but jump back when their hand feels the intensity of my burning. I tell them to “trust me, hold on and look past the ‘pain’”. Some refuse and get angry with me for hurting them, saying “they were fine before but now their hand hurts”. A few take my hand again and hold on and are transformed just as I was. I take some of my cord and attach it to them and repeat to them my Father’s commands, “Go” and “Burn”.

This process of multiplication continues until there are so many cords connecting the Sun to the Earth that they join into one, great, River and engulf the whole Earth. Until the whole Earth is covered there are those who walk around with burns on their hands, resenting the Church and blaming it for their discomfort; to an extent they are right. The problem is they want to hold onto their flesh and refuse to give up what they know for something better. They had their eyes open to the frailty of man but refused to go any further.

Then there are some that went the whole way and became burning ones but didn’t guard their cord; it was weakened as the cold Earth influenced them. They now walk around almost disabled by the solid, heavy metal that has coated their body; they are more bound now than they were before. Some regret making the move, but others look for someone with a flame to ignite them again. They don’t realize that they are still connected to the Sun and even though their cord is cool they can pull down flames again to ‘burn’. It is important to show and tell them this news otherwise new people will be reluctant to be transformed, looking at their present predicament.

The Lord said, “The ‘pain’ that is felt when flame meets flesh is phantom. It should hurt but I didn’t want it to, so I took that pain at Calvary. There is no pain in coming to me, only transformation. What you feel, can be used as a weapon by the enemy to support a lie; which can prevent or hinder further progress.”

The Spirit asked me “at what stage I thought I was in the Vision”. I placed myself near to the Sun being transformed. The Lord said “No. You are on the Earth as one of my burning ones, connected to Heaven and transforming the earth. The intensity at which you burn is dependent on how much flame you draw down from Heaven and pass on to others; The more you give, the more you will receive, that is the way of growth. I have made all of Heaven available, you choose how much of Heaven you get.”

I then asked, “How do I burn?”
“That is something you don’t need to concern yourself with” came the reply. “What you must concentrate on is feeding the fire. Feed on Heaven and you will burn, making sure every action, thought, motive, deed and plan has it’s origins in the Kingdom.

– Vision by Anthony West


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