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November 28, 2008 / kingthunder

I marry a destiny

I had distinct privilege of talking for three hours with Coretta Scott King, the widow of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We met in her home, and I just talked with her and listened to this women who was so full of grace and a deep knowledge of history.

Her grasp of details, facts, times, and places amazed me. I would call her the mother of a civil rights movement that not only blessed black people but also blessed entire world.

In the midst of all the, my mind was filled with questions I wanted to ask Mrs. King. I was trying to figure out how to handle tension between my roles as husbands, a pastor, a father, and a leader in my community. How could I be a good husband while also answering the demands pulling on me from across the nation and the world?

Finally, I asked Mrs. King a simple question: “I know it’s painful, and I know you had to give up a great deal and sacrifice a lot. But how did you deal with your husband and the call of destiny on his life?”

She looked at me with broad grin and said, “First of all, it was fun. I really enjoyed it. When I married Martin, I did not just marry a man – I married a destiny. A lot of young women today do not understand that. But when God places a destiny on a man, you’re not just marrying the man; you’re marrying what God assigned to him.

Bishop Eddie Long


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