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November 21, 2008 / kingthunder

Watching for Opportunities

Even When You Don’t Expect or Understand Them!

I pray this finds you all being blessed and that you are delighting in our Father’s presence where all peace and joy abounds.

What an honor it is for me to serve you as we continue to see the hand of God moving us forward in this unprecedented journey. I would like to share with you some revelation that I recently was given that will reinforce our need to be aware of God’s willingness to bless us if we will take the time to see the opportunities He presents before us.

Recently, I was with my 6′ 6″ little brother, Isaac, on one of our bi-monthly trips to the Guitar Center. Isaac is an excellent musician and he goes to Guitar center to resupply his drum sticks and whatever else he needs. I am not a musician so I enjoy going and looking and hanging out with my brother. However, I do have musical children. My oldest daughter, Hannah, is a good guitar player and had been asking for a 12 string guitar for some time. On my many trips to the Guitar Center I would check on different models and had come to realize that many of them were out of my price range. But I was also aware that on occasion the Guitar Center would have a sale, and so I trusted that I would find the right guitar at the right time.

On this particular trip I was once again looking for a 12 string guitar while Isaac looked at drum equipment. I continued to browse and then I saw a 12 string Dean acoustic / electric guitar. It was a beautiful burgundy color with a maple finish – it was incredible. In my head I knew this guitar would be expensive . but God!

In faith, I asked the salesman if I he could get the guitar down so I could look at it closer. After handing it to me the first thing I did was check the price. To my amazement it was only $199.00. I was shocked and decided this was the right time. So I carried it to the drum area where Isaac was waiting for me. The salesman began to ring up our items. Isaac and I laughed, giggled and cut up like brothers do (he always brings that out in me). We were also excited about the incredible deal that I had found. It was at that moment that the salesman said there was a problem. He said that the guitar was mislabeled and the price was not $199.00 but rather $799.00. The air was rapid leaving my bubble. I said, “Well, that won’t work” and asked the salesman to please put the guitar back.

It was then that my brother said something that I will never forget. Isaac looked at me and said, “That guitar is supposed to be yours, so just buy it and pay Dad back.” I usually don’t have a problem spending my Dad’s money, but on this day I was very hesitant and prideful. I thought about it and went back and forth, but I couldn’t move forward. Then Isaac said once again, “I am hungry for lunch – just buy it and pay dad back!” I realized he was in tune to the Father better then I was, so I chose to move forward and told the salesman that I would take it. It was at that moment that the salesman that Isaac always deals with came over to say hello and make sure Isaac was getting what he needed. Isaac is one of their biggest customers, and they could talk drums all day.

We showed him what we were buying and he commented on the guitar. I then told him the story of the price change and he stopped me before I could finish. He took the guitar from me and said to wait until he returned. I was a little nervous because Isaac was still hungry and he is bigger than me, so I prayed for the salesman to return quickly.

After a few minutes the salesman returned . without the guitar. More air was leaving my bubble. He told us that he had spoken to the manager and that since Isaac had such favor they would sell me the guitar for the marked price!!! But God!!!

As we drove to lunch and then home, I was amazed. Isaac had seen the opportunity and was pushing me into faith. But I had let my old thinking and rationale get in the way of seeing the opportunity that God was giving me. As a result of following my brother’s wisdom and his ability to see God’s plan for us in that moment, we were blessed to see God provide and my daughter was blessed.

Many times we can’t see opportunities that God has made for us because of our experiences and reason. But as I have learned, God doesn’t always accommodate our reason and wants us to lean on His understanding rather than our own. So for each of you I pray that your eyes will be open and that we all would see God’s opportunities as He lays them out in front of us each day.

Pastor Joseph Pierce


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