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November 10, 2008 / kingthunder

Masterpiece | Quantum World


Quantum World

This is only a microscopic part of the quantum world-inside & outside of time.

The gateway to billions of dimensions is the deepest secret of life that can be penetrated only with an accurate eternal perspective.

Each symbol, code, and shape here relates to this mysterious world.

Perfection agrees to temporal imperfection…
We journal energy while its smallest parts split into their own romance.
For the bottom weighs the most…

Here we are opening ourselves to parallel universes.
And mirroring ourselves we walk from dimension to dimension observing all levels.
They know us. And only a rare fool would not reach the other side.

Anyone who is not thrilled by quantum waves does not understand them.
But everyone still interprets what is incomprehensible.

Each invisible particle is communication – the magnet of information anatomy.
Overcoming the world by its own capabilities we split other beginnings.

Constant light of a narrow path is a sequence of secret combinations.
When we cannot look around and explain anything we are the quantum world.


Reflections for “Quantum World”

We cannot complain
to the possibility.

Chromosomes and quarks stare at me
while I am not looking at them.

To have a future
we have to live
and leave the present.

Just as you commit to this life
when it commits to leaving you.

No supernatural can exist
for the mankind
that does not want to believe it.

Wisdom chooses the unknown
to be its reason.

Hallucination is a raw climb
to a dead end.
An illusion can never go faster
than the speed limit of reality.

We chase gravity of the micro world,
but after leaving its world
we try to perfect the laws here
that do not exist there.

We hear inconceivable,
but cannot see the intangible.
Secret to time is beyond our reason.

Many imitate limits,
not unlimited potentials.

I broke down all conclusions
into illusions and confusions.

How much does the universe weigh,
when it fasts for infinity?

The results came in,
but I still do not know
if I am in the real or fiction world.

Behind each door we shake
is a reality.

by Akiane Kramarik


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