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November 6, 2008 / kingthunder


Dear Faithful Saints:

In a great season of shifting leadership and realignment of power, I want to thank each of you for supporting this nation in prayer. My role has been to prophesy correctly the changes ahead. In September 2007, I was asked in a group about the election ahead (the one we just participated in November 2008) and I said:

“Momentum is the key. I believe the Lord has shown me that the desire of most in this nation is for ‘CHANGE!’ So with that, Barack Obama most likely will win. Personally, I will wait and vote for the Vice-President!”

Many of my friends and associates were concerned about this statement. Out of respect for them, I did not openly share my views. We must always be prepared to hear correctly, and then slowly interpret what we are hearing. His love for us to communicate His heart and mind does not always reflect His will. He leaves our will the freedom to choose and our conscience the ability to rule. That is why I send our Prayer Focuses – to keep our conscience enlivened.

In the “Year of a New Wineskin,” we have just seen our nation shift to the next wineskin related to Civil Government. Remember, we are a people that are a “nation above all nations.”

We are called to pray for all of those in authority, not just for those that we preferred to win an election. We are a “peculiar people,” not a political caucus. We are a people who can steer the course of history with our prayers and acts of faith.

Jesus had to deal with the mindset of some of His key leadership that were more interested in making Him a king of a nation, than recognizing Him as King of the Kingdom of God.

May Holy Spirit go before President-elect Barack Obama upon entering this new season. May Holy Spirit be a rearguard behind him in every decision made for righteousness’ sake. May Holy Spirit continue to be enfolded into the history of this covenant land. May Holy Spirit triumph as this nation goes through great change.

As we approach the future, the real issue will be the change of heart and unified expression of His People that will release an anointing in this nation and throughout the earth. The anointing breaks the yoke! May God’s TRIUMPHANT RESERVE come forth with new strength and power. I am praying for you to come forth TRIUMPHFULLY!

We must realize that a nation changed greatly several seasons back and this is the time of the manifestation of that change. This is the time that the Structure (wineskin) that demonstrates those changes is developed so the Structure will remain intact. We must watch carefully how this nation develops its call to the Lord and our relationship with Israel as we enter the future. Our covenant alignments reveal our future.

How will we, as God’s true prophetic people, bring forth the revelation (wine) to pour in that Structure? Will the Church become relevant now or will it hang on to ideals that really are not the key issues for this season?

We must be reminded that many laws are on the books that have no relevance today. However, they are law. Passing law in the future will be one issue, but the real issue will be the change of heart and unified expression of His People that will release an anointing in this nation and throughout the earth. The Anointing will break the yokes that will attempt to unrighteously control us in coming days.

Anne Tate, our prayer leader, wrote the following:

“During this election cycle, I have learned some things. I have carefully watched the prayer life of the Body of Christ that are connected with us unfold. I have received emails from intercessors and prophets that have predicted and proclaimed that our Presidential election would have a different result than the one we are seeing this morning. Chuck cautioned me over the last six months to be careful how I responded to these so I would not lead them astray or discourage them from praying.

“The Body of Christ as a whole seemed to be interpreting the prophetic words that have been released concerning the change that was coming according to our own desires, instead of really hearing what the Lord was saying and dividing it rightly. Our challenge today is to break off the desires of our own heart that skews the voice of the Lord that is coming through us. Self-deception and lying spirits can really work havoc with us in an hour of great change. We are to speak the word of the Lord without adding to and taking from. We must be careful not to mix our desire, but our faith – with the word of the Lord.

“As Chuck spoke last Sunday (November 2), the Lord will take us to the wilderness in this season to cause our desires to be separated from what we hear the Lord say and how we interpret it. The word of the Lord to us in the Body of Christ was to vote righteously. It was not to vote our desires, whatever the candidate. Today we are learning how to discern and follow what the Lord is saying without our own emotional ‘spin.’ Keep standing and praying as we enter this new season.”

Bless you,

Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion Ministries


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