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November 5, 2008 / kingthunder


Helo guys, these times gw want to say short massage yg udah lama seharusnya gw post di blog ni tapi to many delay distract me. Now I want release what exactly the main issue .. yg gw tangkap ada di hati-Nya .. yes God care about abortion, about economy and poverty and any other important issue  yg sedang terjadi di sekeliling Amerika dan Dunia. It’s very interesting that now almost the whole world most likely chose Mr. Barack Obama to be the next American President. *termasuk org indo* apalagi Obama punya past connection dgn Indonesia.

Sebentar lagi we will see who exactly the one who will take the throne … Obama or McCain *seru banget* dan kali ni bener2 suatu pemilihan President yg sangat melelahkan hati dan mau atau tidak mau membawa gw pribadi untuk masuk level kepekaan lebih tajam lagi … I learn so much through this election and I believe this event will bring acceleration for the Glory of the Lord transform the whole world.

Guys beberapa saat lagi great history will shaping the whole generation. The main issue that in my heart is about one nation that been chosen by God to be a blessing for the world. yess is all about ISRAEL. What happen in America dan seluruh dunia is all berasal dari dampak seluruh dunia termasuk America yg berkehendak  occupy and divide the Land that God already gave to Abraham  and his descendant.

Tuhan sendiri berkata Israel adalah biji mata-Nya siapa yg menjamah Israel is mean you are ready to fight with HIM. Hopefully next time I can talk more about ISRAEL ..

The Battle belong to the LORD the chief Commander of Heaven and Earth.

God Bless America!


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