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October 28, 2008 / kingthunder

A New Road Is Forming!

We have moved into the Hebraic year 5769 and ended the year 5768. Remember, “8’s” are always linked with a new beginning, and “9’s” are linked with bringing to birth what has been conceived. Does this mean that we cannot get into the new that God has for us? Of course not! His mercies are new every morning! However, with a nation changing so rapidly, we could miss certain opportunities corporately and nationally if we do not seek the Lord while He may be found during this season that we have entered.

During a recent Tuesday Morning Prayer gathering the Lord began to say, “There is a highway that I am forming. I am inviting the fools and sinners of the past season to get on this highway in this season. If they will receive my invitation I can set a course for them that will prevent them from straying again.

Ask Me for the road signs to be made plain to you for the season ahead. Ask Me for the captives that were held from walking with Me in the past season. Ask Me to unlock all that was captured and held from your past season that needs to come into your path this season. Ask Me for the keys to unlock storehouses that have been captured by the enemy. Do not look at the loss of today, but ask Me for the keys to unlock the storehouses that I am holding up for you. Withstand the sight of loss and ask Me for the keys to unlock the storehouses. Ask Me to let you see your highway and the rest stops on your highway ahead. Ask Me to let you see the signs that point you off of the highway to a place to gather supply from storehouses that I have for you. There are new, creative ideas that I am going to give you and new places that I have already prepared to unlock. Ask Me for the marketplaces that I am going to cause to blossom. Ask Me now. Don’t talk so much about what has been lost but ask Me for the marketplaces that will be unlocked.”

The Spirit of God also said, “I AM the movement that causes you to move. My movement in the heavenly realms causes your spirit to be moved and to rise up in the earth realm. I have created a people that I am seeking who are longing to move with Me. I AM longing for a people that will move forward. I AM searching for a People that will cry out what I am speaking from My throne. I am the One who is seeking a people that will follow Me through and into the new. My sheep hear My voice and know how to follow Me through the doors that I will blow open with My Spirit. They don’t come around in the back door, but wait for the wind to blow, and then follow the wind even if they must come from behind. Many of you will be ushered in by a new way. Don’t look at the doors that I have been closing. Watch the movement of My wind that is opening doors for your future.”

Then I saw a fish pond where fish come to spawn. “This is a time when the eggs are being laid for hatching out your future. Redo your thought process. I say to investors whom I have made stewards of multiplication, ‘Look at what I long to invest in. Watch carefully. Do not move too quickly.'” The Lord then showed me that starting within 7 days He would begin to show us patterns of stewardship and investment. “You will begin to hear ways to prosper where you have not known how to prosper. Do not fall to the world’s trap. I am rearranging Babylon’s system, for I have a Kingdom that rules in that system. Hear My wind of prosperity, for you will be able to hear when the world will be deafened by its greed, fear and control.”

Prophet Chuck Pierce


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