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September 28, 2008 / kingthunder

sing .. MY’songs

God says, I’m raising up a whole generation of Davids.  I’m raising up a whole generation of people that will praise me, that will sing my song, from the rising of the sun to the going down of that same sun, I will raise them up to praise Me, to shout My name, to sing My songs.  God says, shout, for I am coming to rain upon your lives.

My presence, my glory, my divine habitation has been in the back yard for too long.  It has been in one man’s house for too long.  In other words, it is not supposed to be contained in one area and then another area.  One man cannot but hold the ark of the covenant for so long and even though he be blessed, it does not belong there; it is for nations to see, it is for nations to experience, it is for nations to touch.  David knew this, and David went to that house and he took the ark of the covenant and correctly he took it up to the City of David, the Zion that would pronounce the Lordship of Christ to the rest of the world.

The Spirit of God says I am moving My presence out of one place and I’m distributing it throughout the nations of the earth.  I’m distributing it through every family that would invite me in.  I’m going to put into this house again people of flavor and people of favor.  For God said, I have removed what seemed sweet smelling aromas but would have become a stench had they remained.  No, God does not condemn them, He is saying for your purposes I am about to replace.  And God said, sportsmen and athletes will come into this building and they will say, “we want to have this house as our house.”  And God said, listen to me, even though you don’t even think of this, three of those tithes will break the power of the bondage that has come against you.  You will not, you will not give things up.  And you will not buy things and say, we have to sell or we have to give away.  God said, now is the time to purchase.  You say, God, is this crazy talk?  No.  You are only here for a season.  This season of attack is only for a moment but it’s about to come to an end, and God said, it’s time for you to praise Me!

God said, remember what my word said:  the children of Israel were taken into captive, into Babylon.  And some of those that took them captive said to the captives of Zion, “sing us one of the Lord’s songs” and they said, the children of Zion “how shall we sing the Lord’s song in a foreign land?”   Those days are over!

Prophet Kim Clement


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