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September 20, 2008 / kingthunder

US Election | Sarah Palin

Many shakings and changes are happening.

Thank God for His prophetic gift! “Without prophetic utterance, a people perish!” (Proverbs 29:18)

Something is happening in America, especially in the economic and governmental realms. Personally, I see both structures being totally reformed and changed if we are to enter the next season with authority and victory. This election will produce a measure of the new. Either a Black man (Barak Obama) or a woman (Vice Presidential nominee, Gov. Sarah Palin) will be elected into a high governmental position. The nation really has shifted into an exciting time. Since the nomination of Gov. Sarah Palin from Alaska, there seems to be more momentum for prayer. You will love the following reports as you read what God is saying and doing!

We have had several write us concerning prophecies that are linked with Alaska and Sarah Palin.

Some of those prophecies sent out were correct, while others were not. Here is the accurate account of prophetic words we have released regarding Alaska. On January 22, 2008 I prophesied, “The Lord is striking the earth with the sound of heaven. China will shake. Japan will shake. Alaska will shake..” On June, 14, 2008, at the Opening the Gates of Heaven on Earth Conference in Seattle, the Lord came down and became so real to us. He then began to show me a key apostolic leader from Alaska, Mary Glazier, taking a team to the top of Alaska to open the North Gate. I prophesied, “Daughter, you are going to begin to go north and take authority to usher in the next move of God. I see it on you. I see God is shifting you. The next move of God. You are going to decree today for it to come in, and you will go north and open that gate. The move of God by the Spirit will come down across North America.” Mary then began to decree: “Let the angels of the Most High begin to pour through this region. Let the healing of the Most High begin to pour through this region. Let the glory, the glory, the glory of the Most High begin to pour through this those gates, in the name of Jesus Christ. Armies of God, begin to link with the armies of Earth and begin to break down every stronghold, in Jesus’ name.” I then began to decree that: “This is an historic moment of the change of the atmosphere over North America. God says, ‘Right now I am setting in order the wind to blow in and you have come to this place to open it up. This will be the beginning and I will begin to order the steps.'”

Pastor Dan Hammer made incredible decrees for the Seattle area. Peter Wagner then commissioned the intercessors and watchmen to be released into this transformation manifestation season that we will be entering into in the next 3 1/2 years. He then said, “In the name of Jesus, I now thank You for what You are doing and what You have done here. I thank You for this moment. You’ve told us that You are bringing into our lives and ministries suddenlies, and this is one of those suddenlies! This is one of those suddenlies where we have come for a conference and we’ve opened the gates!” He then commissioned Mary to form and take the team.

The presence of the Lord was so powerful. I then reminded the people of the phrase, “This is the day of”. I then said: “This is the day of change. You have just witnessed the day of change of heavenly realm and earthly movement. Thank God He chose you to be a witness of this.”

When I reviewed the results of the 50-State Tour that Dutch Sheets and I completed in 2004, I found the following in Releasing the Prophetic Destiny of A Nation:

Alaska is the “Alpha and Omega” state, a place where things begin and where things end.  God has given Alaska an assignment as a sentinel and a vanguard for North America.  Alaska will open doors for the glory of the Lord to sweep through North America. From Alaska, the Spirit of God will fall and you will be sent to train prophets and intercessors. New cycles will begin in Alaska.

Here is another report we received from someone listening to the tapes of the 50 State Tour Meeting that was held in Minnesota in August 2003:

My wife Dorothy was listening to tapes from the time you and Dutch Sheets were speaking here in St. Paul during your 50-State Tour in 2003. Possibly you have been aware of this prophecy, but it seems that it could well relate to Sarah Palin’s message upon being nominated as the Republican candidate for Vice President here in St. Paul. Since then, this has brought division to the country, certainly with the media. Here is the prophecy:

“And I would say to you there will be wisdom that rests upon this state, a supernatural wisdom. The Lord says there will be a speech made in this state that will change the course of this land, for this speech will be a speech that brings great division in this land. But this speech will be from Me, and I will release from this state a message that will travel down the headwaters (of this river) that flows in this state down through this land. And this message will cause a decision to be made one way or the other in this land. No more will opinions be between this and between that, for I will release a speech in Minnesota that will come from a governmental official that will change the course of this land. I will bring direction to this nation that will set its course for forty years, from this state. Open up the way for My head to be displayed and My mind to be declared in this particular state. Even your gathering tonight, there is an opening being created. Listen carefully, for the course and the speech that will determine the way this nation goes will be delivered in this state.”

Thank all of you for seeking the Lord in these changing times!

Prophet Chuck Pierce



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  1. vincent o piotet / Sep 21 2008 6:16 pm

    GOD brought down Goliath with 1 stone hurled from David’s slingshot.

    Sarah Palin may be 1 stone hurled against America’s Goliath.
    After that giant falls, we will have the choice to change.

    A little child will lead them.

  2. kingthunder / Sep 21 2008 6:35 pm

    yes .. for such a time like this ..

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