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September 3, 2008 / kingthunder

Indonesia | MY Supernatural Favor is Upon YOU

Hi guys this prophetic word so precious for you and I to listen and receive from prophet Chuck Pierce for Indonesia.

The Spirit of the Lord gave me a powerful word to release over Indonesia. I actually saw a pie with 14 pieces. The Lord said, “I have caused you to secure five of the pieces. But you must press through in the next 1 1/2 years to secure the remainder of the pie. If you will continue to press through there will be a supernatural deliverance that falls on these islands. Gifts must come alive in the Church – words of knowledge, healing, creative multiplication. If you will set your face now, in the next nine months you will be crossing a new threshold to taste and see that the Lord is good over these islands.

Do not fear confusion that would come in any street. This time I will back you from other nations. My people will be favored to go into the seats of authority. Shift now and you will take the gates of this land. For the heavens are pregnant with My word and I am giving you a new anointing to bring My word into manifestation.

Indonesia, My supernatural favor is upon you. My promise will be heard again. I will cause My words to come alive again, supply lines to open up again, and wages to be full. (I actually saw that the trade structure of the nation would have to make a shift so that it could grow in years ahead.)

In the next several years I will favor My people with the government of this land. You will be used mightily to set the course against powers and principalities that held you in the past. This is a season when My people will be successful again. Though the enemy has resisted My leaders, I am bringing a new favor. A new anointing is coming on you. There is great spiritual activity going on. There is great grace growing. This is a year of developing new creative ways to move forward.

Make your transition from one form of supply to another. Make sure businesses are shifting. Draw in those to help you make the shift.” Cindy and I then prophesied over the leaders and the regions of Bora Bora and Borneo.

While we were in Indonesia, the new head of their Constitutional Court was sworn in. Less than 24 hours after assuming his post, he chastised regional administrations for enacting sharia-inspired laws, saying they run counter to state ideology principles of social justice and discriminate against minority groups. Moh. Mahfud M.D. added that “Sharia bylaws are not constitutionally or legally correct because, territorially and ideologically, they threaten our national integrity.”


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