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September 2, 2008 / kingthunder

What is God’s Opinion on Elected Officials?

The Lord woke me very early one morning, with a nation in Central America pressing on my heart. This nation was to have a national election in a few months. As I prayed that morning, the Lord said to me, “My people are distracted by political speeches and personalities. They must come before Me with one voice and cry out for My choice to lead their nation.”

I realized that morning that each time there is an election or an appointment in a nation, no matter where in the world that may be, God has His choice. He doesn’t have a list of back-up options if His choice doesn’t get elected. He has one choice for each position. His choice represents His will for that nation at that time. He has a big picture view – He knows what will happen in the future and He always has the benefit of people and the advancement of His Kingdom — not necessarily churches, institutions or governments — at the forefront of His choices. These things are all elements of His Kingdom, but they cannot be advanced at the expense of the Kingdom.

Yet many times our opinions about candidates are based on newspapers, clever television ads, party affiliation, or candidate speeches. God’s opinion needs to be our opinion, and He is willing to share His opinions with us, if we take the time to listen. Our priority is to seek Him about elections or appointments in our respective nations. This seeking has to happen as a Body in each nation. Those who seek God and intercede over their nations, those who take the time to find out God’s choices for their leaders, will determine the outcome of elections and thereby the history of their nations.

Just as the Lord has destinies for each of us, He has destinies for nations as well (Matthew 25:32). We seem to be consumed with our personal destinies (the micro viewpoint), and overlook the critical nature of the destiny of nations (a macro viewpoint).

I was recently in an African nation a few months before a national election. I spent some time praying with and for the former Vice-President of that nation. He was obviously a man with a sincere and deep commitment to God. He told me he had been grieved by recent comments of leading religious leaders of the nation. He said these leaders had been making public comments to the media and their congregations that, “It does not matter who you vote for, only that you participate in the voting process.” One of the presidential candidates was involved in witchcraft and had several wives.

God has an opinion on every election and political appointment! He has an opinion about our lives, but also about a nation’s future. How can we expect the blessing of God on a nation, when we just “participate in the process?”  We must take the time to find His choice and support His choices! It is important for us to do our due diligence and study the candidate’s lives, their affiliations, their backgrounds and history of decision making. However, it is more important to pray about these matters and find out God’s opinion on the matter.

There is a New Breed
God’s new breed of Kingdom government leaders will be established in every nation by the unified prayer of His saints, not necessarily by political influence alone. We bring this kind of government leader into office by interceding for our nations. We bring in this kind of leadership by crying out to Heaven for His leaders to emerge. The Lord says in Daniel 2:21: It is He who changes the times and the epochs; He removes kings and establishes kings ..

By Paul Cuny

Teman after reading the article kita tau sekarang bahwa Tuhan memiliki pilihan kepada siapa ia akan mempercayakan negeri ini di pimpin. Memasuki tahun 2009 dimana nantinya kita akan memiliki presiden yang baru. Saya mengajak teman2 semua to jump into the heart of GOD concerning this issue, not only just participate but lewat doa we bring the future into existence .. we create His-story in our generation.

Teman, gw percaya bahwa ada pemimpin2 yang dipersiapkan Tuhan to take key position di bangsa ini but they need our prayer coz our prayer create a platform for His Kingdom penetrate into our government system.

Common guys, raise up your voice like a trumpet .. keep on praying and praying and praying .. push until something happen .. and dengar kehendaknya atas bangsa ni.

Be ready for the coming election days …


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