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August 11, 2008 / kingthunder

Wear New Passion into the Future ..

Recently a tongues message came forth and I heard the Lord say: “Your life is like a mosaic. In the midst of Me piecing you together, the enemy has inserted pieces of infirmity. He has used your circumstances to fragment your soul. He has tried to keep the brokenness in you so you cannot form the new picture and vision for your future. But I am your Abba, Father. I am the One who knew you from the beginning. I know how to piece you together. I am the One who knew the plan and the pattern for your best to come forth. Though the enemy has placed other pieces within you, I am doing surgery to remove these miscoded pieces. This is a difficult time for you, for it is a season of removal and separation. I love you and will remove and replace the fragmented, war torn pieces with My love and wisdom. Get ready, for My manifold goodness and wisdom will now be seen in you in a new way. You will display your colorful power to the demonic realm that has held you captive.

Arise, shine and radiate. I am filling the boundaries of My inheritance with glory. You will hear a new call. I am revealing some places where My inheritance is not filled with glory, and curses are in operation. To enlarge your sphere, I will have to overtake those places. Procrastination, not making the most of My time, is a great competitor of My purposes. This is competing with you wearing the prosperity I have for you now and in days ahead. Infirmity is working against the strength of My people. Rise up, awaken the dawn, shake out the evil workers, put your hand to the plow and advance in the field that I am setting before you. New passion is coming alive in you. Arise and awaken to My passion and strength.”

Day 1: Read Genesis 37, Psalm 104, Ephesians 3, (memorize verse 10), and 1 Peter 4. The manifold wisdom of God is like wearing Joseph’s coat. Declare to the heavenlies that victory is rising up in you!

This is a time that we are awakening the day with sound. When you were doing the last prayer focus, I reminded you that the shout of the King was in you. That verse in Numbers 23 can also mean the shofar (trumpet) of the King!!!! Some of you should blow the shofar during the 6 AM hour and declare that “The King is awakening the dawn!” His sound is in the earth and the earth will rejoice wherever your feet step! If you are wavering in the place God is asking you to stand, ask Him to make you steadfast and unmovable. Declare that the wavering spirit will leave and all instability will go. Decree that where you are sensing instability, you will find your footing today. There is a spirit of confusion in the world that is in the political arena and also in God’s Kingdom people. Decree that steadfast footing is coming to God’s people for their future; we will not go into the next seven years confused. Declare that we will not be confused over how to walk in the place that God is calling us to walk.

Day 2: Read Isaiah 26:1-3, Psalm 92, and Psalm 110. Thank Him that He is a Present Help in your time of need. I pray that you sense His presence and power in a new way. Exalt and praise Him! May the Lord be seated with you today. May you recognize the blessings that He has for you in heavenly places. Decree that the power of confusion, working to keep you from breaking forth in your next supply line, will dissipate and be removed from your atmosphere. May you be anointed with fresh oil. May your gifts be stirred. May your faith grow. May the womb of the morning be impregnated by your prayers.

Here is what one of the House of Zion Pastors in Houston, Penny Jackson, just wrote about Passion!

Years ago I had just left a church after less than positive experiences, feeling hurt by various events that had happened. Who but God knows if things happened the way I perceived that they did. But I do know that I left still licking some wounds. I began visiting churches shortly thereafter, knowing that I didn’t need to be on my own; I needed a church family. I found a church where I felt the Lord moving. I felt it was the one God was drawing me to, but I still couldn’t get too excited about it. During this time period, (late 80’s, early 90’s) the Lord was using a series of conferences called Catch the Fire to do just that – stir people up with a renewed passion for Him. People were excited. Some people were even painting their faces like Brave Heart. Ring a bell?

Some of my friends had already been to Catch the Fire meetings and really were excited about them, so I decided to attend one of these conferences in Dallas with a group of my Houston friends. I heard wonderful, anointed teaching. I saw people touched mightily by the Lord. I loved what I was observing, but I was having a hard time entering in. One day, during a time when the Spirit of the Lord had fallen mightily on the huge crowd, the Lord showed me a picture of a very low flame and said to me that my pilot light was low. In that awesome way the Lord has, He showed me in an instant what was going on with me and why. I knew my “flame” had been lowered by my recent church experience. I immediately explained to friends nearby and had them lay hands on me to increase the flame, and by the time the conference was over, I felt myself again. The flame was strong, and I was ready to go.

In case you are young enough to have experienced only electric ovens, let me explain about pilot lights and gas ovens. The pilot light is a small flame that burns “eternally”, ready to ignite when gas flow is allowed access to it. When the gas flows through, it hits the pilot light, a resounding “whoosh” comes forth, and the stovetop burner or oven is lit. However, if the pilot light goes out or grows so dim that it doesn’t connect with the gas, no flame goes forth to the rest of the mechanism. In other words, nothing happens.

I thank God that He has put us in a Body of believers, for I remember how wonderful I felt after friends had laid hands and prayed for my restoration that day. My pilot light was soon bright and healthy, and I was able to enter in when the Holy Spirit “whooshed” through at the remainder of that conference. And I went back to Houston raring to go.

David encouraged himself in the Lord. I have never known exactly what that meant for him, but I do know that we need to encourage ourselves in Him. When I returned to Houston, I knew enough not to be alone, that I needed fellowship to keep the flame strong. Isolation can put a damper on things for me, and truly I think it can for most of us. And I knew I needed to encourage myself by being used of Him because when I am not used, my flame flickers. For me, that flame that is strengthened by being needed and knowing that I am helping to make a difference.

These times we are in are so challenging. Tales of economy are unsettling, the political arena is filled with backbiting, crime is on the rise, and weather patterns are disturbing. It would be easy to feel discouraged if we are not careful. BUT GOD! He has not changed nor is He daunted by what is going on. He is as passionately involved now as He ever was, and He needs us passionate as well. He needs our pilot lights in full flame.

So how do we restore passion when our pilot lights are low? Well, I had to turn to others to get help initially. It wasn’t easy to say I needed help, but I was just miserable feeling so unexcited about things that had once been so exciting to me. I am so glad I did. And I have already mentioned a couple of ways that kept my pilot light burning: not letting myself get isolated and ministering to others as we were intended to do. Conferences and anointed church services help. I feel there are even those in the Body who are pilot lights that cause the rest of us to “whoosh” with passion and revelation. Those people can make a huge difference when times seem dark. In my life, Chuck has certainly been one of those. Encouraging one another helps us all keep going. After all, we are admonished to encourage one another all the more as the day approaches, and boy, does it seem to be approaching. Praise and worship, journaling, meditating. All of these will get our focus back where it belongs and not on the shifting world around us. And we will be focusing on a God Who is passionate about His creation and passionate about us.

This whole time I have tried to avoid using “let your little light shine” in my “pilot light” metaphor, and I almost made it, but now I find myself weakening here towards the end. We do need to be lights to shine in the darkness more than ever now, and we do need them in good shape to shine. I’m convinced that we will succeed for the Lord to the extent that we stand out from the rest of the world and offer something that the world doesn’t. So ask the Lord if your pilot light is low. Let Him show you where you are. Let Him show you the path for the restoration of your passion. He is willing and able, and He needs us all to be “raring to go” in days ahead. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Isn’t that wonderful! I am asking the Lord to restore any lost passion. If you cannot sense the fire of God in you, I am decreeing that you feel the flame in you start to stir in a new way. Stir the flame and awaken your spirit with the dawn of the morning.

Day 3: Read Psalm 57, and Psalm 69! Take a tambourine or anything that you can strike to declare: “My heart is steadfast O God, I will sing and give praise. Awake my glory like the harp and the lute. Awake my glory!” We loose steadfastness and firm footing. We decree that people will be more alert before they try to find their footing so they do not slip and trip as they may have in the past. Also Read 2 Cor. 7 and 9. Read Isaiah and ask the Lord to stir up His zeal in you!

Recently, Linda Heidler’s foot fell asleep while she was having her quiet time. When she arose to walk, she had no feeling or control, fell, and tore her ligaments. I speak to every place that has fallen asleep where the flow of His blood needs to be strong. I declare every place that has lost its strength because His blood was inactive in us will come alive. I call for a new release of His blood to go into every extremity of your body so that there is not a single place of weakness or infirmity. Lay your hands on any place in your body where you have fallen asleep and the blood is not flowing right and decree that it will come alive in a new way. Then decree this over the Body. I decree that the joints which cause God’s people to connect and move in different ways will have a new blood flow until we all come to the unity of the faith. I declare a disciplined mind so you are not pulled to the right or to the left but your mind and thoughts are steadfast on Him. Decree that your thoughts are getting in timing. Some of you do not know how to grab hold of “flash thoughts” and words of knowledge and get them in God’s timing. Father, I pray that every thought will come under Your power and authority and that the thoughts You are bringing in will be set in Your timing to cause our feet to walk in perfect timing. Those things trying to “yank your chain” must let go.

I declare your passion will come alive in Him! Passion is linked with emotion and keeps us on fire to walk the path the Lord has ordained us. If you have stopped moving forward, I declare you will feel the WHOOSH of God right now!

Prophet Chuck Pierce



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  1. Josh Maxwell / Aug 11 2008 1:00 am

    Thanks for posting the article, was certainly a great read!

  2. kingthunder / Sep 23 2008 12:09 am

    Thanks Josh, GOD bless you. sorry *spam problem*

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