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July 19, 2008 / kingthunder

No Loss

Gw mau bersyukur buat sgala hal yang terjadi yang gw alami dalam kehidupan gw, dimana Tuhan terlebih dulu menyatakannya lewat perkataan profetik dari nabi2-NYA. Gw menghadapi situasi dimana di bulan ini gw alami kehilangan sesuatu yang very surprise me cause I never thought I will loss 2 things di waktu yg sama. But is okay, cause before that happen to me, God already spoke. So guys kalau km dalam situasi dimana kamu kehilangan sesuatu atau seseorang yang km kasihi, I hope perkataan profetik ni akan memberkati kamu.

What the Enemy has Stolen From You…Ultimately Belongs to Me

“People are filled with fear. Prognostication is the power that has ruled and the enemy has endeavored to stifle what I am about to do. But there is no loss,” for God says, “what the enemy has stolen from you still ultimately belongs to Me. What the enemy thought he stole from you ultimately belongs to Me. Therefore, there is no loss! There is no loss! You may say, ‘Lord, I have lost my loved one, I have lost my money.'”

God said, “It was given back to Me, for the enemy has no control of My property,” says the Lord. “And once it has been handed to Me, I hand it back to you with a one hundred fold portion return,” says the Lord! “Say no more about loss, there is no loss. What is loss has become your gain; it has been handed back to Me. For satan now has no power to possess what is Mine.”

Prophet Kim Clement


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