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July 15, 2008 / kingthunder

GOD point of view …

When God speaks, He removes all doubt that our circumstances will control our freedom, however it does require a certain condition: our compliance to make it possible for Him to do it. Lately, I’ve been thinking about our “point of view,” and the fact that we are each a point of view. Every single person is a point of view. I am a point of view, you are a point of view, and from that angle, we see things based on our belief system, our education, our spiritual perception, our history – good or bad – and very importantly, our present circumstances.

This point of view may be a healthy one, or a view based solely on our small thinking. God comes along and changes our viewpoint with a divine viewpoint. When God speaks to us, it is an exegesis of existence from a divine perspective, which is a complete explanation and interpretation of a particular perspective. Why does God have a specific viewpoint and is my own point of view at odds with His? This could happen.

Another aspect of God speaking to us is the fact that if we believe it, while living in time and space, bearing all the restrictions that come along with time and space, like weariness, sickness, depression, opinions, etc., then HE is able to make it happen. You may ask the question, “Why would God be restricted in any way considering that He is God?” Well, the answer is easy. God lives and exists in eternity, or timelessness, and has made human beings rulers in time and space. They manage it, redeem the time, and occupy the space with very little help from eternity. The only thing they have to assist them to bring some eternal power and help into their restricted world is… faith.

Faith can move a mountain. Jesus spoke to a tree that was unfruitful and the next day it was dead. He spoke to winds and storms commanding them to be still. What Christ was doing was using the eternal power that existed in his BLOOD to make adjustments in His restrictions (time and space). We all have the same restrictions that He had. Based on the fact that if we accept Him and the Holy Spirit, we would have the same power and no possible restrictions could hold us back from our destiny.

Remember the story of Simon Peter, as he stood with a bunch of disciples ready to answer the question Jesus had posed to them? “Who do men say that I am?” They all answered him in parrot-like fashion and basically gave him the opinions of the people saying, “You’re a re-incarnated prophet – Jeremiah, Elijah, John the Baptist.” Then Jesus, obviously wanting to see what their viewpoint was, posed the following question; “Who do YOU say that I am?” Now, he wasn’t asking them for an opinion, or a carnal point of view, but was asking for something eternal. No one answered until Simon Peter spoke out, “You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God.” This did something for Jesus and He told Simon Peter, “Flesh and blood (time and space/opinion) has not revealed this to you but my father in Heaven (eternal) has.” Jesus continued to say, “…Simon Peter, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in Heaven and whatever you loose (release) on earth will be loosed in Heaven.”

Suddenly, there was an understanding in my mind that a “revelation from God,” mingled in our mind and spoken out, would bring a harmony between Heaven (eternity/no restrictions) and Earth (space/time/restrictions). Simon Peter, because of a “God” viewpoint, could command eternity into any earthly/worldly situation by releasing or stopping/loosing and binding.

Here is the dilemma; temporal and eternal are at odds. God has to find someone in time and space who has moved away from a limited, restricted, spacey viewpoint, and someone who has had a revelation from an eternal viewpoint, and move them to SPEAK it into that atmosphere – an atmosphere of negative energy derived from negative, restricted opinions. My Grandmother used to say; “Opinion is like a backside – everyone has one and it stinks most of the time.” However, let me continue encouraging you in this. Doesn’t the Bible teach us in Ecclesiastes 3, that, “God has placed eternity in the heart of man”? The word “heart” there is translated, or correctly interpreted, as DNA. Therefore, we have absolutely no reason not to overcome the restrictions that exist in our limited time and space.

Eternity being in your DNA means that there is something driving you to connect with another eternal being or thing and if you can’t find it, then you will find a temporary thing and place eternity into it/them. Sound weird? Think about this then. Moses is taking the Israelites out of Egypt and away from their oppressors, surrounded by unbelief, fear, anger, and outrage in millions of Israelites that have been oppressed for 400 years. So their thinking is controlled by 400 years of history, slavery, oppression and pain. Suddenly someone comes along and shows them a few miracles and finally gets them on their journey to freedom. The odds are against Moses performing any great miracle with their faith and expectation level. However, Moses has received a WORD from God, which means that he has an eternal command in his being. God’s word is not temporal but eternal and never dies.

Moses tried to connect with something eternal in the people and finds nothing but restricted points of view. At one stage, the millions of Israelites (on their journey) run out of water and begin to angrily demand Moses to deal with this and speak to God. God tells Moses that there is water in a big rock close to him. This is ridiculous. Water does not exist in a rock. NO, it doesn’t within the restrictions of time and space, but in terms of eternal perspective and God’s viewpoint it does! So what Moses has to do is take the word from God, which has connected with the eternity in his DNA (making it possible in his thinking), and place it into the rock by commanding it. There is no water in the rock. Moses has to place it there with his faith, his divine eternal viewpoint, and then command it with his now, supernatural stick. God tells Moses to strike the rock and as Moses does this, water gushes from the rock, and according to historians, a necessary 155,000 gallons of water gushed out of the rock to make approximately 3.5 million people happy in terms of drinking, cooking, bathing, washing clothes, etc.

God needs someone in time and space to have a divine viewpoint in order for Him to perform His will on Earth. That’s the way He made things, and when He created Adam in the Genesis, He never told Adam that He (GOD) would be running the Earth, but rather gave that power and authority to Adam by saying, “Multiply, have dominion, fill the earth and subdue it.” Basically, God was telling Adam, “You’re in charge of the Earth, time and space, and it’s up to you to subdue it when problems arise.” Have dominion. Dominion means, “to have sovereignty and control.”

Man’s jurisdiction was over the EARTH, not any other place. In Genesis 11, the Bible says that the various people on the Earth decided that it was not the place where they wanted dominion, and so they decided to build a temple so high that the top reached into Heaven. Today this may seem ludicrous, but it’s still happening in many different ways. What they were doing back then was trying to have dominion in the Heavens, because their attempts to have dominion over the Earth had failed horribly because of Adam’s fall. Sin controlled their thinking and the point of view was limited and restricted to the selfish desires of the heart. They didn’t care to use the “eternity” that God had placed within their blood, while under the restrictions of time and space, but sought another place to live rather.

Throughout my Christian life and ministry, I have seen the same problem, especially in the church. People want to be “taken” to Heaven quickly and have the “Armageddon” attitude, which is, “I’m tired of life on Earth – Arm-a-geddon out of here!” They conjure up all kinds of doctrines to prove that God doesn’t want us on this miserable Earth, but wants to wipe it out, ultimately placing Christianity as a religion that is at odds with environmentalists who are desperate to save this precious Earth that God gave to us. After all, wasn’t his first command to Adam, “Fill the earth, have dominion and subdue it”?

We have eternity in our DNA, which means that we can prove limitations wrong and WITHIN our circumstances make adjustments so that our restrictions actually become our opportunities and our greatest weapons. If you study God and how He worked historically with great men in the Bible and outside the Bible, you will see that most of these people were in severe circumstances with grave restrictions, and the general opinion was grossly against them.

The “eternal viewpoint” makes it possible for us to go through a transformation of the mind, thereby changing our speech. Once you use the power of the tongue to command your circumstances, your circumstances are converted from temporary distraction to eternal purposes. Moses stood before God at the burning bush and asked God how in the world he was supposed to deliver the people from Israel. Aside from the obvious problems, here are a few of the things that were against him. God speaks to Moses, a fugitive of Egypt and one guilty of murdering, while he was a prince in Egypt, and says, “I am the God of your father, the God of Avraham, the God of Yitzhak and the God of Yaakov.”

In the midst of this breaking of the silence of hundreds of years, this completely unexpected manifestation of continuity, Moshe (Moses), the Egyptian prince who could hardly have been less prepared for such a moment, acts with a terror the patriarchs seldom exhibited; “Moses concealed his face, for he was afraid to gaze upon God.” God speaks again and says, “I have seen, yes, seen the affliction of My people that is in Egypt, their cry have I heard in the face of their slave-drivers; Indeed I have known their sufferings! So I have come down (into time and space) to RESCUE it from the hand of Egypt, to bring it up from that land, to a land, goodly and spacious, to a land flowing with milk and honey…SO NOW GO, FOR I SEND YOU TO PHARAOH; BRING MY PEOPLE, THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL, OUT OF EGYPT.”

HOLD ON – I thought God said that HE had COME DOWN to rescue them? So why is He asking Moses to do it? Because, God has restricted Himself by giving mankind management of the Earth and therefore, will always give a man the job of doing what He in fact came to do. This is exciting because it makes me realize that God transfers that power (that He has to accomplish something) into us and commands us to GO and deal with it. The only real problem that God has to deal with is our point of view.

How do we see it? Can we see it the way He does? His viewpoint is eternal – ours is temporal and restricted by our limited sight. Now God has to convince us that it can be done. Moses stands before God with a staff in his hand. This is his security and the one thing that he is acquainted with. The staff has led sheep and warred off the various plunderers of the sheep. God asks Moses to throw down his staff, and suddenly, what Moses has “seen” as a mere piece of wood to be used for one specific purpose, is now a serpent. God was trying to show Moses that nothing temporal is what it seems. On the surface it looks safe and predictable, but in actual fact, with eternal viewpoint and command, it could produce many interesting things.

Think about when Jesus was walking the Earth. He is faced with a problem; a man is blind and needs to see. Jesus spits into the Earth’s soil and mixes it into clay, shoves it into the man’s eyes, and suddenly, the blind man can see. Earth – trodden on by the feet of men and the paws of animals – suddenly becomes the instrument to open blind eyes. Whey didn’t Jesus do what He normally did? He would’ve placed His hands on someone, or spoken a word, but instead He used the EARTH and showed everyone that what was a seemingly predictable waste, was in fact a force to be used to heal someone. How? He saw more in the Earth than something to be trodden upon or dug up, and allowed eternity to be placed into it when he spat into it. DNA transferred into the earth!

You have that power to transfer the eternity that is in your DNA into another human being. That is the essence of the prophetic. You “see” something greater in a human being, even greater than what they see, and you speak it into their lives. What a joy to see them becoming the eternal beings they were designed to become.

Remember, you have eternity in your blood, your DNA, and you have the ability to change everything. You have a Word from God and that’s all that you need.

Prophet Kim Clement


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