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July 13, 2008 / kingthunder


Hai hai bro&sista I must share this mystery cause it’s very important in my life journey. A new revelation that God open today that astonish me and I still learn to understand what He try to communicate to me. Saat ini sudah kurang lebih hampir 3 bln gw berada di kota kecil di Kalimantan Tengah tepatnya di Kuala Kapuas, tempat dimana Tuhan membuka pintu kesempatan buat gw bergerak di Marketplace. Dan waktu gw search di google about Kuala Kapuas, I found a word “Kuala” means DELTA. So I talk to God and asking for give me an understanding why He put me in the city mean DELTA.

Thank God, today He bring to me a message talking about DELTA. Maybe this message can bless u also … please read this over and over … Let His Spirit guide u …

Enjoy … 😉


Being Changed

I became a Christian at the First Baptist Church of Honolulu, Hawaii, growing up in Southern Baptist churches, and at the end of my college education I started attending an American Baptist church. I was used to everything always being the same-every Sunday was identical to the one before; the only differences being new hymns and a new sermon. Do you remember those days? Every week the same thing and you would wonder, “Is anything ever going to be different?”

As a Baptist I had preached that we are being changed from “glory to ever increasing glory,” but wondered, “What does that mean?” I assumed that it meant exactly what it says, but I never knew that. I had no evidence of this truth until God started doing new and interesting things in my life.

In the spring of 2007, my wife Donna and I went on a cruise. (I love going on cruises because there is not as much demonic in the water as there is on land, so I can rest and I can sleep and I really like that.) The day before we were to fly to Florida, I awoke in the middle of night and heard the word “Delta.” I thought, “Airlines?” In the morning I remembered the word and was trying to figure it out, “Okay, what is Delta?” I said. So I called my son and asked him, “Brian, what is Delta?” He replied, “Well, Delta is a mathematical function that means change.” I thought, “Okay, that’s nice.”

We Have Two VIPs With Us

We got on the plane. I fly on American Airlines and have over 1,300,000 miles now. Since I fly out of Ontario, CA, anytime I fly anywhere east, I usually have to go through Dallas International Airport (which is a hub). I joke that when I go to Heaven I will be going through there. It seems that I am always going through Dallas. I have been through Dallas maybe a hundred plus times. What happened on this trip to Dallas had never happened before.

On this trip as we were landing in Dallas, the stewardess was making all of her announcements, “You need to go to terminal A for… and terminal B…, terminal C…, and you need to go to terminal D for Delta.” My wife looked at me and said, “They have never said that before.”

We landed, got off the plane, and walked to the end of the jet way into the terminal and waiting there was a riding cart. The man driving the cart ignored over a hundred other people getting off the plane, yet looked at us and asked, “Do you want a ride?” I turned around and looked to see who he was talking to. He repeated, “Do you want a ride?” I said, “Sure.”

Over a million miles and no one has ever done this before! So Donna and I got on the cart and he said into his two-way radio, “We have two VIPs with us.” I was looking around to see who else was sitting on the cart but it was only Donna and me. He continued, “Would you please have another cart ready for them after they go up the escalator and come down?” He dropped us off at the escalator and we then went up, proceeded toward our destination, and then down the next escalator to where another cart waited. The driver spoke into his radio, “We have two VIPs with us” and he took us to the gate. I thought to myself, “I like this.”

I Don’t Think This is Where My Room is Supposed to Be

Landing at Fort Lauderdale in Florida, we checked into the Hilton Garden Inn. The next morning I had to do what all husbands have to do when they travel, which is go to the store and get stuff that your wife has forgotten. I walked down to the lobby to the motel’s little convenience store near the reception desk. The lady cashier said, “Well, my computer is not working, just go ahead and take it.” In all of my life this has never happened. I was wondering, “What is Delta?” Something had changed!

That afternoon a tram took us to the cruise ship. I had pre-selected my cabin and was sure I knew where to find it on the ship, so with keys in hand, we walked down the corridor, but it was farther than we expected. We kept on walking to the very end of the cruise ship, and I was thinking, “I don’t think this is where my room is supposed to be.”

Opening the door, I looked at this room that was at the bow of the ship. The room was huge! When you go on a cruise you expect to walk into a narrow room and then step out, but you do not expect to walk “around” in the room! Most cruise ship rooms are very small.

Then we looked out on the balcony that came with our room and there were four chairs and a table and some lounges, and at the end of the balcony we could look out over the ocean. Our friends who were traveling with us proceeded to their cabin. They soon came back and said, “What is it with you? We paid for the same cabin as you, but yours is huge.” And I thought, “Delta.”

“Stuck” in Time

I come home and started thinking more and more about this Delta. I started doing some research and found the mathematical definition of Delta: “Delta is equal to the acceleration integrated over time. It is a change in position. It is a change in time.”

I started thinking about time and remembered that a couple of years previously, I woke up three or four times one night and looked at the clock. Each time I looked at the clock it was the same time. I was thinking, “This is really getting weird.” The Lord then said to me, “You are stuck in time.”

I then remembered reading a book by Brian Greene called, The Fabric of the Cosmos. It was written by a physicist from New York. I did not comprehend much of the book, but as I read it I realized there are certain things that I have done which are described in the book. Even though the book was complex, I felt it was important to read the entire book.

I had been reading the book while flying and had stopped over in Dallas, again, and was resting in the Admiral’s club. After boarding on my next flight, I remembered that I had accidentally left the book in the Admiral’s Club. I was really frustrated and thinking, “I have invested all this time in The Fabric of the Cosmos, underlining it carefully and now I have lost the book! I also had noted all the experiences the Lord had given me that had been confirmed by the physicist.

I was given permission to get off the plane to look for the book. I went back to the Admiral’s Club and asked around, “Where is my book?” but no one had seen it. After reboarding the plane and sitting down, a lady walked up to me and asked, “Are you Paul Cox and is this your book?” There are thousands of people and hundreds of planes in Dallas, so I looked at her in surprise and said, “Yes.” She gave me the book and I thought, “God, You must really want me to have this book.” Then she walked away, leaving me still mystified as to how she ever found me.

In the book the physicist and author, Brian Greene, says, “Time is not nothing but something and it flows.” Talking as a scientist, he believes it is possible to go back in time.

Let’s say you are stuck in time at some point, but time keeps on flowing and you are stuck and don’t move with it. Now, let’s say your destiny is farther along at another point and time flows and meets your destiny, but you are not there because you haven’t moved ahead. Therefore, you never meet your destiny. I believe this is why some prophetic words you have received have not been fulfilled because you are stuck in time.

My Car Alarm Went Off

Even with these bizarre encounters I experienced, more kept occurring. I was at home, working on the two books that the Lord had told me I was to finish – Sacrifice the Leader and Heaven Trek. And for two or three days I had been experiencing spiritual warring and was really miserable-warring, warring, warring…writing, writing, writing…warring, warring, warring. It was really annoying.

While writing, my car alarm went off. It was parked in the driveway and the garage door was open. I walked into the garage and the power of God fell. The light switch turned on in the garage by itself and the car alarm went off. The demonic was gone in an instant and I was left wondering, “What was that all about?” All I could feel was the presence and power of God all over me. Delta!

A couple of weeks later my car was outside again. My daughter Christy Lisle who works for us, had purchased a bottle of acid for the pool and had left it in the trunk. When I opened the trunk I could smell the acid, so I took it out, put it in the garage, and left the trunk open to air out. I forgot about leaving the trunk open and went to bed.

Now, there are two specific times that the Lord wakes me up during the middle of the night. At one specific time when I wake up, I am to pray. At another specific time when I wake up, I know I am to fast for 24 hours.

I Encountered a Police Officer

That night I woke up at the time to pray. The first thought in my mind was, “This is the time to pray” and my second thought that night was, “I left the car trunk open.” So in my pajamas, I walked to the front door to go close the trunk (remember this is a specific time) and when I opened the door, I encountered a police officer standing there on the porch.

He looked at me kind of funny and asked, “Why is your trunk open?” (Well, you know how it is when you wake up. I don’t know about you, but I am rather disoriented.) So I was rambling and trying to explain why my trunk was open and he just shook his head and went over and touched the car, which set the car alarm off. I thought “I better get my keys so I can turn off the car alarm,” but the alarm stopped on its own. The officer looked at me, shook his head as if to wonder what I was doing, closed the trunk, then he got into his police car and drove away.

Then I heard the Lord say to me, “Your ministry is protected” (in dream interpretation a car is a ministry), and I was left asking, “What in the world is going on?” I called a friend the next day and he said, “I think that was an angel.” And I said to him, “Well, did he steal a police car?” Really! Now what are the odds of all this happening? Delta!

How in the World Did Five Coins Fall Perfectly…?

Some weeks later in a motel room in Oregon, I’d taken my pants off and I had put them over the couch when I went to bed. They had fallen to the floor and some money had fallen out of my pocket. Donna picked up my pants and put them back over the sofa, but didn’t see the coins. The next morning I looked down and there were five coins on the ground perfectly placed like a five on a domino. As I looked at the five coins on the floor, I was thinking, “How in the world did five coins fall perfectly on the floor like that?”

I realized this was a sign and wonder-a third sign and wonder. So running late, I went to breakfast but told Donna to count the coins. There were five coins and they totaled forty cents. Five is the number of grace, eight means new beginnings, and forty indicates completion, therefore 5 x 8 = 40. I thought, “This is really getting bizarre,” and I knew it had to do with Delta.

How Do We Get Stuck In Time?

What does all of this mean? Here is the key-we need to get unstuck from time. The Greek word for the “right time” is Kairos. We are told in Scripture that “at the right time” (Kairos) Christ came to the earth. Kairos is God’s time. Ephesians 5:15-16 says, “See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil.”

In Colossians 4:5 we read, “Walk in wisdom towards those who are outside, (here is the same phrase) redeeming the time.” That is buying back the time. In Acts 3:19 it says, “Repent therefore and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord.”

If we are stuck in time, then we cannot be refreshed. Time is either chronos (ungodly-the Greek god of time) or Kairos (godly), and most of us are in chronos time-we get trapped there.

How do we get stuck in time? I believe this can happen either through some type of abuse or disobedience. I remember a couple of recurring dreams that indicated I was stuck in time. I would have these same dreams over and over again. In one dream, I was an associate pastor at a Baptist church and became very interested in another staff position that I desired, but it was not the Lord’s will.

I believe I was disobedient because I had desired that position that was not God’s will. As I began understanding the possibility that I may have been stuck in time, I confessed my disobedience and thereafter, I have never had that dream again. I had experienced Delta, a change in position.

The other recurring dream was about being at the Baptist church where I had first experienced the power of God. While many in the church were excited about the move of God, others were totally against what the Lord was doing. My family and I suffered much abuse and were severely criticized. I had experienced great abuse.

I again realized that I could be stuck in time. I asked the Lord to remove the affects of abuse that were over me. I have not had the dream since that time. I had experienced a “change in time.” Delta.

On one occasion, I was telling a friend about this new concept of being stuck in time and he said, “I just had a memory of being abused as a little boy.” We dealt with the issue and he was released from a “stuck” position in time and came into “current” time.

Tunnels of Time

Before all of this happened, Dale Shannon, one of our intercessors, received this word on March 13, 2007:

“Tunnels of time-you can travel through the tunnels of time. There are sequences-one births another. He creates beings that create; expand your thinking. It is not what you think. There is more. Ask for the revelation. It is coming. It is possible to time travel-to go back and forth. You are stuck in a dimension of time. (We live in the third dimension. Length and width are two dimensions and the third is height and the fourth is time.)

You are stuck in a dimension of time. We can go backwards and forwards. You are stuck in a dimension of time. Come out of the box of time. It is the enemy that caused you to get off time. Do not miss the time of your visitation. You are to be stewards of time.

Daniel sealed up the revelation. It is being unsealed. It is becoming unsealed in these last days. There are gears turning-wheels within wheels. It is important to align the gears.”

I cannot remember when this happened first, but I was praying for somebody generationally and realized the person was moving through time-because the clock is moving and so is the individual. By discerning with my hand behind the person, I could feel things in the person’s timeline, and by discerning evil we could pray and ask the Lord to remove it from that point in the generational line.

Creation Eagerly Awaits for the Revealing of the Sons of God

I was with a lady who is very prophetic and she said to me, “God said I am going to be the first of the revelation of the sons of God.” In Romans 8:19 we read, “For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly awaits for the revealing of the sons of God.” Now if you follow any prophetic teachings, you have heard there is now in our day, a revelation of the sons of God. In other words, God is bringing us up as men and women to rule over creation because all creation is groaning because of sin.

As this woman was talking about the sons of God, I was thinking, “That is the most arrogant thing I have heard anybody say. How can you be the first of the revelation of the sons of God?” but I did not say this out loud. As I was ministering to her, I started going back in time and I realized that I had gone back to the glory realm.

I went before the beginning of time and I was in the glory and I could feel the celestial beings. I then realized that she was going to be revealed as a son of God at creation, and she was the first in that way. If we are being revealed now in 2008, and she was revealed back then, then she is the first. I had to repent to her. I thought, “Oh my goodness, you are the first because it is being done back there.”

Delta Electricity and Zeros

Now there is another way that Delta works. Delta also is “Delta electricity.” I keep learning more about Delta as I have been teaching the concept. In the U.S., we have three-phase electricity-there is plus, minus and ground. There is also Delta electricity and it is symbolized by the Delta sign-a triangle. The interesting thing about Delta electricity is that it is not grounded to the earth.

I then had an amazing revelation! As Christians we are not to be grounded to the earth because we are seated with Christ in Heavenly places. Therefore, we are not grounded to the earth. We are to be on the earth but not of the earth! Somehow Delta is involved in moving us into the Heavenly realm.

I was in Oregon and there was a physicist who had come to our Heaven Trek seminar. As I was speaking on the subject of Delta, he was getting more and more excited. Finally, he said to me, “I need to explain to you about Delta” (as if I could understand). He went on to say, “You take an X-Y axis and then on the axis you have zeros (0, 0, 0, 0, 0) but then you have a 1 and the 1 goes into infinity and you have 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, again. That 1 is Delta.” I said, “Okay.”

Then he said, “Let me make this practical,” and I replied, “That would be helpful.”

“As a non-Christian we are 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, but God wants to bring us to the 1 into infinity or eternity.” And I thought, “Okay that works.”

At the conference break, a lady came up to me and said she had to tell me about her dream because it was what the physicist just said. I thought, “Now how is that possible because I don’t understand what this is about?” And she said, “If you can understand the dream then maybe it will help you understand what he said.” I said, “Okay.”

She continued, “In my dream I was going around and around and around.” (I thought, “So what is that, a zero?”). She continued, “I am going around and around and around a mountain. It is stormy, rainy and it is miserable. I am not getting anywhere and I knew it was going to take seven weeks. Then someone opened a door in the mountain and said, ‘You can come through here and go straight up and it will only take a week up the mountain to Mt. Zion!'”

A Dream of the City of Delta

Before I ministered to the prophetic lady mentioned above, and before all this happened, I had another dream. Initially I thought the dream was about me, but often when I have a dream that is about me, it is to experience the emotions of the person I am going to pray for. In the dream I was in the desert in Nevada. I was on a train going way out into the desert to nowhere, and I had to get back to the city that was on the border of California and Nevada. The city was called Delta.

I was on the train, but I could not get back because I realized there was a canyon on the right side of the train. No matter what I would do I could not get over the canyon to get back to Delta. At the first stop I found myself at a beautiful hotel surrounded by beautiful scenery, but the train wasn’t going back-I was stuck. Even though the hotel was beautiful, I was frustrated because I could not get back to Delta. As the train stopped at the hotel, I noticed the train was filled with lots of baggage. I believe this baggage represents all the issues that each of us have from our past.

The next stop was a trailer park in the desert and there were all sorts of people there and it was terrible. I was now further out into the desert, literally at “nowhere.” I thought, “How am I going to get back to Delta?”

The next night I woke up and heard “XYZ axis.” The next day I called a friend who is knowledgeable about math. I told him about my dream, hearing XYZ axis and asked him, “How do I get back to Delta and what does XYZ axis have to do with all of this?”

Somehow I knew that the train was on the Z axis and I needed to get to Delta which was on the Y axis. (You have to understand, I have been through math and passed it and am finished with it, praise God! But I don’t understand any of this stuff.)

I told my friend about the XYZ axis and that I thought my train trip in the dream was the Z axis. I needed to get to Delta. I said, “How can I get there?”

He answered, “Paul, on an XYZ axis, the point where the three come together is called the origin and you have to go back to the origin to get to Delta.”

This is so good. I didn’t understand any of this but I knew that to minister to this prophetic lady, we had to go back to the origin and set her free to get to Delta.

The Story of Saul

There is a story in Scripture about Saul. He was ordained by Samuel to be king. Saul was told to go to Gilgal and wait for seven days. He then went to Gilgal, but at the end of the seven days the Philistine armies were coming, people were panicking, and King Saul was getting fearful. He felt like he couldn’t wait for Samuel anymore so he said, “I must make a sacrifice.” As soon as he did it, Samuel showed up.

This is the most terrifying story in all of Scripture to me. Saul missed his destiny because he was not obedient to the word of the Lord. Samuel then told Saul, “Because you have done this and been disobedient you have lost your kingdom.” Why? Because he did not wait for the right time. He was presumptuous and he went ahead of God. That is scary isn’t it? Even as a Baptist pastor, before I knew anything about the Delta, I knew I did not want to miss God’s timing.

Ask the Lord If You are Stuck in Time

Now there is good news! If you do miss God’s timing, the good news is that through the Blood of Jesus Christ-you can repent and be covered and He can move you into His Kairos time. It is true that we all have generational issues in our line that are causing all types of problems. God wants to go back and clean it up. How does He do it? Through Delta-through change.

While I was talking with a friend, he said to me, “I see that you are in the Lost and Found Room in a Heavenly place. Paul, you can go back into time and retrieve all that was good that was lost and stolen from your generational line and bring it back into current time.”

This is what I did!! Since that time I have seen the Lord absolutely do amazing things in my life and in the life of Aslan’s Place.

Why not ask the Lord now if you are stuck in time because of any issue of disobedience or abuse? Perhaps this is why you are not meeting your destiny. Why not ask the Lord to bring Delta and change you from chronos time to His Kairos time? Ask Him to release His destiny into your life and bring you to the point of His Favor!

Paul L. and Donna Cox
Aslan’s Place

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