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July 13, 2008 / kingthunder

Cinta Yesus selamanya …

I hv new friend from China and orgnya rame banget actually his my boss (still young). Hari2 ni every time I go to church, he like to join with me. And He said to me that he like to sing a Christian songs specialy Indonesian song.

Ada lagu baru yang dia denger di gereja yg suka banget dia nyanyin well pastinya dgn gaya suara yg termehemehe 🙂 but I can feel his heart worship God even do his not a believer but I believe that song ministry to his heart deeply.

Gw saat nih bekerja di perusahaan asing dari negeri China and banyak dari mereka only speak Chinese so sometime I must be creative to communicate with them. *dengan bahasa isyarat hehehe* One thing that I like about my company is that many in the leadership still young so we hv the same spirit.

Back to my friend – we hv good communication and I hv chance to share about my journey in pursuing God. And I tell him that I have no jobs experience and this the first place that God open for me to learn about business. So I facing many challenge now cause before that I am just an intercessor in the prayer tower. Prayer tower just like a box where God train me, teach me and guide me. And now here I am out of the box in business realm, in my new assignment to take the mountain of marketplace. And my friend said is OK cause he also just graduate from university and he also learn many things. So thank God, I meet new buddy.

Guys, this is the song that my boss like to sing :

Ku mau cinta Yesus selamanya
Ku mau cinta Yesus selamanya
Meskipun badai silih berganti dalam hidupku
Ku tetap cinta Yesus selamanya

Ya Abba Bapa, ini aku anakmu
Layakkanlah seluruh hidupku
Ya Abba Bapa, ini aku anakmu
Pakailah sesuai dengan rencanamu

Father I am asking You today to take all of us in a deeper love with You, forever … Amen.



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  1. thia / Nov 8 2008 10:25 am

    Lagu ini memang menarik sekali. Aku juga ada koleksinya 🙂

  2. kingthunder / Nov 8 2008 6:55 pm

    emang ni lagu auwwsome banget *so`romantic* ouch! 😛 bitten my heart

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