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July 2, 2008 / kingthunder

Jack’s Story

I had come to this company after meeting a gentleman from a group of Christian business people that my pastor was introducing me to. After hearing my testimony, this man approached me and wanted me to come to his business and pray with him and his partners. We scheduled a time to get together at his office.

The night before I had a dream, I dreamt that there was going to be someone at the business meeting that I needed to prophesy to. When I awoke I immediately heard from the Lord exactly what I was to say.

When I arrived at the business there were two people waiting for me. One was the businessman that invited me and the other was one of his partners. I patiently listened as the business model was explained to me and I shared that I spiritually consult businesses. I went on to tell them sometimes God shows me something before I even go in to a business and He gives me insight on what may be happening in the business.

But that day, God was going personal. He was going after someone’s heart. I looked at the businessmen and told them of the dream that I had, and then I turned to his partner and said, “I know that it is not about him, but my dream was about you.” I began to tell him that he was abandoned as a child by his father. Because of this he has had issues with the heart. I told him that God was transforming his heart and was going to repair the hurts of his childhood and relationships. While I was talking this staunch businessman bent over and began to sob uncontrollably. The other businessman paced back and forth behind me and continuously said, “come on God, come on!”. It was a profound moment. The spirit of the Lord was thick in the room. After prophesying for 20 minutes, I left the meeting, with the businessman still weeping and flowing in the spirit of God.

I have countless stories of God moving in the marketplace. It is no longer business as usual. God is going into every arena of our lives. Church is no longer just on Sunday’s but it is also Monday thru Friday.

God has put each of us in a sphere of influence. Most people that need God, the majority would not go to church but God will put them right in front of you.

Who has God put in front of you today to be a light and show the Love of God to?


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