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June 26, 2008 / kingthunder

Fascinating GOD

Have you ever thought about the fact that you could fascinate God? That you could attract Him or draw Him to you by simply doing something out of the ordinary, and something that demands risky faith? Read on.

There is a pressure that is placed upon you, as a believer, to enter into and possess a dimension of the Kingdom that has never been displayed on the Earth. Throughout Biblical history, there were individuals who made difficult decisions to do something that would change the course of history and create opportunities for God to move. These individuals made it possible for God to move into the restrictions of time and space and do something spectacular. Take the story of Samson, for instance, and read the following words in Judges 14:1-4:

Now Samson went down to Timnah, and saw a woman in Timnah of the daughters of the Philistines. So he went up and told his father and mother, saying, “I have seen a woman in Timnah of the daughters of the Philistines; now therefore, get her for me as a wife.” Then his father and mother said to him, “Is there no woman among the daughters of your brethren, or among all my people, that you must go and get a wife from the uncircumcised Philistines?” And Samson said to his father, “Get her for me, for she pleases me well.” But his father and mother did not know that it was of the LORD-that He was seeking an occasion to move against the Philistines. For at that time the Philistines had dominion over Israel.

Please note: ‘God was seeking an occasion to move against the Philistines…’ Seeking an occasion? Since when does God need an opening to do something? Another translation says, ‘Creating an opportunity.’ Apparently, God needs someone to open the door within the confines of time, space, unbelief and fear in order for Him to enter in and do what He wants to do. Faith is the substance that invites God and creates an opportunity for Him to do something incredible. Jesus created the opportunity for God to save mankind by His sacrifice on the cross. There is no doubt that God has given us the ability to shift things around us and make a way for Him to appear. Let me strengthen this point by posing this question; When the children of Israel ran out of water in the desert, couldn’t God simply have sent rain, or brought water to them from the rock without the help of Moses? The story is told in Numbers 17: 2-6. The same rod that Moses had used to strike the river was now the force that released a river from the rock. This was a monumental occasion for Moses and it seems that if he had not struck the rock, there would’ve been no water. This took a lot of faith on the part of Moses. Another time, God desired to wipe out Israel and start an entire new nation with Moses. It seemed that God was struggling to emerge into time and space and almost seemed limited to Moses’ response. Exodus 32:9-14:

And the LORD said to Moses, “I have seen this people, and indeed it is a stiff-necked people! Now therefore, let Me alone, that My wrath may burn hot against them and I may consume them. And I will make of you a great nation.” Then Moses pleaded with the LORD his God, and said: “LORD, why does Your wrath burn hot against Your people whom You have brought out of the land of Egypt with great power and with a mighty hand? Why should the Egyptians speak, and say, ‘He brought them out to harm them, to kill them in the mountains, and to consume them from the face of the earth’? Turn from Your fierce wrath, and relent from this harm to Your people. Remember Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, Your servants, to whom You swore by Your own self, and said to them, ‘I will multiply your descendants as the stars of heaven; and all this land that I have spoken of I give to your descendants, and they shall inherit it forever.” So the LORD relented from the harm which He said He would do to His people.

Let me alone? Since when does a human being stop God from doing what He wants? According to the Ancient Manuscripts, Moses was the force that would either create the opportunity for God to enter into the confines of time and space, or stop Him. This principal applies in our lives every day. Couldn’t God have slain Goliath without David, or stopped the politicians of Baal on Mt. Carmel without the help of Elijah, or healed the paralyzed servant without the faith of the Centurion? (Matthew 8:4-6) God can do whatever He wants, but will always honor the faith of His people. He is fascinated when He discovers a human being responding and living outside of their present limitations – limitations that are dictated by fear, sin, doubt, etc. He is searching for people like this because when He finds them, it gives Him an opportunity to MOVE; Move against or move for. IMAGINE THAT! When God wanted to move against the religious system that had controlled the European people in the 16th century, He found a German monk by the name of Martin Luther, who had rebelled against the lies of the church of that time. The church had taught the people that it was only by their penance and good works that they would attain salvation. Martin Luther challenged the authority of the papacy by holding that the Bible is the only infallible source of religious authority, and that baptized Christians under Jesus are a spiritual priesthood. He argued in his book “The Sermon on Good Works, “that good works do not benefit the soul; only faith can do that. His belief that salvation was a free gift of God, received only by true repentance and faith in Jesus as the Messiah, resulted in his being declared an outlaw of the state and being excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church. God found someone who was prepared to lay down his life for this truth, and due to this passion and faith, Martin Luther created an opportunity for God to free the people from the grip of religious control, making the Bible more accessible to ordinary people. At that time, the ordinary people could not read the Bible, as it was not in their language. Due to this ‘opportunity’ created by Luther, there was a furtherance of a standard version of the German language, an addition of several principles to the art of translation, and his act influenced the translation of the English King James Bible. Hymns inspired the development of congregational singing within Christianity. His marriage to Katharina von Bora set a model for the practice of clerical marriage within Protestantism. Imagine all of this happening because someone defied the control and limitations of that time, and believed that God would honor his courage and acts of faith and show up! He affected the future.

Luther saw himself as returning Christianity to its roots. He believed that he was setting the clock back. In reality, his ideas irreparably changed the world and pushed it kicking and screaming, not into some ideal past, but into the modern future. God was fascinated once again.

Recently, I started a study on the purpose of prophets or even better, the purpose of the prophetic gift in us, because each one of us has a prophetic gift, and we need to know the purpose of that gift. I started studying John the Baptist, the final prophet before Christ. His sole purpose, according to the Gospel of Mark, was to be the forerunner for God (Christ), preparing the way before Him and a voice crying in the wilderness to prepare the way for the Lord. Someone has to open the way for God to appear. These who became the voice in the wilderness over the centuries, were not only mocked and scourged by unbelieving, sightless human beings, but became the heroes in God’s eyes. He was fascinated by their heroic acts of faith and paid them tribute so that their names were never forgotten. This opportunity is still available today. Why should we only honor the few that were mentioned in the Bible, and continue referring to them alone, when in fact many men and women, old and young, can perform monumental, notable, life-changing, world-shaking acts comparable to our heroes of the faith? God is in search of men and women, not ordinary human beings with ordinary faith, but those who would catch His attention by their limitless attention to the future; people who can see the dangers of present lethargy, passivity, control and faithlessness, and passionately act for the benefit of a future generation.


God is searching for somebody that would stop Him in His tracks and cause Him to turn around and look. When Jesus was walking on the water towards the disciples’ boat in the middle of a severe storm, the Scriptures say, “He was about to pass them by.” Read this; Mark 6:47-52: When evening came, the boat was in the middle of the lake, and he was alone on land. He saw the disciples straining at the oars, because the wind was against them. About the fourth watch of the night he went out to them, walking on the lake. He was about to pass by them, but when they saw him walking on the lake; they thought he was a ghost. They cried out, because they all saw him and were terrified. Immediately he spoke to them and said, “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.” Then he climbed into the boat with them, and the wind died down. They were completely amazed, for they had not understood about the loaves; their hearts were hardened.

Think about this for a minute; He could see them from the shore in the evening. The lake was huge and there was a storm, and under normal circumstances, it is literally impossible to see a small boat that is in the “middle of the lake” from such a distance. Yet when He got close to them, He couldn’t see them and almost missed them! I can tell you why this happened. Not because of the extent of the storm, the rain or the winds, but the extent of their unbelief and fear. Fear and unbelief shut God out from entering into your world. Faith draws Him. This doesn’t mean that God won’t intervene in your desperation, but I want you to see how you can bring God into your world to change everything by your ACT of FAITH. When they saw Jesus, they were so terrified that they thought He was a ghost. That’s what fear and terror will do to you – cause you to mistake God for the Devil or some force of evil. Jesus says to them, “Don’t be afraid.” He needed them to rid the boat of fear, so that He could make the adjustment to the elements. Once this happened, the wind died down and the storm was over.


You’ve got to make God feel welcome. You’ve got to make Him feel welcome, otherwise He’s not coming. You must understand that your act, your one act of faith, so intrigues God. He has placed you in limitations. He has placed you where you are subject to trials. He has placed you in time and space where your body gets tired, it grows old, and it suffers illnesses. I’m not talking about the angels of God that bear no scars or that live in a glorious dimension, a terrestrial place, I’m not talking about them. I’m talking about man, in time and space, on an earth where he is subject to weather, earthquakes, tornadoes, all kinds of spiritual attacks, insults, robberies, and if in the midst of that can still lift up his voice and say, “God, I want to thank you for my existence on this Earth. God, I want you to know that I have a joy that I cannot get rid of no matter what happens.” This intrigues God; God is fascinated with it.

Fascinating God is one of the greatest accomplishments that you can do and have in your lifetime, and you have the perfect opportunity to do it.

Prophet Kim Clement


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